half of it is thanks to perfect bf

niall horan smutty one shot


you watched him drink his coffee and eat his breakfast, while you and your best friend sat across the table, eating your own breakfast. (y/bf) is niall horans daughter and as it turns out, you have the biggest crush on him. of course you wouldn’t tell her that, because that’s probably crossing the friend code line. but how were you, a hormonal teenager, supposed to stop yourself from liking the incredibly beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed man child in front of you. he also has money but who wouldn’t know why, being in an internationally famous boy band when you are in your 20s, makes people recognize you on the streets.
“(y/n), my dad has to take me to my moms house today, for piano practice, but he can take you home after he drops me off,”(y/bf) tells you with a mouthful of food in her mouth.
“um, why can’t he take me home first” you question your friend, earning a dumbfounded look in return.
“did you not listen to me, I told you I had piano practice, I have to be there at a certain time and we aren’t going to have time to drop you off first,” she sassily says to you getting a chuckle from her dad.
“(y/n), don’t worry, I won’t bite” niall says showing his off his perfect teeth.
“ok,” you half whisper out wondering if they even heard you.
“well, you guys should probably go get your clothes ready, because we have to leave like right now,” niall says shaking his head.
you and (y/bf) run upstairs and hurriedly pack up your stuff, you from the mess you made spending the night and her the stuff to go to her moms. you thank god everyday, because niall and his wife are divorced. you know that doesn’t sound very nice but you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have his hands run all over you.
“earth to (y/n), are you ready,” niall questions you while snapping his long fingers in front of your face.
“oh ya I’m sorry,” you apologize, realizing the somehow you had made it downstairs again.
“(y/n), you get in the front seat because you get out last and on that side of the road,” (y/bf) tells you, basically forcing you into the front seat.
“hey, could one of you change the radio I don’t like this song,” she says after you guys have been driving a while.
“sure,” you and niall say at the same time, as you both reach to turn the station, suddenly your hands touch and, as dumb as it may sound, you feel sparks. you duck your head and mumble a sorry. the rest of the car ride you find yourself wondering if he felt the “sparks” you had felt earlier too.
“bye (y/n), bye dad, I love you both!”(y/bf) pretty much yelled in both yours and nialls ears.
“we love you back,” niall chuckles back at her as u smile. as soon as she shuts the door you realize that you are in the car alone with her hot father.
“mr. horan,” you start, but he interrupts you.
“you can call me niall, love” he says, putting his hand right above your knee squeezing it gently.
“well niall, do you remember where I live, it’s been quite a few months since I’ve seen you,” you state, staring at his hand, as it stays put on your leg.
“it has been quite a while hasn’t it, I’ve missed you,(y/n)” he says, seductively groaning the last part. as his hand starts rubbing your thigh, his hand getting closer to your heat, you start to shift in your seat, uncomfortable with the sudden wetness that is now in between your legs. you squeeze your legs together, thinking that it would help but all it does is grab nialls attention, making him smirk.
“you’ve missed me?” you cough out purely shocked by everything that is happening.
“oh god yes, I’ve missed you running around my house in your spandex, fucking fit, god,” niall shakily breathes out. you bite back a scream, when he quickly pries your legs apart, only to start rubbing you where you need attention.
“your so wet (y/n), who made you this wet?” he smirks at you, still rubbing your heat.
“where are we?” you moan out noticing he stops the car in front an unfamiliar house.
“now, since this is your first time with me I’m going to let you off the hook,” he says as he stops his rubbing,”(y/n), when I ask you a question you better answer me,” he finishes, looking you in the eyes. you mumble a sorry, wishing you wouldn’t have messed everything up.
“hey doll, get out of the car,” niall says, brushing your arm as he leans across the console to unbuckle your seatbelt. slowly he reaches his arm across you, making sure to trap you in, with his arm across your breasts, to open the door through the inside, the whole time his eyes never leaving yours. as soon as he moves his arm and turns away, you feel longing to touch him and have him touch you again. quickly you get out of the car, hoping that when you get inside, you guys can resume what he started. you and niall start walking quickly to the door, him being in front because his strides are bigger than yours.
“this is my house by the way,” he states catching you off guard. as you walk in the house you’re astounded by the sleekness of nialls second home.
“you have two houses?” you question him, looking at him stare at the ground.
“actually, I have four,” he looks from the floor to you, and back again,”the other two are vacation homes though,” he assures you, like it really matters.
“damn, daddy’s got money,” you confidently say. suddenly niall looks up from where he was looking at the floor and closes the space between you guys, pushing you up against the wall.
“what did you just call me?” niall forcefully questions you as he bends his head down to the crook of your neck.
“daddy,” you moan out, as he starts leaving wet kisses along your neck, to your collar bones.
“mmmmh, I want you to call me that from now on baby,” he says into your neck, still at work leaving bruises as he pleases. you suddenly arch you back, and moan, when he bites your neck.
“you like my love bites doll?” he questions, as his hands start roaming your body. landing on your breasts first, he starts squeezing them, teasing you through your bra.
“mmh, yes daddy, oh I want your mouth all over me,” you moan out, grinding your hips against his, while your hands start taking off his flannel shirt. when he stops kissing you to watch you take off his shirt, you take it as a reason to put yourself in control. you quickly change positions, making him be the one trapped against the wall, and go back to work with his shirt. once you get his shirt off, you lean up so you can kiss him, as he deepens the kiss you run your hands up and down his toned chest, slowly breaking the kiss when you reach down to undo his pants.
“let’s go to the bedroom ya,” he stops you, only to pick you up, so you can wrap your legs around him. you kiss his neck on the way to the bedroom, until he sits you down on the bed while you watch him take off his pants. when he only has his boxers on he strides over to you.
“god (y/n), you have way too many clothes on,” he says while looking you up and down,”we need to change that.” as you start to stand up he pushes you back on the bed, not wanting you to get up.
“babydoll, let me help you with your clothes,” he seductively says, as he starts to take off your shirt. after he gets your shirt off he quickly unclasps your bra throwing them both somewhere in the room.
“daddy, I need you in me,” you involuntary moan out when he squeezes your boobs, taking your nipples in each of his hands, pulling on them just enough to send a wave of pleasure through you. niall takes off your spandex, realizing that you aren’t wearing any underwear with them.
“daddy’s naughty girl, not wearing any panties,” he chuckles. you buck your hips impatiently, wanting him to be inside you and fill you up.
“daddy please,” you whine again, sitting up to pull nialls boxers down his legs. you moan when you see his big cock, your core throbbing at the sight of it.
“someone is impatient for daddy’s cock,” he says as he rubs the precum up and down his penis. finally he rubs the tip of his cock along you folds, lining it up with your hole, and quickly thrusts in you making you scream in pleasure.
“you’re so good daddy, faster,” you moan as he starts to speed up. he reaches in between you two to grab your boobs and pull at your nipples.
“mmmh, let’s see how flexible daddy’s little girl is,” he moans out, while putting your legs on his shoulders. the change in the position makes him hit your g-spot with every thrust, him going harder and harder.
“fuck daddy I’m close,” you scream out when he starts playing with your clit.
“me too, ah god,” he groans, as you clench around his cock,”fuck, your little pussy is so tight and warm I could just be in it forever, god.” with one last thrust you cum all over his cock. with the feeling of your pussy clenching and your warm cum, he pulls out and releases all over your stomach. you watch as he gets some of the cum off your stomach with his fingers and sticks them in your mouth, to have you swirl your tongue and suck on them.
“you taste good daddy,” you moan out, licking your lips.
“are you already horny again,(y/n)?” niall chuckles and lays back on the bed by you, wrapping and arm around you and pulling you up on him so you’re straddling him.
“can I ride you this time daddy?” you question as you lean down to kiss him on the mouth.

This is my boyfriend and I! I’m Waldo, BF is Carmen San Diego. We’ve only been together for about three months, but it’s been absolutely perfect. The couple who cosplays together, stays together :D. It’s good to know I’ve finally found my other half. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life.

Thanks for all the support. Y'all are beautiful.