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Chris Evans Imagine: Sleepy Cuddles

Anon request for Chris being sleepy and vulnerable. You can’t resist him when he’s like this!

You were crouched on the kitchen floor and had your head inside one of the cupboards as you stacked up the freshly dishwashed saucepans. This didn’t stop you, however, from hearing the front door open and close, followed by the scurrying of four paws on the hardwood floors as Dodger ran to greet his favourite person in the whole universe.

Unusually, no greeting for you was forthcoming. Even more unusual was that Chris hadn’t come to find you, which he normally did when he got home, to tell you about his day, or to ask you about yours, or even just to give you a hello kiss. Slightly puzzled, you stood up straight, closed the cupboard door and went in search of your errant boyfriend.

Walking down the hall, you poked your head through the doors of the lounge and study to no avail. Eventually, you found him slumped in the middle of the sofa in the TV room, cap pulled down over his eyes, chin pressed against his chest and fingers absentmindedly running over Dodger’s belly where he’d rolled over next to Chris.

‘Hey sweetheart,’ you asked gently, taking in his lethargic form, 'Everything okay?’

A low rumble drifted out from under the cap, 'Mmhmm, just tired.’

'Anything I can do?’ you replied, 'You want something to eat? A drink? I put some bottles of beer in the ice box about half an hour ago?’

Chris just shook his head in silent reply and opened his arms in your direction, still not looking up.

You smiled to yourself and rolled your eyes fondly; he was such a baby when he was tired. Without a word you folded yourself into his arms and removed his cap before wrapping your own arms around his shoulders and tucking his head under your chin, cushioning it against your chest. Dodger was kind enough to move momentarily while you spread your legs out across Chris’ lap and over the length of the sofa before he settled back down in the world’s smallest gap between your knees and the back cushions of the chair, squeezing himself under Chris’ arm.

Chris sighed deeply, one hand sliding into the back pocket of your jeans and the other tangling itself in Dodger’s fur.

'Better?’ you asked, kissing the top of his head and breathing in his clean, masculine scent. You leaned forward slightly to look at his face for a second and saw that his eyes, although closed, were puffy and tinged purple from exhaustion.

'A million times,’ he replied quietly, turning his head fractionally to leave a soft, tingling kiss on your collar bone, 'Love you, pumpkin.’

'Love you too, sweetheart.’

[WIP] weak for sweets - part 2

Sweets shop AU: Pastry chef Miyuki and chocolatier Chris run a small shop together. Eijun, just moved to Tokyo, is their most enthusiastic and most frequent customer. | Part 1 |

Part 2: Kuramochi deals with the new Noisy Neighbor.

3461 words, people!! Kuramochi, when did you take over my heart. Scribbles for tattoos because I am lazy.

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every scene was a sign (we made out through their meaning)


Eva forgets her notecards at Chris’s place and he has to bring them to her. In class.


Chris and Eva don’t have sex but do eat waffles.

Eva and Chris had reached an understanding in the past few months. They would fool around with whoever they wanted at parties, but they ended up together most nights. Chris tried not to think too hard about this arrangement.

Except tonight Chris couldn’t go to Eva’s because her mother was home. Which usually wouldn’t be a problem (Eva had been spending a lot of nights at Noora’s lately). But Eva had a history presentation due the next day and refused to come over.


come onn

you haven’t touched my dick in two days

chris stop you know i can’t

if i don’t get a b on this project I’m dead

just come. ill help you.

HA. right okay

I’m serious. no sex until you’re finished.

Eva doesn’t reply for 10 minutes and Chris is about to call her when she finally answers.


Chris smiles in triumph then feels strange. There are at least twelve girls he could have called to come over tonight. And he wouldn’t have had to help them with any homework. But Eva is better at sex than them (or maybe just better at sex with him).

Fifteen minutes later Eva is knocking on his door. He lets her in and goes to kiss her but she ducks under his arm.

“No kissing. I was serious, Chris.”

Chris follows her to his room as she dumps her backpack and a laptop on his bed. She’s in shorts and a large t-shirt and Chris smiles at the pile of hair secured on top her head with a scrunchy.

Eva follows his eyes as she’s plugging in her charger and frowns.

“Don’t say a word. I’ve been working on this project for hours,” She says as if he hasn’t seen her looking worse than this.

Chris holds up his hands in surrender.

They spend the next three hours working on Eva’s presentation. Eva types and researches and sighs and Chris copies notecards and plays with her hair (which he has long since tugged out of it’s bun).

At 2 am, Eva pushes her computer away and buries her face in her hands. Chris takes this as a sign to go make tea.

While he’s in the kitchen, Chris catches sight of the waffle maker and shrugs. He could eat and Eva probably could too.

A few minutes later, Chris places two mugs of steaming tea and two waffles with syrup and whipped cream onto a tray. As he walks back into his room, Eva’s eyes light up.

“Are those waffles? I love you right now,” Eva hastily shoves her laptop asides and smacks a kiss on his lips as he sets the tray down.

Oblivious to his discomfort, Eva eats a forkful of whipped cream and Chris’s chest tightens.

Eva has never tried to make this anything more than casual but he’s just had a moment of realization. This is what Iben wanted from him. Their worst fight was always that Iben didn’t feel like they were actually dating and Chris didn’t know what she was talking about. He kissed Iben in public and had sex with her and sometimes ate meals with her but he had never helped her with her homework. Or made her waffles.

Chris doesn’t want to think about what this means because he knows he can’t do relationships. And he doesn’t want to. Monogamy doesn’t suit him.

Eva has now finished her waffle and is staring at him. When Chris finishes chewing his last bite, she climbs into his lap. He groans as Eva begins kissing her way down his neck and lies back. A notecard crumples under him.

“Eva,” It comes out more as a moan than anything else.

“Hmm,” She’s reached his chest now and begins pulling his shirt up.

Hating himself, Chris pulls her head up.

“Eva, you have work to do.”

She stares at him in disbelief for a moment.

“When did you get so responsible?”

“When I decided I’d rather you graduate high school and move out of your mom’s,” Chris says dryly.

Eva pouts but pulls her laptop back towards her. She does stay on his lap though and Chris is proud to say that he’s only a little distracting.

Just as Chris’s eyes are drifting shut, Eva closes her laptop with a sigh.

“Done. Finally. Now where were we?” Eva turns to him with a flirtatious smile but Chris can see the dark circles under her eyes.

“Eva, you’re exhausted,” he says, checking his phone, “and you have to be up in three hours. Sleep.”

Once again, Eva stares at him in surprise. Chris feels uncomfortable both at the implication that he only wants her for sex and at the fact that he doesn’t.

Nodding, she rises to turn off the lights.


Eva burrows in his blankets and curls into his chest. There might usually be sex first, but they have practice at spending the night together.

Chris is asleep before he has time to panic.


Chris wakes up briefly when Eva’s alarm goes off and watches her rush to throw things into her bag and get changed. As she pulls a plastic baggie with a toothbrush out, he wonders why she doesn’t just leave it here. In another jolt of clarity, Chris realizes that Eva shouldn’t be here so often that she needs to keep a toothbrush at his house and he clamps his mouth shut.

Eva toes into her shoes and picks up her backpack.

“I think I have one of those granola bars you like left. Good luck,” Chris mumbles as she’s walking out the door.

“Thanks. You don’t have classes today, right? I’ll be over after school.”
Chris rolls over, falling asleep again to the thought of Eva in his bed again in just a few hours.


When Chris wakes up again, it’s noon and he feels considerably more alive. He spends some time responding to his texts and notifications until his stomach grumbles. Chris rolls out of bed and begins heading to the kitchen. As he picks his way through the clothes scattered around his floor, his eyes catch on a pile of notecards.

Against his better judgement, Chris picks one up and sure enough they are Eva’s. For a moment Chris considers pretending he never saw them, but finds himself checking the time on his phone. Eva’s history class won’t start for another fifteen minutes and he can make it if he leaves now.

With a half-hearted curse, Chris turns around and heads to his bathroom. Five minutes later, he’s pulled on jeans and a t-shirt and is heading out the door.

Feelings strange to be back at his old high school, Chris parks his car and heads to the administration office.

“Hello, I need to drop off some notecards for Eva Mohn. She’s in history right now.”

The receptionist nods without looking up from her computer screen.

“That’s fine.”

Chris waits but she continues typing.

“Do I just leave them here with you?” He asks impatiently.

The receptionist looks up.

“You can take them yourself. I’m busy.” She smiles briefly and turns back to her screen.

Fuck, Chris thinks. He considers leaving, but he’s come this far. Wondering how his life got to this point, Chris heads for Eva’s history classroom.

Chris will be embarrassing both of them. Surely she can give the presentation without her notes. Shaking his head at the classroom door, Chris knows his mind is already made up.

He knocks and a few moments later the door opens. Chris recognizes the brunette teacher but he can’t remember her name. She clearly remembers him, though.


Everyone looks up, but Eva’s head shoots up from the second row.

Avoiding eye contact with her, Chris addresses the teacher.

“Hi. Eva forgot her presentation notes,” he holds them up.

Nodding, she steps away from the door, letting him in.

Jesus, Chris thinks, can’t you just take them yourself?

If he’s doing this, then he’s doing it. His reputation is already trashed so it might as well look intentional.

Chris struts over to Eva’s desk.

“Eva! You forgot your notes this morning,” he smiles suggestively and drops the notecards onto her desk.

Eva’s face is red and she gives him a sheepish smile. “Thank you. I just realized I’d left them,” she says in a low voice.

Right before Chris leaves the room, he turns back and winks. “See you tonight, Eva.”

Eva’s already flaming cheeks grow impossibly brighter, but she smiles at him. Chris walks out to wolf whistles and cat calls.

you’ll pay for that in a few hours

but thanks chris

Chris smiles. Tonight he’ll tell her to leave the toothbrush.

viktor shaves half of his head on a whim and with chris’ encouragement and yuuri is torn between collapsing in utter exhaustion and just forgoing propriety and jumping on his fiancé for some quality time.

the media goes w i l d and starts to speculate just why viktor would do such a thing.

yurio is publicly recorded saying “it’s because the idiot is going bald. he’s trying to distract you from his thinning hairline.”

this exhausts yuuri even more & viktor mourns how disrespectful his little kitten son is.

he gets used to it a lot sooner than the rest of the skating world, probably because he sees it more often and gets to brush his hands over it whenever he wants.

yuuri & the russian figure skating team + phichit make it a whole thing to pet the shaved side of viktor’s hair for good luck before they actually skate. viktor is unsurprisingly okay with this ritual. he actively encourages it most days.

chris comes over to fresh up the undercut every few weeks. every facet of their social media is flooded immediately after these visits because these boys cannot help themselves and must post about each other.

yuuri likes to pet viktor’s head regardless, but when they’re super tired after a long day of practice he’ll just cradle viktor ( the little spoon regardless of height, he likes being snuggled okay ) and gently scratch at his scalp until they both fall asleep.

anonymous asked:

Could you write one where nat is pregnant and the hormones changing, and crave for sex??😝😝😝😝 (and chris is probably delighted abt the changes😂) (sorry for my bad english)

Your english is perfect, love! Be proud of yourself; I know I am! Here’s what I came up with. I hope you like it. Thank you for the request, and thanks for reading! xx

Warnings: kinda smutty, so the read more break will be moved up higher than it’s usual spot.


Urgent, coercing lips pressing hot kisses on his naked chest. That was what had roused Chris out of a deep slumber.

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Do it already

Originally posted by thefudge

Request: Hey!! If you are still accepting requests could you do a Chris Wood imagine were the reader joins the vampire diaries half way through season 6 and when Chris firsts see’s her he falls head over heels in love with her. Thx:)

Chris Wood × Reader

“Oh no, here he goes” Kat mumbled when he saw Chris admiring you during your part “What? “Ian that was besides her asked “He is doing that thing when he just stares at Y/N during her part…again ” “Oh,I thought Chris asked her out “Kat just smirked at the black haired man “Yeah,you wish. He’s head over heels with her.” “I don’t know how Y/N hasn’t noticed yet”Kat just looked at the man at her right and nodded in agreement.

When you finished your part you saw Chris looking at you.Why would he been looking at you? You tought. You admired him a lot,he was one of the best actors you ever knew.When it came to acting Chris was very into it,it just looked like Kai took completly his body.And besides,he was hot.

“Hi"you smiled at him.“Hey… you…you were wonderful"Was he really complimenting you? "You think so? ” “Absolutely, you just are very good.” “Thanks, so are you "you could tell that you were already blushing by the way how your cheeks were burning.Both of you started talking about the scenes when Chris saw Ian in the back making him weird signs. Chris wasn’t understanding a thing, until Ian got tired and just came by your side.

"You know guys that you to have a very intimate scene together? "He scared the hell out of you when he came by your side and sudently said that.Chris was looking at him with the ‘What are you up to ’ face. "Yeah…I read that part… is very…intimate” “Your first sex scene isnt it sweet Y/N?"that made you almost spit out your coffee "Why don’t you two meet some day and get ready for the scene.I mean it’s pretty hard to do it… is just better if it’s talked before "and with that he just left. "Don’t listen to hi-” you cut him off “No,he’s right, I’m a little bit nervous about that and it’s true is my first sex scene, it’ll be easier if we talk about it before or practice…whatever "you started to get more and more akward by the second,you liked him and maybe he didn’t want to meet with you."Oh..I’d like it "in that moment you let out all the air that was accumulated in your lungs.

Sorry for this…is really bad.

"Unscripted" - Chris/Will

Will is working.  Chris really wants to be fucked.  Cockwarming ensues. (At least, until their patience runs out.)

Chris sees the Starbucks cup on the counter in the kitchen and knows that his plans have been shot to hell. There’s a Post-It on the rim of the cup that reads, “working — have to finish act 1 by 2 PM — inspired this morning woo!! babies are fed and coop is in his crate xo xo”.

He sighs.

Clearly Will has yet to telepathically connect to his brain, despite all appearances to the contrary. So he does what he usual does—a whole bunch of random shit that he doesn’t really need to do on his day off. He replies to emails. He tweaks outlines for a variety of story ideas. He picks out tomorrow’s outfit. He texts Alla, and then a few friends. He heats up and drinks his chai.

It’s almost painful how he anticipates days off the way a martyr anticipates sainthood, but the moment that he has free time he can’t stop his brain from going and he has no idea what to do with that time other than waste it.

He’d had ideas, is the thing. And then he’d rolled over onto Will’s side of the bed and it had been empty.

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please, climbing class shippers, hear my plea. i came up with an au that i would love to see someone write! it’s a soulmate au, but with a twist. more under the cut! (no, but seriously. it’s really long. if someone would be so kind as to write this that would be AMAZING but… also i guess technically this is long enough to be a fic on its own now, cause it REALLY got away from me)

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I Wanna Show You What a Bitch I Can Be

(Sequel to this)

I knocked on the bedroom door before entering. Chris was bent over a mirror, putting on black eye liner. Walking up behind him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed the rivulets of his spine through his shirt. He finished his eye liner and smiled, murmuring,

“Hey, baby. What’s up?” He turned to face me, my arms still around his body. I Ieaned up on the tips of my toes, trying to kiss him, but I wasn’t quite tall enough, and settled for his neck instead. Chris laughed and bent down to press his lips to mine. One of my hands left his waist and trailed down his stomach, until I was holding onto the waistband of his jeans. I slid my hand lower and palmed him, and heard a sharp intake of breath come from him. Turning us around, he pushed me against the wall beside the vanity he had been bent over. His left hand was against the side of my neck, and the other was making its way up my skirt, while his mouth bruised mine. 

Chris pulled away and began unbuttoning my shirt, kissing down my chest until my shirt was half-way open.

“Well, hello.” he smirked at my bustier, the leather cups pushing up my breasts to sit perfectly and round on my chest. With one hand he grabbed the hem of my skirt and harshly pulled it down my legs, allowing me to step out of it. He moved to pull off my bustier after he had discarded of my shirt, and I grabbed his wrists, stopping him. He looked confused, and I placed my hands on his hips, walking him backwards towards the bed until he stumbled back onto the mattress. He laughed and shook his head, yanking me down onto his lap. I used it to my advantage and leaned him back, sitting on his hips.

“You know,” I sighed, sounding disappointed. “In your interview with Bryanstars, he asked you if you liked to dominate or be dominated. If I recall, when the topic came up about being dominated, you said something along the lines of ‘If you want to please her and she wants that, you gotta give her what she needs.’ And I need you to be a good boy for me, Chris. Can you do that?” His eyes widened and he silently nodded. I smirked and pecked his lips. “Take your clothes off. Except your underwear.” I said smoothly, watching him get up from the bed and do as I had asked. When his clothes were piled on the floor, I gestured for him to lay down on the bed with his head against the pillows. “Don’t move.” I instructed.

Reaching into the nightstand, I pulled out one of the same pair of handcuffs Chris had used on me. I pulled one of the cuffs behind one of the bars on our headboard and hastily secured Chris before he could object. His eyes narrowed.

“What game, exactly, are you playing? he asked.

"I’m not playing a game. I’m just getting you back for the little game you were playing the other night. Now, can you keep quiet or should I assist you?” I asked, and he immediately shut his mouth, making me laugh. I swung my leg over him, sitting back down on his hips. It was evidently clear that he was turned on. Leaning down to kiss him, I let the tip of my tongue slide cross Chris’s bottom lip, and he opened his mouth, but I moved my lips to his neck instead, kissing down to the spot on his throat right below his chin, because it drove him mad. I gently kissed the spot before softly sinking my teeth into it, sliding my tongue along his skin. I pressed my lips down over the teeth marks and sucked, pulling away to see satisfyingly red, tiny dots. I looked up at Chris, and he was biting down on his bottom lip, hard, eyes clenched shut. When I began kissing up his jaw line, he removed his teeth from his lip, seeming to relax a bit. I kissed his lips, internally cringing at the salty taste of blood. His tongue seemed to melt against mine, and I moaned into his mouth. When I pulled away, he tugged at his restraints defiantly.

I got off the bed and tugged off my panties, before sitting back down on top of Chris’s chest, my back to him. I bent over so that my face hovered just above his crotch, breathing heavily. He let out a strangled moan and rutted up against the air. I licked at the fabic of his underwear and a shiver went through his entire body. Sitting back up, I tugged off his boxers, throwing them towards the door. Bending back over, I shuffled back further near Chris’s face, and licked up his cock, sending a jolt through him. Clearing my throat in impatience, he got the clue as I continued. I flicked the tip of my tongue against him and tasted precum. I lowered my mouth onto the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around it, and I let out a muffled moan as I felt his tongue against my clit. I pushed my mouth further onto his cock and then pulled back up, repeating the action until Chris was shaking underneath me. Pulling my mouth away, I sat up slightly, putting more weight on his face. His tongue slid up my entrance and just barely entered me. I moaned and made little unh, unh, unh  noises as he tongue-fucked me, and my legs quaked. I let myself get just up to the peak of orgasm as Chris licked around my clit, before I moaned,

"Fuck, I’m gonna come, stop.” I turned back around and sat between Chris’s legs. Slowly, I kissed up his body, from his hips to his chest, stopping every so often to nibble and suck whereever I so pleased. I stared up at his face. It glistened with sweat and his eyes were closed, his mouth agape in a silent moan. His hands gripped the chains of the handcuffs, and I huffed out a breath. Pulling a bobby pin out of my hair, I easily unlocked them, and they clacked to the floor. As soon as his hands were free, Chris’s eyes flashed open, clouded. He sat up and grabbed my hair with one hand, his other on the small of my back, pulling me up with him. My chest hit his and our lips collided painfully, but my jaw went slack and his tongue easily parted my lips. His teeth dug into my bottom lip and he pulled playfully, tugging at my hair with his hand. Removing his hands from my hair and back, he gripped at the dip in my bustier. I watched the muscles in his arms strain and his veins show through his skin as Chris tore it in half, throwing the useless fabric away. His head dipped low and he kissed around my chest and began sucking one of my nipples, his thumb playing with the other. I dipped my head back and moaned, and Chris kissed backed up my chest to my neck, biting at my skin.

He stopped abruptly, getting off the bed and pulling me with him. Chris practically pushed me over to the vanity and turned me to face the mirror. He bent me over and I braced my hands against the wooden surface, knocking makeup brushes to the ground. He grabbed my hips as he pushed his dick into me and my mouth made an shape. He kept thrusting into me hard, and he moved his hands, one gripped my throat, and the other was on my clit, rubbing fast circles.

“Fuck, Chris. F-faster. Go faster.” I moaned, stumbling over my words. His hand tightened slightly on my throat as he complied.

“Look in the mirror.” he hissed, suddenly sounding angry as he pounded into me. “Who’s fucking you like this?”

“You,” I breathed, hunching over the vanity in ecstasy.

“Who do you want to make you cum?”

“Fuck!” I moaned again as warmth spread all throughout my body.“I want you to make me cum! Please, I want you to make me cum all over your hard cock. Please, Chris.”

“You know I love it when you beg.” he grunted as he thrusted up into me again, and I suddenly felt myself orgasm. Goosebumps covered my skin as I moaned, digging my fingernails into the wood that I clutched. Chris kept thrusting, making my vision go blurry as I drowned in pleasure, and I felt his grip on my throat loosen as he came, his breath hot and heavy as he burried his face in my shoulder blade. His arms wrapped around my waist and he kissed my skin.

“That was not at all how I wanted this to go.” I spoke first, crossing my arms over his.

“Deal with it.” was his reply, and I saw him smirking in the mirror as he pulled away, walking only a few feet to fall into bed. “You’re such a sore loser.” he laughed as I sat beside him, wrapping the blanket around myself.

“Only because you never let me win anything.”

“You already have a trophy boyfriend. Isn’t that enough?”

“I hate you.” I moped.

“Love you, too, babe.”