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I saw a pic that Harry had taken of his thigh (yes, it was the one from the y*cht) and all I'm now thinking is riding his thigh, on a yacht, just the two of us. Harry has his long messy curls and his blue hawaiian shirt is unbuttoned. He's bouncing his leg, giving me more friction. "Yeh like tha', pet? Huh? Yeh like riding daddy's thigh?" And maybe he'd pull out his camera and snap a few pictures for those nights, when he's all alone, and so.. fucking.. hard.

FUCK I NEED THIS, TOO. His eyes at half mass, getting so hard by watching you use his body to get off…



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Me today: I think I’m finally over being salty about Bioware blatantly not giving a shit about their mlm fans and those who play as mlm ryder - I’ve bought the game already so I should probably try and enjoy it whilst voicing my concerns to the devs in a constructive manner

Me 20 seconds later: