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Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will…probably leave me with some kind of complex or something for decades yet to come.

Sal has gotten into a lot of fights in his life so far, so his nose has been broken a fair few times (the bridge of his nose used to be much straighter), but the first time it got broken was far and away the worst.  He was 10.

He got in a super lot of trouble and continual fights with the same group of kids are what eventually allowed him to convince his parents to get him both music lessons (to direct his ‘unfounded aggression’ elsewhere) and actual combat lessons (’if you want to fight so badly, here, do longsword drills with this asshole instructor for 15 years…I MEAN DISCIPLINE YOU WILL LEARN DISCIPLINE’).

The other plus side about the late mornings I’ve been enjoying this week is it’s easy to stay on track with weight watchers points when breakfast and lunch are one meal. I can either eat something light and have a bigger dinner or eat a big meal using half the day’s points. I feel like I’m living it up.


Another day another selfie.

I feel better today but my body is just meh 🤷🏻‍♀️ I bought some chocolate and had a piece, happy that I was satisfied after that and didn’t eat the whole chocolate cake. Still haven’t finished all my calories for the day but that just have to be for today. It’s 9pm and I just had oats and milk so I’m more than satisfied.

Today’s workout was a bit of legs and core and an half hour of walking. My hamstrings was super sore from the other day but feels much better tonight, I guess the long stretch session helped out a lot. Let’s see how I’m feeling tomorrow morning 😂

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Just a quick thanks to everyone who has stuck around. Also I’d like to give a special shout out to these people

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I’ll do this properly next time, 15 is a pretty half way kind of number anyway. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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2/21/17 2.14 miles
Intervals, half heartedly
YTD: 173.99 miles
417 days in a row

Still sore from deadlifts Sunday and the extra run and the extra taekwondo class on Monday, I felt lucky enough to even have the motivation to get to the gym. I decided I’d do my regularly scheduled intervals, but I’d take it a little easier. I started bargaining with myself to negotiate exactly how many/how long/etc and wound up with something pretty reasonable. 4 intervals at a not-too-tough (for me) pace at my usual .3/.2 split. I’m unsure yet if I’d rather focus on extending the length of the ‘fast’ run or the speed. At some point I’d like to add a greater distance overall, but I’m still enjoying stretching out in the hot tub afterwards.

I lifted after the kids went down.

I didn’t even get 4 at 145 today. Too sore from yesterdays pushups? Didn’t rest long enough between sets? Not enough fuel through the day to top off the tanks from being totally depleted yesterday? Probably a little of all of those.

I should probably add volume to my shrugs as I’m doing with the one arm rows, and should probably do with all the ‘accessory’ lifts I’m doing. I’ve also been thinking about adding more lunges somewhere in the week - probably just bodyweight only. I’ve been noticing my glutes are really complainy after squat/lunge day, so that’s a good thing.

Since I’m scheduled for my “push, pull, roll” routine on Monday and I TOTALLY skipped it (not just every other Monday, but especially) yesterday (thanks to the extra taekwondo class), I decided it had been too long since I’ve done any of it, so decided to at least get in the pull/roll part, for at least a little bit.

anonymous asked:

what do you do/can you explain it and do you like what you do?

I’m a college student. Last year, I did NC Early Education and Childcare and this year I’m doing the second year to that which is HNC Childhood Practice. Basically, working with nursery aged kids (0-5 years old). The course is two years so come June, I’ll be a qualified nursery teacher, though I could go to uni and get the degree or further it (if I wanted to do secondary or primary teaching or social care etc).

I’m in college one and a half days a week, placement two days a week. There’s three blocks in college, third block/term starts March 6th until middle of June. There’s three topics in every block, aside from the third block. The third block you’ll have two classes; Workplace - which is where you discuss the theory of practice and talk about your placements and hand in work you’ve done at placement - and the Graded Unit which plays a pretty massive part in passing the course.

  • NC level; there’s ‘NABs’/tests you have to do and pass to be able to pass the first year. Two placements; 1st - August to December, 2nd - January to June.
  • HNC level; essays/assignments that you have to pass in order to pass second year. One placement; August to June. ((however, you may get two placements. I’ve had two placements this year because you need experience in both a 0-3 room and a 3-5 room)).

HNC is a lot more work because there are so many deadlines. Like sometimes you can have three essays due in the one week and it does get pretty hectic so you need to keep a tight lid on your work.

In placement, you’ll be expected to act like a staff member, you’ll be made to clean and tidy a lot as well. You’re expected to plan activities for the children and also carry out observations (which basically means, observing one or a few children for a length of time with an aim, for instance, ‘aim to see a child’s social interaction with other children’, and then carrying out an activity to help promote your aim). A lot of work needs to be signed off by your keyworker/mentor (at the start of placements you’ll be allocated a keyworker in the nursery and that’s the person who’s group you’ll be in, the person you’ll show your placement work to etc). All of your work needs to be focused on the child and be suited to their interests and their age and stage. Like, you can’t plan a writing activity for a 3 year old who doesn’t know how to write one letter of their name.

Nursery teaching wasn’t what I’d originally wanted to do, actually. I’d wanted to do mental health nursing but never got into uni but my sister suggested applying for this course because I’m so good with my nieces so I did. I quite like it yeah, I’m great with kids and getting to help them learn and grow is incredible. It’s tough, absolutely, but it’s really worthwhile.

(i’m not sure if this is what you wanted/if it’s detailed enough but you can always just ask if you have certain questions!)


The Salamandine islands were half a day from the coast. Nothing but spits of land dropped into the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Vargen had learned long ago that being part of the Seeker Clan didn’t mean quite the same thing as it often did with more… normal dragon clans. What the Seeker Clan really was, were connections. Connections born between individuals and families that spread across all of Sornieth. The mentality of it was that any dragon could go to any other dragon and be granted audience.

Vargen only hoped that it would extend to favors as well.

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Genyatta Week Day 1: Firsts

Me: what should i draw i can’t do sappy or serious stuff

@cactusluv: first time catching a shiny pokemon

Me: ok cool this is literally genji then


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