half mar

Tony: Forget it. You are not driving my car until you get a learner’s permit.
Peter: Not even in the driveway?
Tony: Not anywhere.
Peter: What if you have a heart attack. Can I drive you to the hospital?
Tony:  No, call an ambulance.
Peter: Fine. If they don’t get here in time, can I have your car?

Bought a little something for Rachel

“kiss a lover,
Dance a measure.
Find your name and burried treasure.
Face your life,
It’s pain, it’s pleasure.
Leave no path untaken.”

Pardon the weirdness, we are creating memories.

“Fun facts about Mass Effect” is going to be the title of my autobiography.

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: lives ruined, bloodshed by womanofaction

a mix for logan, veronica, and 9 years of radio silence.

The Wind And The Wave - From The Wreckage Build A Home
London Grammar - Rooting For You (live)
Bastille - Good Grief (live)
Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (Live at WFUV)
The Sifters - Dust To Dust (Civil Wars cover)
Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars
The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat
Florence + The Machine - St Jude (Live Acoustic) 
The Lumineers - Stubborn Love