half marathon tattoo

Same mirror, different girl. On the left, I had already lost 35 pounds(June 1) and was starting to notice a difference in how I felt, but I knew that I still had such a long way to go and that was really depressing. On the right is a girl who knows that even when she hits rough patches, she’s going to be okay. I severely sprained my hip flexor last week and am still having trouble walking, which means I can’t run. It is so difficult to not train for my half marathon and in my head, I feel like I’m gaining weight by the day. Just because I’ve lost the weight does not mean I don’t still struggle with my body image, however, I’m now in a place where I know how to deal with my own demons. I can talk myself out of days where I hate my body and remember how strong I am, how hard I have worked for my goals, and that loving myself means resting when I’m injured. Sorry for the rant, love y'all.