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I’m known for my spontaneous (almost) half marathons. Cause what’s cooler than planning to run 13k and feeling so great that you end up running 20+k!

It was THE best. Not fast but so relaxing after a stressful week.

And to join the SKC again: My sweaty knees ( @championsaremade) are more like salty knees today ‘cause the sweat all dried out during the two hours of my constant runners high.

Now it’s time to refuel and rehydrate!
I’m so happy I ate 3 big plates of pasta (maybe I felt this coming) for lunch so I’m not starving yet.

A bloodhound in Alabama went outside to pee, accidentally joined a half marathon, and ended up in 7th place. Ludivine, who often roams the town, unknowingly found her way to the starting line and stayed with the pack the rest of the way.

The dog’s owner was surprised that Ludivine had made it all the way “because she’s actually really lazy.”  She didn’t even know about Ludivine’s adventure until volunteers started texting her photos of her dog getting a medal.

“Apparently she went to the race start and took off with the runners at the starting shot. She stayed with a few of the front runners, ran off to sniff some animal carcasses, romp in the water, and then back to the race. I understand she stayed on the course for 13.1 miles, finished seventh, and was the highest placed female.”

The race is now called the Hound Dog Half, and 7th place gets a special award.


Today’s inspiration. Some days it is so hard to convince myself to get up and go run. I am comfortable on my couch and I can find a thousand things to do instead of push myself. But once I get out there, I remember how it feels to know that I am able to do more than I could yesterday. I am falling in love with the process, and that is what will keep me going.


The Rarámuri are an original people of America ethnic group located in the state of Chihuahua, México. They are used to run long distances in a difficult geography, what makes them great runners. Here, several rarámuri women and men run a half-marathon in sandals or bare feet, as they are used to run across the Sierra Tarahumara, their traditional home.

Chihuahua, México





Running Challenge ! 
By toethefinishline and sunandrunn!

Introducing our 30 day running challenge! This can be done any month you would like and you can begin whenever you want (on the first of the month, in the middle, etc.)! You will complete every one of the 30 challenges (in any order you want) and post a daily picture along with the completed challenge! It is meant to be fun, motivational, and to help you find more running buddies & inspiration! Cheer each other on and have fun with this! Tag happyhealthyrunners !

Can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!
If you have any questions feel free to let either one of us know!

-Casey and Melissa 


Ludivine the hound dog hadn’t exactly trained to run a half-marathon in her hometown of Elkmont, Alabama, but when she saw a crowd of jubilant joggers, she couldn’t help but join in the fun! As she watched the runners take off from the start line, Ludivine ran right alongside them, completing the entire 13.1 mile race, and coming in at an impressive seventh place! [x]

Same mirror, different girl. On the left, I had already lost 35 pounds(June 1) and was starting to notice a difference in how I felt, but I knew that I still had such a long way to go and that was really depressing. On the right is a girl who knows that even when she hits rough patches, she’s going to be okay. I severely sprained my hip flexor last week and am still having trouble walking, which means I can’t run. It is so difficult to not train for my half marathon and in my head, I feel like I’m gaining weight by the day. Just because I’ve lost the weight does not mean I don’t still struggle with my body image, however, I’m now in a place where I know how to deal with my own demons. I can talk myself out of days where I hate my body and remember how strong I am, how hard I have worked for my goals, and that loving myself means resting when I’m injured. Sorry for the rant, love y'all.

“For me, running is both exercise and a metaphor. Running day after day, piling up the races, bit by bit I raise the bar, and by clearing each level I elevate myself. At least that’s why I’ve put in the effort day after day: to raise my own level. I’m no great runner, by any means. I’m at an ordinary – or perhaps more like mediocre – level. But that’s not the point. The point is whether or not I improved over yesterday. In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.”
Haruki Murakami 

—- Sunday, September, 27th, 2015 —-

“dirt. the original proving ground.”

this weekend, with the pine tree smell of Christmas, the fallen leaves on the ground, the cold, autumn wind, and the dirt under my feet,  my overwhelming love for the trails, the mountains, and running was ever present. happiness at its finest.

The Happiest Pace on Earth

~3700, Destiel Running AU. 

Why the Hell did Dean agree to run a half-marathon? Sam and Jess took off without him, he’s sweating, his legs hurt, and some scruffy-haired jerk in an angel wing t-shirt keeps passing him shouting “on your left.”


Mile 1

If you ask Dean, he’ll say he loves his brother; Hell, he would die for his brother. Sammy is his best friend and he would do anything in the world for him (and by extension, his fiancee Jessica).

But at this moment, he really, really hates Sam.

Why the fuck did he ever agree to sign up for a damn half-marathon? In April? In Florida?

“It’ll be fun, Dean,” Dean mimics Sam in a high-pitched tone, breathing heavily as he tries to maneuver around a group of Stormtroopers taking up the entire road “It’s a Star Wars race, Jess and I are doing it. We can all run together.” Dean had been really excited about it when Sam mentioned it. Star Wars? Running? Sure, he could handle that. Had Dean known that both Jess and Sam would take off like bats out of hell the moment the starting gun went off, leaving him in the dust, he would have never agreed to this.

And now here he is, running alone, dressed in a Chewbacca shirt, while Han and Leia are miles ahead of him. Dean grumbles at the memory of the argument he had with Sam about wearing the shirt; if anyone should’ve been Han, it was him.

A feeling of dread fills Dean as he passes the Mile 1 flag, knowing that he has over twelve miles left to go. Twelve miles? He hasn’t run anything longer than a 10K in six months. He’s been training, sure, but it’s all been easy treadmill jogs in his comfy, air conditioned gym, not the muggy, Orlando heat.

Dean swipes at his forehead with his shirt sleeve, praying they come upon a water stop soon. He adjusts his single earbud, turning up his music in hopes that it may distract him from his misery.

“On your left,” A voice calls out behind him.

“What the-” Dean turns back to look just as a body breezes by him and jogs ahead. He doesn’t get a good look at the guy, outside of the a head of messy, dark hair and the back of his t-shirt, imprinted with a pair of tribal-designed angel wings. Dean watches the smug bastard disappear through the crowd. He scowls to himself and begins picking up his own pace.

There is no way that asshole is beating him.

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13.1 Miles… It ain’t half of anything!!!
I remember running my first half and thinking, “Oh, I’m only doing the half.” Excuse me? I’m ONLY doing the half? NO. No, no, no, no, no. I’m running 13.1 miles. THIRTEEN POINT ONE MILES.
I’ve trained for 3 months, giving up most of my Saturday morning sleep in time to get up and run. I’ve forgone the Cheetos for Cheerios. I’ve swapped the brewskis for water. I’ve chafed. I’ve been sore. I’ve lost toenails, had blisters, pulled muscles. Basically, I’ve worked hard to get to the point where I can run more miles in one morning than most people will drive the entire weekend. So this is a big reminder to me and to all half-marathoners not to cheapen the distance.
It’s COOL to be a half marathoner. No, it’s not the big dog, but that doesn’t make you any less of a runner. Be proud of your accomplishments! You’re able to run 13.1 miles! And that is pretty frickin’ sweet.
—  - Amy (The Bookworm Wife)