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Sportacus and Robbie have been dating for some time. Robbie is particularly tired one evening but the dishes need to be done, so Sport happily volunteers to do them, which produces the following scene: Robbie resting in his chair with the TV faintly flashing on him. Sport is nearby working on the dishes. half alseep, Robbie mutes the TV and catches Sport humming to himself “Master of Disguise.” Robbie smiles and goes back to napping.

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today is the met gala! if ya feelin peachy and up to it, would you write a wee lil drabble about our friends from hmc there?

this is a continuation of this drabble, kinda. don’t ask what the gala theme is it’s some weird combination of 2015′s through the looking glass and this year’s art of the in-between lolol. and yes, i’m making kubo a designer that gets her own met gala solo show in honor of kawakubo bc their names sound alike O K

12 hours to open

The Victor from four hours ago is gone, neatly tucked away like one of his silk ties or a pair of ankle socks. Folded and hidden into one of the several drawers of Victor Nikiforov’s wardrobe of a personality. Yuuri wonders if he’s glimpsed into a good amount of those drawers, but considering Victor’s actual wardrobe drawers have their own MUJI brand compartments inside of them, it is entirely likely that he’s missing even smaller facets of Victor; his drawers have drawers, his secrets have secrets.

Yuuri watches him now as he scrutinizes each display of the exhibit, murmuring with the curator and periodically adjusting the garments on the mannequins. Victor looks up briefly and gives a small smile—in the way that Victor only ever gives smiles, small and subtle but brilliant, still, and Yuuri mentally adds that to his collection of memories of Victor to lose sleep over.

Yuuri smiles back (hesitant and timid and awkward, he’s sure).

4 hours to open

“Oh my god, what are you wearing?” Georgi asks in horror.

Yuuri looks down at his outfit, still in the sweats he’d slipped into in his rush to get to the Met at half past three in the morning. Around them, preparations for the gala are in full-swing, museum officials and staff bustling around the venue as the ticking clock winds down.


"I’ve got it.” Victor’s voice, soft but clear, calls from Yuuri’s left and when Yuuri turns he stops breathing. Victor’s changed, and he’s still in a suit, of course, but it’s stunning. Custom-made by Kubo herself, the designer being celebrated for that evening. Half of the suit is lined with icy blue crystals, tiny sparkling things that glint where the sunlight catches on them. The other half is a more muted blue, calm but compelling and homey. It divides in a diagonal across Victor’s front, and the stark contrast of the suit’s design is jarring, but—so’s it’s owner.

Yuuri doesn’t notice the garment bag hanging over Victor’s arm until he steps in front of him. “I don’t know if you already had something picked out,” Victor tells him. Yuuri remembers to breathe, can’t decide whether to look up into Victor’s eyes or to the matching blue of the bright part of his suit. “Sorry for having dragged you here, though, you’ve been here all morning and all night—”

"It’s okay,” Yuuri says quickly.

Victor pauses, gives his small smile. He holds out his arm, pushes the garment bag over to Yuuri. “How about you go change, then?” His voice lowers. “Before Georgi gets an aneurysm. And before Michele arrives,” he adds, teasing.

Yuuri shudders. “Michele.” He takes it from Victor gratefully. “Thank you.”

"Of course.”

2 hours to open

"Where the fuck are you?” Mila hisses into her phone. “They’re rolling out the carpet.”

Whatever JJ says on the other end, it only mollifies Mila slightly. She sighs as staff members around her iron down the red carpet, making it smooth and impeccable for the star-studded guests who would arrive later in the evening.

Sara rubs Mila’s shoulder soothingly as she clicks off. “It’s gonna be okay. Look, Otabek’s running the livetweets right now,” she says.

Mila rolls her eyes. “Please tell me that—”

"Leo and Guang are helping,” Sara says quickly.

"Thank god.”

Open - Gala Stage

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,” Victor says grandly behind the podium on stage. He flashes a wide smile as the crowd applauds, but it doesn’t sit right with Yuuri, not really. He watches from off the side of the stage, standing with Mila, who’s busy typing away on her phone.

"Georgi says Kubo’s not ready yet,” she stage-whispers, looking at Yuuri with wide eyes. "She’s got some, I don’t know, there’s some drama with the—”

“What?” He glances at his watch. “But the schedule—”

"Fuck the schedule, we need to—”


"Okay? Yuuri, we need to—Yuuri, wait, what are you—”

Victor’s voice booms from the speakers around them. “And now, may I present our—uh… Yuuri Katsuki?”

Two hours after close

Yuuri finds Victor by one of the displays, looking thoughtfully at the satin train of a Renaissance-themed dress. He’s shed his suit jacket, loosened the tie around his neck. He still looks flawless.

"I hope that was okay,” Yuuri says quietly.

Victor doesn’t startle, as if he’d expected Yuuri to come to him all along. He’s quiet for a bit, before turning to face him. He speaks, breathless, even though he hasn’t moved from his spot since he’d been there after the last of the guests had left.

"That was amazing,” he tells Yuuri meaningfully.

It’s too much. Yuuri tears his eyes away. “Roughly amazing,” he says jokingly. Deflects.

There’s the small smile again. “Roughly amazing,” Victor agrees. He gazes back at the mannequin on display, and that’s where Mila finds them later, when she tells them the car’s waiting.

18.04.17 - Friends & tea 🍵💓.

I love these disabled ladies and their friendship, but I hadn’t drawn them into same picture before? I had to fix that.

@bokato replied to your post “so how would you feel if borusara was canon instead of borumitsu”

ya boi ppl are having shipping wars already and I’m like its been 4 eps chill bruh

[glances at my long and evergrowing blacklist, mute list and block lists]  they are??

The words were out of his mouth before he’d known he’d spoken. “You’re beautiful.”

Arthur’s brows pinched in the middle, uncertain; his lips quirked into a half-smile, a muted response on his lips that weren’t quite formed. It might have been his usual arrogant of course I am or his scornful you only notice now or even his deflective you’re such a girl, but none of those words were spoken. Maybe Arthur sensed Merlin’s mood, or maybe Arthur saw something in Merlin’s expression, but whatever it was, Arthur kept silent. There was a surprised breath, a little frown, a bashful shift of his gaze, the tug of a smile at one corner of his mouth, the curious touch of his fingers against Merlin’s cheek.

Merlin pressed a chaste kiss on Arthur’s lips, lingering until he felt Arthur’s hand drift behind Merlin’s head. He kissed again, and again a third time, each touch of lips gentle and soft and somehow searing hot every time they touched. It was addicting, that heat, that taste of Arthur, and he could kiss him forever, lazy and slow, making each one last, each one count.

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Kuroken with Kuroo having a very bad day overall, and now a pounding headache now that he's home, drenched by the heavy rain.

Kuroo didn’t like labels.  They made things feel deceptively permanent, falsely mutually exclusive, and generally excessively dramatic.  Thus, he tried not to label his days as being “good” or “bad.”  Today, however, was an exception.

Although he hadn’t woken up on the wrong side of the bed, per say, he had woken up on the floor, and with a terrible crick in his neck at that.  Which sucked, but at that point he was still able to convince himself that it wasn’t a bad enough to be a Bad™ day yet.

Then he realized he’d woken up an hour and a half late and he decided that it at least had potential.  

He rushed to get ready, knowing he’d miss first and second period at the very least, but hoping to make it to third period on time since he had a Statistics exam.  The getting ready went pretty smoothly, and Kuroo started to think that maybe the day would get better.

Needless to say, he was wrong.

There was no food in his house.  None.  He’d forgotten to get the groceries last night, and this was the result.  He slammed the cabinet door shut, losing his cool a bit before reminding himself to stay calm.  He managed to do so, right up until he saw the unread messages on his phone screen.

From: Kitten
Time: 6:45 am
where r u

From: Kitten
Time: 6:53 am
r u coming

Call from: Kitten
Time: 6:55 am

From: Kitten
Time: 7:02 am
we r gonna b late

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:02 am

From: Kitten
Time: 7:03 am
im gonna skip if u do

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:03 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:04 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:04 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:04 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:05 am

From: Kitten
Time: 7:05 am
mom’s making me go

“Shit!”  He couldn’t help it.  This time he shouted out loud.  One good thing was that his parents were out of town, so nobody heard him, but it didn’t really make him feel any better either.  By the time he texted Kenma back his hands were shaking and his head was pulsing vaguely behind his eyes.

To: Kitten
Time: 9:24 am
Kenma I am so sorry I totally overslept.  Hang in there.  I’m on my way.

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My face when people talk about offline games as if they were last played long before I was born: :|

I do like their shirts though.

The only good thing about them eating nasty food food today is Rhett being driven to his knees in agony. And Link’s little dance when he gets to eat a mini-wheat was the sweetest contrast to all the dry heaving.

Rhett: I hate my life
Me: You… you know it’s completely within your power to change that, right…?

So last night right before falling asleep I had this idea

Aaron catches a sort of bad cold that makes him temporarly mute, so he can’t really communicate with the others, I mean he learned ASL during high school ‘cause he had a deaf friend but no-one around him seems to be able to sign

He doesn’t really care, it’s only temporary right? and with the whole “talk less, smile more” he’s more than happy to have an excuse to not be social. So after his doctor tells him that he should be cured in a week or so, he gets back to class expecting a peaceful and quiet week, BUT of course the hamilsquad has to come over ‘cause they can’t spend two days without showing their affection coming to bother him. 

At first they think he’s giving them the cold shoulder but a quickly scribbled note on the corner of his notebook tells them that he’s going to be mute for a while, and to please leave him alone cause he won’t be good company. they still try to “talk” with him but c’mon, those 4 are unable to wait for Aaron to write a reply down every time he’s asked something so they just all pat him on the back/shoulders and say that they’re going to figure this out before leaving him at his table alone

He feels a little pang of hurt, watching them leave, but shrugs it off in favor on focusing on his homework

It lasts exactly a day, ‘cause the morning after he’s greeted by a cup of coffee and a smiling Alex, with huge bags underneath his eyes, who are filled with determination. Aaron is about to ask about it when he remembers he can’t, but doesn’t have the time to be annoyed because Alex is signing “hello” and “surprise”, and thank god he still hasn’t grabbed the cup otherwise he would have let it fall with the surprise. The other is still smiling when he recovers, signing “how?”, which is answered by “learned this night”, leaving Aaron gaping because really? it took him a few months to fully master it, how dare he? but then the rest of the squad appears, and oh, they’re all signing “surprise” too, and yeah by now Aaron may be getting a little emotional, especially when he spots the shadows underneath their eyes, paired with tired but smug smiles. He responds with a watery smile of his own, laughing when Laurens signs “you didn’t expect us to leave you alone right?”, followed by Lafayette “and Alex can’t stand not getting answers to his rants”, and Hercules signing “true

He signs a quick “thank you” and opens his arms for a big group hug, thankful to be able to call these people his friends. His week is way less calm than expected but still pretty quiet since after a moment they all stop talking in favor of signing with him, because really they couldn’t learn all the words in one night so the teaches them some, and LaFayette teaches him a few words in french sign language since he looked it up too.

When the week is done, they’re all grad to hear his “smooth, velvety” voice again, as they put it, and Aaron is glad they can’t see him blush for it. They still use ASL to communicate when one of them is overwhelmed or sick, or to “talk” in class.


AU where Swiftpaw survives the dog attack and bonds with Brightpaw while they both recover, eventually making their own code of spoken and visual signals to communicate with each other, as Brightpaw survived with partial hearing loss as well as half-blindness, and Swiftpaw became mute and half-blind as well. He also has a permanent kink in his tail and can’t exert himself for too long without chest pain from a badly healed broken rib.


Pairing: Josh Pieters X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: I felt like writing Christmas fluff

“Why are you so nervous, (Y/N), we have this YouTube Christmas party thing every single year.” Your best friend and flatmate Conor asked with a knowing look on his face. Blushing you finished off your makeup sat at the foot of his bed as he looked through his Christmas jumpers. 

“Since me, you and Jack made that stupid deal when we were drunk, I can’t believe you’re sticking to it.” You sighed, Jack and Conor had made a deal with you that you would kiss Josh by the end of the party or you’d have to let them pick your videos every week for a month, no exceptions.  

“We’re doing you a favour, you’ve liked him since you moved here like two years ago, and even before that when he flew over from South Africa. (Y/N), it’s been years.” Conor prompted you. 

Nodding to yourself you picked up the outfit and headed to your own room to change and mentally prepare yourself not to word vomit when you saw Josh tonight since he’d just gotten home from South Africa, he decided to visit early this year to have Christmas at home then come back to spend Christmas with you, Jack and Conor. 

Pulling on the baggy ‘KISS ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE’ black jumper, black skirt and small heeled boots you smiled to yourself in the mirror. Packing your bag with your phone, emergency lip gloss and mints. 

“Knock knock, I come bearing alcohol.” You heard Jack say from the other side of your door, smiling at him you let him in and sat down with him on your bed. 

“So?” He asked as you sipped the vodka and coke he handed you, a blush rushing to your cheeks. 

“What?” You asked innocently, making him roll his eyes. 

“You gonna kiss him?” He asked, you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling, before nodding.

 “Yeah, I am but like what if he doesn’t kiss me back or anything and I ruin Christmas tomorrow because it’s all awkward.” You sighed, overthinking had always been one of your worst traits. 

“Well, that isn’t going to happen. Trust me, Josh wouldn’t be a dick about this (Y/N).” Jack said, you nodded again before Conor came to tell you both the taxi was here. 

“Down that and grab your bag.” Jack winked, pulling a santa hat onto his head. 

“Bet the girls love that.” You laughed, walking with him to the taxi. 

“It’s how Jack gets the girls, dresses up as sexy santa.” Conor laughed making you all laugh. 

Shortly after you all arrived at the location of the party; Oli’s house. You piled out of the taxi and into his apartment, music was blasting and everyone looked super festive. 

“Josh here yet?” Conor asked Oli as he welcomed you in.

“Don’t think so mate, think he said something about dropping off his bags before getting here.” Oli shouted over the loud music. 

You danced to the music, drank, ate and had a laugh with everyone there as the night progressed. Conor and Joe were planning a video together and Jack was with Oli trying to open a bottle of goodness knows what, so you decided to finally go pee. The bathroom half muted the songs and left you alone to take everything in for a minute, you pulled out your phone and checked Josh’s twitter. 


He tweeted that 10 minutes ago, so he really should be here now, you began to worry you wouldn’t get your chance before someone knocked on the bathroom door. 

“Just a minute!” You shouted, cleaning yourself up and checking the mirror before opening the door. 

“I’m so sorry I really didn’t mean to take that long-” You began before you scanned the tall figure, with the ginger hair and kind eyes. “Josh!” You squealed, hugging him as he laughed. 

“Hey, (Y/N), how are you?” He asked, you nodded pulling back. 

“I’m good, so good. How are you? How was South Africa?!” You asked, you couldn’t be any happier that he was back home. 

“Home was nice, I like little breaks of family time because it makes it really special whenever I see them again. I miss them so much sometimes but when I’m away I miss London and you guys.” He smiled, you’d settled on the couch. 

“I get what you mean, it’s just good to have you back.” You smiled, he wrapped his arm around you pulling you close. 

“Oh, I almost forgot! I got you something from home.” Josh said, pulling a small, blue velvet bag out from his pocket. 

“Josh, Christmas isn’t until tomorrow!” You objected, but he handed it to you anyway. 

“This isn’t for Christmas.” He smiled, you curiously opened the little bag to reveal a silver necklace with a crescent moon charm. 

“Just for when I go away, I thought it would be nice since my mum always said we’re never apart because we both look at the same moon. It’s the same with you, (Y/N), we’re never apart because we always look at the same moon.” He said, you wiped away happy tears as he began to lean in, you closed the gap between you both and kissed him softly. 

“Well, looks like we didn’t need to buy mistletoe.” Jack said, making you laugh. 

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Imagine Bucky loves terrible puns. Imagine him gleefully telling Steve about that time when he wasn't quite brainwashed yet where he got loose and *single-handedly* took down like twelve guards before Hydra could stop him--"No, literally, Steve, they hadn't attached the arm yet." (Imagine Natasha also likes terrible puns and they have fun making everyone else groan.)

I’m HERE for Bucky having this really black, really grisly sense of humour that flares up whenever he’s in the field. Steve doesn’t really get it, and spends half their missions together mute with disgust as Bucky carves up his enemies and cracks awful puns over their corpses.

“See, this is the problem with rookies, they’re always losing their heads in combat.”

“I’ll say this for those Hydra goons: they sure had a lot of guts.”

“I think that last guy finally got the point. Get it, Steve? The point?”

(“Yes, Bucky,” says Steve wearily. “I get it. Because you impaled him.”)

“Hey, Steve, we’re really on fire today! Oh wait, no, that’s Hydra…”

And honestly it disturbs Steve a bit that Bucky seems to find so much fun in his kills, but he figures it’s probably some sort of coping mechanism that helped cushion Bucky through decades of death and gore and horror under Hydra. He figures, it’s kind of off-putting, but at least it’s not doing any actual harm.

One day, a mission brings them to an old outpost of the Winter Soldier project where they used to store Bucky between assignments. A heavy layer of dust has settled over the benches, the cryo tank, the mind-wipe chair in the middle of the room.

Steve tastes bile in the back of his throat. He steps up to the chair, feels the strength of its restraints, peers up at the tangle of overhead wiring. “So,” he says hoarsely, “this is where they used to –”

“Yeah,” says Bucky. “Pretty shocking, isn’t it?”

Introducing Rue and Sage, two human children that have fallen into the Underground! :o The two grew up in a large village that had taken up residence next to Mount Willow, the largest mountain on earth. However, this village had gotten crude and corrupted, and even though there was plenty of food for everyone, the village elders made it so that rich villagers got more and poor villagers got less. They were also very sanctimonious, and any villagers who were caught committing a crime were either punished or exiled. It was nearly impossible to live a truly happy life if you weren’t rich. 

Rue is a child who is half-deaf and mute. When she was a baby, she came down with a terrible disease that wiped out the majority of her voice and messed up her hearing. While she can still hear, some words get lost and she has trouble understanding. She also cannot speak louder than a hoarse whisper, and because of this, she has learned sign language and pantomime as a way to communicate. She can make odd sounds and giggle, but words themselves cannot be expressed in a normal voice. Only by whispering very softly can she speak. 
Because of her disability, the village elders found her helpless and forced her parents to get rid of her (for she had multiple brothers and sisters, the villages figured it was better to have less mouths to feed). She was exiled to the forest, where everyone believed she would die quickly. 
Rue (before she was exiled) had heard all about the popular rumors of Underbug, where terrible beastly bug monsters lived right under the mountain. Hearing all these frightening stories caused her to develop a phobia or bugs and anything creepy-crawly. 

Sage is a child with behavioral issues. His mother had him out of wedlock, and because of this, the village elders believed that he would bring a terrible curse upon the whole village. His mother was ridiculed to no end, and Sage was not permitted to read or write, thus making him one of the scapegoats of the village. All the constant bullying and belittling from both the village children and his mother (for she quickly ceased to love him) hardened his heart, and he turned into a problem child. Once he turned ten years old, his mother made a public show of throwing him out, exiling him also to the forest. 
Sage (before he was exiled) had heard all about the popular rumors of Underbug, where terrible beastly bug monsters lived right under the mountain. Hearing all this was amazing and interesting to him. He wanted to meet - and squash - all the bug monsters he could find!

One day, both children stumbled upon each other in the forest. 


Casca appreciation post feat shots from chapter 347. I think she looks beyond cute and I adore how long her hair is. It looks so nice. I’m so excited and positive for her revival. She’s such an amazing character despite being mute for half the manga and I have nothing but high hopes for her healing and her return! If guts has held on to faith for fixing her then so can I!

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Hey Evil Jaune, have you considered taking a stab at Cinder next?

Evil Jaune: You mean the half blind mute chick that got beat by a little girl? Yeah, cause she’s such a threat. Hell, Watts is a bigger threat at this point.

First Bite/First Night Part 1 (vampire prince!Jeonghan)

The first part to the wedding/honeymoon series for vampire prince!Jeonghan. If you haven’t read Please Don’t Be My Prince, I would suggest you read those parts before this because it will make a little more sense. It won’t take you too long; there’s only three parts.

Please Don’t Be My Prince Part 1 | 2 | 3 [Final]

First Bite/First Night Part 1 | 2

Genre: Romance, fantasy, vampire!au

Words: 2,216

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Jieun had never had a problem entering your room unannounced, and today was no different. The doors burst open, barely being caught by a couple of maids before they could slam into the wall. You screeched and hurried to cover your nearly bare chest.

“What the heck, Jieun? I’m changing!” Your face heated in embarrassment. You could see your three male guards, who had been waiting outside, were shuffling around awkwardly. The youngest, a vampire by the name of Vernon, found himself in the midst of a coughing fit.

“Oops,” Jieun laughed, “sorry.” She gestured for the maids to shut the doors. “But look at you, already a blushing bride.”

Her comment only made your blush more prominent.

“Stop it,” you whined, crouching down in an attempt to hide among the skirts of the dress you were being helped into.

The older woman arranging the whole affair clucked her tongue. “You may be about to be the Crown Princess, but everyone is looking to me to direct the wedding of the century, and I will not have you ruining the dress they’ll display in the Museum of Vampire History.”

You reluctantly straightened up. In only six more hours, you would be married to the Crown Prince of the Vampires. Over the two short years since that first fateful meeting, you had become somewhat of an international sensation. Everyone wanted to know about the couple who were bridging the gap between humans and vampires. It was definitely hard to have even your stray hairs analyzed by every magazine, but you had just kept reminding yourself that if you decided to break off the engagement, you would be worse off because Jeonghan wouldn’t be by your side.

You had tried to tell your friends before the relationship was made public, but none of them had believed you. Now, of course, they were actually in your bridal party and in the adjoining room, changing.

“But Gahee,” Jieun pouted,” I thought my wedding was the wedding of the century.”

“Well, you are neither the future king nor his commoner and human soulmate.” Gahee rolled her eyes. Over the time you had spent with her, you had learned that it was her signature expression.

“How much more is there to do?” your sister-in-law inquired as the back of your dress was laced up. Your breath hitched when it was drawn too tight.

“She’s already had the floral bath,” Gahee began.

The floral bath, which was evidently one of the many vampire-only wedding traditions, had really been something else. As soon as the maids had woken you up at two in the afternoon (which was quite early considering you had switched to a more vampiric sleeping schedule), they had ushered you into a large, marble bathroom you had never seen before. A bathtub the size of a small swimming pool had been full of steaming water. You had not been able to see said water, however, because too many flower petals had floated on top. Roses, violets, lilies, cherry blossoms – nearly every flower imaginable had surrounded you as a team of attendants had scrubbed you down. You had started to feel a little light-headed after a while, which your maid had very kindly explained was most likely due to the heat and the poppies.

“And ate the wedding breakfast with her mother and the Queen.”

Dressed in nothing but a silk robe. You had been told that it was bad luck to wear any other appropriate-for-public clothes besides your wedding dress on the night of the ceremony.

“Met the bridesmaids and had her makeup done.”

That had taken two hours alone, with most of the time being devoted to calming your overly-emotional friends. Your maid-of-honor, Younha, had managed to keep a level head, but your friend Juri had panicked, claiming that you would be lost to the darkness and that they would never see you again. Then that had triggered Hyeri’s confession of her fear that if you became pregnant, carrying a vampire would prove to be too intense for your body to bear. Younha and you combined had talked down Juri, but when Jieun was asked about Hyeri’s concern, she had no answer other than, “I think she would be fine.” Human soulmates were too rare for anyone to remember how it worked, and every human was different.

“And now that the dress is on, that means there’s just hair to do here, then we’ll wait a couple of hours as everyone gets into place, and then the procession will start at ten,” Gahee finished. While the ceremony began at ten, the actual marriage would not take place until midnight, so there was plenty of time to work yourself into a tizzy.

Jieun whistled. “I wouldn’t trade places with you tonight for the world.”

“Of course you wouldn’t. That would mean you were marrying your brother,” you replied without thinking.

The princess scrunched up her nose. “Gross.”

The next few hours flew past in a blur, and before you knew it, it was thirty minutes to midnight, and you were being helped out of the carriage. You took a deep breath, staring down the carpet-lined street, You were about to make a mile-long journey down the road to the priest. You looked down at your feet, or rather, the end of your skirt as you stepped forward. It rustled, and you were suddenly struck with the thought that you would have to listen to that sound for the next half-hour unless the muted murmurs of the crowds on either side of the street grew louder. You wanted nothing more than to run the rest of the way and get this whole thing over with. You were nervous, but you didn’t have cold feet. You felt ready to be married and to be the Crown Princess, but you weren’t thrilled about having to do it with half the world watching. Your wedding was being broadcasted all across Asia and Europe and North and South America. You could just barely hear the faint voices of a pair of broadcasters.

“The first ones to see the dress will be her future subjects, who have lined the street closest to her point of entrance. Family and friends are seated around the steps of the palace where the ceremony will take place.”

You wanted to correct them, to tell them that this was the ceremony. The wedding didn’t start until you and Jeonghan stood together. But you didn’t say anything and took another step forward.

“Oh! There she is now!”

“That dress is a signature of Kim Gahee, who also designed Princess Jieun’s dress for her wedding ten years ago.”

“I absolutely love the lace detail over the skirt and bodice, and the diamonds hidden in the folds catch the moonlight so well. She looks like she’s really glowing.”

“I’ve just been given word that the flora featured in the lace includes lilac, which means love’s first emotions, lily of the valley for happiness, and ivy for fidelity. And of course, her bouquet is full of red roses, which are the symbol of the royal family. It’s truly a work of art.”

You approached the first person who would walk with you during this journey, your father. Neither of you were the type to say unnecessary things, so you walked together in silence until you reached the second person. Your father took a step back to walk around a meter behind as Jieun took your arm. She was supposed to not be her usual, overly-excited self, but she couldn’t seem to help the giggles that escaped her.

“Just twenty more minutes and we’ll be sisters!” she squealed. You smiled but internally prayed that the microphones along the walkway had not picked it up. They probably had; a hush fell over the crowd as you passed. You walked with her for another five minutes until she traded places with Younha. She looked absolutely gorgeous in the pale blue dress Gahee had made for the bridesmaids. The light of the full moon seeped through the fabric, making your best friend look more like a spirit than a human. She smiled.

“I never thought I would be the one to give you away,” she joked softly. Your shoulders lost some of their tension. She had always been able to calm you, even just with her presence.

“I didn’t think you would either, but I’m not complaining,” you replied.

“These vampires sure do have some interesting traditions,” she said.

“You don’t even know the half of it.” She hadn’t been there for the bath, the nearly nude breakfast, or the ceremony during which Jeonghan had had to literally kidnap you from your parents’ house a week before the wedding. That had been an adventure, and your fiancé had made one too many jokes about vampires stealing away their unsuspecting prey for your liking.

“Well, this is where I leave you. Have fun, be safe, behave,” she warned you as you came up to the last person who would walk you to the priest, Jeonghan. You had been actively trying to avoid meeting his eyes, but now it seemed impossible. Your gazes met, and you suddenly wanted to cry when you saw the adoring look in his eyes. His lips were parted, and he rocked forward onto his toes, instinctively trying to get closer to you. Younha had to place your hand in his because each of you was too mesmerized by the other. Thankfully, her action snapped you two back to reality, and Jeonghan began to walk with you past the seated guests.

“I wasn’t expecting your dress to be quite so… sleeveless,” he mumbled, “It’s more than a little distracting, I hope you know.”

“It wasn’t my decision. I certainly don’t want you going all fang-crazy while we’re saying our vows.”

“When have I ever gone fang-crazy? I’ve never even bitten you. Do you know how much self-control it takes to not bite your soulmate for two years?” Still, he smiled, glancing down at you. “Are you ready to be Mrs. Yoon?”

“I think I’ll be Princess Yoon, thank you very much. And now that you mention, I think you’re right; I should just leave now,” you snorted.

His grip on your hand tightened. “Not on my watch. You’ll be mine by one in the morning, and then you’re stuck with me forever.”

“I guess there are worse things that could happen.”

Jeonghan said nothing in return because you had already mounted the last step and were now kneeling before the priest. The old man said a few words, motioned for you to stand and for a little boy to bring out two chalices, and took a rose-shaped object that you knew had razor-sharp edges. Jeonghan held out his right hand. Just a second later, the rose was pressed into his palm. He positioned his hand above the chalice and squeezed, allowing some of his blood to flow into it. He passed the object to you and licked his lips as you repeated his actions. His hand was already healing, but the priest wound a bandage over yours before he passed the chalice to Jeonghan. The second chalice, which was filled with wine from your house and his, was yours to drink from. Your arms wound around each other’s, and soon you were drinking from the cup, the bond now permanent in the vampires’ eyes. A shudder ran through Jeonghan as your blood slipped through his lips for the first time. The glance he gave you afterwards let you know that he was planning on taking more once you were out of the public eye.

The rest of the marriage seemed like one, long, run-on sentence because you couldn’t get over the fact that your whole being was now bound to another and his to yours. It was only when Jeonghan sat opposite you in the car that would take you to the chateau you would be honeymooning at that you spoke again.

“You know,” you said quietly, “I have to say that I like seeing you in your military dress uniform thingy, but I think I would like it better if your hair was down.”

He gasped in mock appalment. “Do you even know what you’re asking? A proper soldier must not show his hair while in uniform.” Contrary to his words, a lock of red-brown hair had already fallen out from under his cap and onto his forehead.

“Like you wouldn’t do it if I asked,” you said.

“Maybe if you did it for me, I’d just be able to blame you for ruining my perfect look.” He smirked, taunting you. However, you did shift closer and removed the bothersome hat, which was soon followed by the bobby pins that had held his long hair in place. Your fingers combed through it, trying to get out the tangles. Jeonghan caught one of your wrists to press a restrained kiss to the skin above your pulse.

“Oh, Mrs. Yoon,” he whispered, “are you aware of what it means to be by my side?”

“I’m aware that it means I’ll be with you,” you responded, lowering your gaze. He nipped at your fingertips just when the clock sounded the hour.

“It’s one o’clock. That means you’re mine,” he growled.

Your Wish Is My Command Ch. 1

“Dad, are you sure you need all this stuff?” Nico asked looking around their attic. He had to duck to keep from hitting his head on the ceiling, but Hazel and his father were sitting, rummaging through boxes to find the Halloween decorations.

His father looked up and around the attic at all the things in cluttered boxes stacked throughout it. “I’m pretty sure. I mean otherwise I wouldn’t have put it up here.” Nico scoffed and shook his head. He hunched down and walked toward some boxes near the back.

He opened on and found some artifacts from Greece and Rome. He snorted and put it aside. Then he opened another and found Egyptian artifacts. “Dad, I’m 99 percent positive you don’t need an Egyptian nose hook!” he called.

“Ew, Dad!” he heard Hazel complain.

He moved the box and opened the next. This one was filled with Arabic artifacts.

“Nico, we found the boxes. Come help us put the decorations up!” he called.

“I’ll be right there! I’m invested in your boxes.”

“And you said I didn’t need them,” his dad answered. Nico smiled to himself as he rummaged through the box, pulling out old clothes and vases. Then he saw something that made him laugh out loud. A lamp, like the ones genies came out of.

He pulled it out by the handle, wondering how exactly this served as a lamp. It looked more like a fancy tea kettle. It had swooping curves and rusted engraved designs of Arabic letters and decorative swirls. Nico looked into the top hole and blew air into it, grimacing when a puff of dust greeted his face.

He set it aside and dug into the box some more, but his inner child was begging for him to do it. He bit his lip and looked back where the attic door had been left open. He grabbed the lap rubbed the side trying not to feel too ridiculous. When nothing happened, he shook his head and put it down. He moved the box and uncovered another box filled with Norse artifacts.

As he fumbled with the rune stone, he heard a voice behind him speak in some elegant, foreign language. He jumped and turned, yelping in surprise when he saw the… thing floating in front of him.

Keep reading