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Jasper and Monty at School on the Ark headcannons

-Both were total science nerds
-But, confusingly, they had some sort of weird mascot status with the older popular kids that no one who wasn’t in the know understood
-Like they’re these two incredibly awkward nerds
-And yet everyone laughs at their lame jokes and ruffles their hair affectionately
-Because everyone knows they have The Good Kush™
-And God help anyone who messes with these two scrawny nerds because hell will descend upon them
-Because everyone knows you can’t throw a good party on the Ark without inviting Jasper and Monty
-So half the school is just really confused about why these two awkward nerds are adopted by the popular kids
-And the other half is just like “yeah, we cool with them.”
-Clarke and Wells are mad because they don’t know and are like “why don’t people like us we too are nerds”
-And Jasper and Monty are just like “oh sweaty…”

What is a Prince Without a Princess?

“It’s so cold out here,” Monty complains for the millionthtime since the sun set hours before. Bellamy, who was scheduled at the same post as Monty, runs his hand down his face exhausted.

“Monty, I swear to God, if you complain one more time about the temperature I will shoot you and tell everyone else I thought you were a Grounder.” He shoots Monty a glare, his voice only half teasing.

“Alright, alright,” Monty says, lifting his hands in defense. “I just don’t understand why you always volunteer for this shift, that’s all.” That’s a lie; Monty knows that Bellamy volunteers for the post farthest away from the camp in hopes that he’ll see Clarke wandering through the forest at night. He sighs heavily and leans back against a tree stump. “When is the shift over again?”

“Sunrise.” The remainder of the night passes in silence with Monty fighting to keep his eyes open and Bellamy staring intently into the surrounding trees. When the sun finally makes its appearance over the horizon Monty stands straight up.

“Finally,” he breathes. If last night taught him anything it’s that he is not built for guard duty. “Let’s get back to camp.”

“You go ahead,” Bellamy glances back at him and Monty notices in the early morning light the dark circles under his previous leader’s eyes and the way they seem to have sunk deeper into his skull. “I think I’m going to go hunting for a bit. Maybe try to pick up some more herbs that I overheard Abby talking about being low on.”

“Is that really a good idea? You look dead on your feet.” Bellamy offers up nothing and just stares blankly at Monty. “Seriously, Bellamy, this isn’t healthy. We all miss Clarke, okay? But working yourself to death won’t do anyone any good. You need to sleep. And eat.”

“I do eat. I sleep just fine, thank you. Look, I appreciate the concern, but I am a big boy, Monty. I am fine.”

“You don’t look fine. If she wants to come back, she’ll be back. Everyone copes differently, you know, she just needs some time.” Monty looks Bellamy up and down and rules out the option of trying to physically force him back into the camp by himself. Bellamy would chew him up and spit him out before he could even begin to get a hold on him. He’s just thinking that maybe he can sneak some milk of the poppy into his drink when Bellamy speaks up.

“Go get some sleep,” and that was that. Bellamy turns and walks away, leaving Monty with no choice but to head back into camp worrying over his friend’s health.

The cool air of the oncoming fall season always seems to put Bellamy’s demons to rest for a brief time. He spends the time he had claimed for hunting sitting near a stream instead. He found this spot a few weeks ago and it helps soothe his soul. The sound of the water trickling slowly over the rocks and against the banks relaxes him just as much as the smell of wildflowers being brought to him on a cool breeze from the field across the water. He dips his left hand into the chilly water and exhales heavily.

When Clarke had decided to leave he didn’t realize how much it would affect him. He knew he’d miss her, hell he’d missed her terribly while he was in Mount Weather. But this was a different kind of ache. It resonated deep in his bones and made every tiny task seem more daunting than before. Every day he tortures himself by reliving the last time he saw her, wishing he would’ve stopped her. But deep down he knows he never could have stopped her. He respects her and her choices too much to even attempt it. Abby had blamed him for “letting” her go. She had screamed at him, Kane’s hand firmly on her shoulder to keep her from leaping at him.

“Where’s Clarke?” She’d asked him when he finally got back into the camp.

“She left,” he answered shortly. Abby had never hidden her dislike for him and in the current moment she had eyed him suspiciously.

“When will she be back?” Her tone hinted that she had known the answer to her question but only wanted confirmation.

“She won’t be back. Not any time soon anyways.” After he had explained what had happened, and before Kane had come into the room, Abby limped towards Bellamy, closing the distance remarkably fast for someone that had just been drilled into, and smacked him clean across the face. His cheek stung from the impact and he narrowed his eyes at her, his eyes also burned though that had less to do with the smack than it had to do with the rage that was building up inside of him.

“Why didn’t you stop her!?” She had yelled at him, bringing Kane into the room. Kane had taken one glance at the two of them, Bellamy with his jaw clenched and a dark storm brewing in his eyes and Abby, fire in hers and her hands clenched tightly into fists at her side.

“What’s going on here?” Kane asked, stepping between them. He glanced between them and his gaze rested on Bellamy, obviously expecting an explanation from him.

“He let Clarke leave!” Abby lurched forward like she was going to attempt to hit him again before Kane grabbed her and wheeled her around into a chair.

“You need to sit, Abby,” he glanced calmly back at Bellamy, placing a gently but firm hand on Abby’s shoulder to keep her sitting. “Where did Clarke go?”

“I have no idea,” he clearly wasn’t going to offer anymore up to them, even if he had known more. Bellamy had turned his glare back to Abby before adding with venom dripping from his voice, “And I didn’t *let* her do anything, have you even *met* your daughter?” And with that he had stormed off towards his tent.

After that Abby wouldn’t so much as look in his direction let alone acknowledge his presence when the council made decisions for, well, anything. She was more than willing to allow him to work double shifts at guard posts, probably hoping he’d fall asleep with his finger on his trigger. She never tried to stop him when he went wandering out of camp and never asked for an explanation when he showed up way past curfew. Speaking of curfew, he glances up at the sky and realizes he has spent the entire day sitting by this stream. If he leaves now he’ll make it back to camp just at curfew. Bellamy stands up, brushing the dirt from his pants, he really should start making an attempt to get back at a reasonable time. If he doesn’t he’s worried that he’s going to drive Octavia to an early grave from worrying over him so much. He’s just turning back in the direction of camp when he hears a twig snap behind him and a soft voice.

“Hey, stranger.” He turns and there she is. She could be an angel with the way the sun is lighting up her golden waves creating a soft halo around her head.

“Clarke,” he breathes gently.

I have 99 problems and they’re all fictional characters