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For @hynpos2 week myth event: Day 4: favorite egyptian deity pair/group➡ Ra & his daughters

Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god. He was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the earth, and the underworld and he was associated with the falcon or hawk. Ra had 3 (at least) daughters: Bastet a cat goddess who is sometimes known as the “cat of Ra”, Sekhmet a warrior goddess who was depicted as half lioness or large cat and Hathor, the goddess of joy and motherhood. All 3 goddesses are considered “Eyes of Ra”, or an instrument of the sun god’s vengeance

One True Princess - Harry Hook x Reader

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It was no lie that cats hated water, so when (Y/N) awoke to the feeling of being submerged in the deep water her eyes snapped open and she let out a muffled scream. Digging her way to the top she found she couldn’t her claws could do her no good as the waves worked against her.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), wake up!” a thick Scottish accent called out to her, awakening her from her dream of sleeping with the fishes. She latched onto the boy in front of her, claws digging into his red coat as she calmed her breathing. Her eyes darted up to see the bright blue eyes framed by black makeup watching her closely.

She retracted her claws from his coat as her ears twitched, seeing the face of her boyfriend in front of her. “Harry!” the daughter of Prince John, the lion prince who was beaten by Robin Hood and his Merry men, cried out. “I thought I was under water again, I couldn’t swim to the top, it was like the waves wanted me dead!” Harry Hook looked pitifully upon his girlfriend who seemed to be in such a state that it broke his cold and insane heart right in half.

“You’re alright, Love. The water can’t hurt you while I’m around,” he whispered as he brought the half-lioness princess onto his lap. She purred in contentment as she curled her tail around his waist as a gesture to pull her closer and he obliged with no complaint.

When the villains were banished to the Isle and stripped of their magic it was a heck of a time for the animal villains. Scar, Shere Khan, Kaa, Mor’du, Prince John, and the many others were condemned to a double lifestyle. Alternating between their animal forms and human forms the children took some animalistic features while still possessing the general physique of a human. (Y/N) was a lioness in many ways, to the ears atop her head, to the way her vocal cords produced the purring of a cat, to the claws that extended and retracted when the circumstance called for it, to the tail that was currently wrapped around Harry’s midsection.

Harry adored his animalistic companion it every way that made her (Y/N). She expressed herself with the features in ways she couldn’t as a normal human girl. Her ears twitch when she’s nervous or feels she’s not getting the attention she deserves, her claws and tail are used as a defense and possessive mechanism, and her purring shows she’s okay with what’s happening at that moment.

The day grew easier as the dream was long forgotten by (Y/N), Harry had to do his job as Uma’s first mate so she took it upon herself to hang around with some of the other villain kids on the Isle. Shane, Shere Khan’s son, and Mor’du’s daughter, Mairi (she’s an OC of mine).

As the three villain descendants walked the lengths of the Marketplace talking aimlessly with each other as the sun started to slip away. It wasn’t until (Y/N) had said bye to her two friends did she see the boy she loved so much watching from the shadows. It looked as if someone had poured a new coat of mania over his eyes because she could tell the Harry Hook she knew so well wasn’t there completely.

“Harry, darling?” (Y/N) whispered softly, reaching out to place a hand on his cheek, her ears twitching in anticipation. He looked dazed, and there was an obvious blood stain on his shirt underneath his jacket. His hook still dripped a bit of blood as well.

Harry’s eyes skimmed right past her to the two animalistic villain kids walking away in the distance. “Are you mad at me?” she whispered, feeling a painful squeeze in her heart as she looked at the boy she loved and wanted to pull close to her.

His blue eyes flickered over her face, seeing the way her ears twitched every few seconds and the way her lip quivered in obvious pain. He gently brought his hook up to her cheek and rubbed the metal against her skin, watching as it left a trail of blood, that wasn’t hers, on her cheek. He let out a deep breath as sound slowly came back to his ears and his sight blurred a little less. Looking down at the half-lioness in front of him he immediately took in the signs of pain.

“Did I hurt you, oh my gosh I did, didn’t I!” He looked down at the hook in his hand and the blood on her cheek and it was Harry that let out the pained whimper this time. But all (Y/N) could do was sigh in relief as her Harry returned to her. She gently grasped his hand and hook to steady his shaking as she smiled and pulled him close to her.

“No, you didn’t hurt me, darling. You just left for a while,”(Y/N) calmly explained to him and he slowly nodded in understanding. “Where did you go, my love?” she asked calmly to the manic boy in front of her. He opened his mouth to speak but his eyes flitted behind her and she turned to see Shane and Mairi watching in the distance, concern written on their features.

It clicked for (Y/N) then as she turned to look back at Harry and giggled. ”Wait a second. Are you jealous?” Harry growled in obvious annoyance as his attention shifted from the two half-animal villains watching in the distance to his petite half-lioness girlfriend in front of him.

“Harry Hook… Jealous? That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard you say,” his protest was weak as the mania drained from his eyes. (Y/N) giggled and kissed his cheek before grabbing his hand to lead them back to Uma’s ship.

Later that night as they lay, half awake, tired from the sensations coursing their veins mere minutes ago, (Y/N) asks a question. “Harry, if they gave you and me a chance to go to Auradon… would you take it?” His half-lidded eyes looked down at her, her face lying on his chest as he rubbed soothing circles on her skin.

“I don’t know, I would love to go with you but I couldn’t abandon Uma or Gil or the other members of the crew. They’re my family too.” (Y/N) swallowed thickly to keep the tears from slipping down her cheeks as she shifted on Harry’s chest and tried to sleep away the pain she felt in her heart.

The next morning Harry awoke alone with only a jewel from one of Prince John’s crowns. His panic set in moments later when Uma burst through his door asking why Gil saw (Y/N) leave crying at the break of dawn. He had shooed Uma from his room as he threw on ripped jeans and a ripped shirt, his red coat floated behind him as he grabbed his hook and ran through the doors and off of the ship entirely.

Running through the streets of the Marketplace he ran to the front of Bargain Castle, the same place the limo picked up four children a mere month ago. Harry watched as Shane, Mairi, and (Y/N) walked towards the limo. Harry stepped to the front of the crowd, giving (Y/N) a clear view of him.

“You can’t do this to us!” Harry shouted at her, her hyper-sensitive ears twitching at the Scottish voice that used to comfort her in her time of need. She turned to look at Harry with a cold expression.

“You gave your answer last night on us, Harry Hook,” her expression was dead as she climbed into the limo and the last thing she saw before going through the barrier was Harry collapsing onto the ground as a hooded villain ran away.

When she arrived at Auradon she realized her mistake on leaving Harry there, if anyone needed to be at Auradon was Harry so he could be medically treated by professionals. The thought of watching him collapse and doing nothing weighed heavily on her shoulders and she felt as if she would break into a sob any moment.

The three VKs were greeted with open arms by most students but (Y/N) stayed emotionless as she sifted through her small quantity of belongings. At the bottom of her bag was a small crown her father had given her on her fifteenth birthday. Harry had used to place it on her head and call her his “one true princess” and the thought of him only left her in tears as she curled in on herself and cried herself to sleep on the floor of her dorm.

Back on the Isle Uma and Gil watched worriedly over Harry after a couple of Wharf Rats had dragged him back to the ship unconscious saying he passed out when the limo left with (Y/N) in it. He had been out for three days now and showed no signs of waking up anytime soon.

Uma needed a way to get in contact with Auradon, but couldn’t think of anything until it hit her, Maleficent and the three other villains had talked to their children on Maleficent’s television.

Ordering Gil to watch over Harry as she stormed to the other side of the Isle where Bargain Castle stood tall above most buildings and noticed the limo tire tracks on the ground from three days prior.

Making her way into the lounge area where Maleficent’s television stood Uma walked over to turn it on. The screen went black for a moment before showcasing a load of students walking the halls of Auradon. She didn’t question how exactly that was able to work that fast.

“Hey! Can any of you Auradons hear me?” Uma’s voice rang loudly through the school as the students in the hall looked up to the blue-haired sea witch on the screen above them.

Uma laughed as she saw Mal and Carlos walk forward from the crowd. “What do you want Uma?” Mal yelled back at her and Uma blinked at her before taking a deep breath.

“I don’t know how much time we have, but something’s happened to Harry. Some of my crew found him out cold the moment the limo went through the barrier and he hasn’t woken up yet. We need help over here, I’m not losing my first mate over some silly feud.” The girl’s vulnerability shocked the students of Auradon, remembering the last time they had saw the girl she had bewitched their King and tried to take down the barrier by force.

“And how do we know this isn’t some trick to get us back to the Isle?” Mal asked and it was then she noticed the heartbroken look on Uma’s face.

“UMA! UMA! IT’S HARRY!” A voice yelled out from behind her and Gil came running through the door of the Bargain Castle lounge. As Gil caught his breath every student of Auradon had made their way to the television where the VKs stayed on the screen.

“Gil! What’s wrong with Harry!?” Uma grabbed the youngest Gaston by the shoulders, completely forgetting the television still being on for a moment as she pleaded with the boy to talk.

“I found… I found a needle scar on his shoulder,” Gil panted out as he looked over to the television where Uma previously sat. “He’s been cursed to an eternal sleep.” The last things the Auradon students saw was the television crashing to the ground as Uma fell and they noticed the waves crashing against the shore as if they aimed to kill, and they possibly did. They all took it seriously then if Uma’s wrath was powerful enough to even mess with the waters outside the barrier it was serious.

Mal dashed up to (Y/N)’s dorm room where she found the girl furiously packing her things back into her small pack and she turned with her crown on her head to see Mal standing there. “I’m his one true princess. Now I’ve got to go wake up my Pirate Prince,” (Y/N) gave a feline grin as she started to walk past Mal. She stopped before looking back at the half-faery girl. “Can I borrow your Moped?”

News travels fast on the Isle as (Y/N) had barely stepped foot off the Moped before she saw Gil behind her. “You’re back! Oh, thank Maleficent!” Gil almost cried out as he grabbed her arm and started dragging her to the boat docks.

“Uma! (Y/N)’s back!” Gil called out to his Captain as she came running from the living quarters below and her and Gil dragged her back to Harry’s room.

“I was really hoping that you’d be back, he needs you… and not just because he’s under a curse,” Uma told her as she approached Harry’s bed. He looked so peaceful while he was asleep, but it hid his blue eyes from the world around him.

“We’re going to leave,” Gil said as he and Uma left the room. (Y/N) looked at her sleeping pirate and brushed some of his hair back. If Harry was able to wake up that would have been the trick to do it. Harry’s hair was as sensitive as (Y/N)’s ears, which they both learned not too long into their relationship.

“I’m going to wake you up Harry, and I’m going to take us back to Auradon so you can get proper medical treatment. And I’ll see if I can get Uma, Gil, and the crew over too. Okay,” her words were not answered as she took a shaky breath.

She kissed him… and watched as his eyes fluttered open with a soft smile. “I heard what you said. Everything. And that was torture because when someone wasn’t talking it was the last sentence you said to me screaming in my ears. I’m sorry, Love. You’re my one true princess.”

Mal’s Moped took her and Harry back through the barrier and when they arrived at Auradon Mal and Ben were there to greet them. “It’s good to see you awake Harry. We’re glad you decided to come here,” Ben said.

“And Uma, Gil, and the crew?” Harry asked.

“Will have the opportunity to leave on their ship when Fairy Godmother and I take one of my ships out to take the barrier down long enough for them to leave,” Ben assured.

“Okay, Harry, first things first. We’re taking you to the nurse for a check-up.”

Harry ended up diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder, PTSD, and Mania. (Y/N) helped him through the tough times when he woke up Jay and Carlos with nightmares about his dad pushing his mom off the plank or when Harriet told Harry he’d never been a true pirate like her or CJ.

Uma and Gil helped too, Shane, Carlos, Jay, Harry, and Gil all fitting into one room because they needed to show the new VKs how to get up in the morning for school. Mal, Evie, Mairi, Uma, and (Y/N) all shared a room for the same reasons.

School got easier as time went on, and Harry still teased (Y/N) about her royal heritage, calling her his “one true princess”. (Y/N) found she was a skill at Jewelry Making and Harry joined R.O.A.R. along with Uma once the rules had been bent a little. Now almost half of the R.O.A.R. team consisted of former VKs and (Y/N) never missed a practice for her Pirate Prince.

[I hope you liked this, I adored writing this for you <3]

(Random Question: The Carolina Mountains are breathtaking, has anyone been there before?)

The Signs As Mythical Creatures

Aries - Fury ❝A natural match for passionate Aries, Furies were spirits of justice and vengeance who used their fiery intensity to enforce the moral order.❞

Taurus - Siren ❝Taureans are the sirens of the Zodiac, blessed with powers of persuasion and voices that are seductive, strong, and beautiful.❞

Gemini - Pixie ❝Mischievous, clever, cute, and charming: Pixies embody the characteristics that make Geminis so uniquely captivating.❞

Cancer - Mermaid ❝Sensual and feminine, these iconic creatures of the sea are a natural match for a graceful water sign like Cancer.❞

Leo - Sphinx ❝Every Leo has a fierce Lioness within her, so the sphinx–half lioness, half woman–is a beautiful symbol of your strength and intelligence.❞

Virgo - Elf ❝like Virgos, elves are complex and ethereal beings whose youthful ingenuity mesmerises everyone they meet.❞

Libra - Sylph ❝Airy and light, these invisible fairies paint the sky with cloudy works of art much like you grace the world with your aesthetic talents.❞

Scorpio - Phoenix ❝The phoenix is closely associated with Scorpio, because you are a phoenix: in the darkest times of your life, when you feel completely shattered, you have the unique power to rise up from the ashes and transcend.❞

Sagittarius - Pegasus ❝Sagittarians have an affinity for horses. It is fitting, then, that your mythical creature is the free-spirited pegasus, a symbol of wisdom and a source of inspiration.❞

Capricorn - Dyrad ❝Dryads are tree spirits who symbolize the element earth. They’re a perfect representation of your natural strength and virtue.❞

Aquarius - Unicorn ❝Uniquely beautiful and creative, unicorns have the ability to heal and help every living thing they come in contact with.❞

Pisces - Naiad ❝Naiads are female spirits who preside over bodies of water. Like Pisces, they are intimately connected to nature and possess great powers of inspiration and prophecy.

‘Girls like you’ your mother says
'are going to be disappointed a lot.’
She’s chopping coriander so fast that her hand is a blur
and you’re 12 and you’re standing
like a tremble, grubby knees and tear stained cheeks,
an offering in front of her
'Why?’ Your voice is a quiet shake.
She puts the knife down and calls you 'jaan’
she holds your face in her wet hands,
you don’t flinch because this
is what love looks like
she kisses your forehead like forgiveness
'because you mean what you say,
you think other people are the same.’
She tells you that she spent four years
trying to learn their language
but people ask how you are
and walk away before you can tell them.
'I’d rather be silent.’ She says.
'At least being quiet is honest.’

You’ll come home seven years later
wearing your heart like a bruise
on the inside of your sleeve
'mama,’ you’ll say, voice like a thunder crack
'he said he loved me, and I believed him,
I shouldn’t have,
I think that he lied.’
She’ll be older then, but she’ll kiss you
just as tender, just as birdlike.
'Is it my fault?’ You’ll ask.
She is half lioness, half woman. She is all roar.
'Listen to me’ she calls you her soul again.
She says it in your language so you know
that she means it.
'You are so infinitely tender,’ she takes the frown
of your face in her hands and holds it carefully

'People will not always know what to do with that.
You can’t ever be sorry for the way you loved,
You can’t be sorry for who you loved.
Don’t ever let them bend you backwards
don’t let them make you hard or bitter.’
Her voice turns into a growl

'You did not get this from me.
Somewhere inside of you there is rain.
Somewhere in your stomach,
something beautiful is growing
and it is infinite.
Don’t you let them try and take that from you,
you are open and you are a flood,
someday someone is going to want to die in you.’

—  Azra.T., "Jaan-E-Maan"

“All my life I’ve been worthless, the one who should have been a male and an heir.”

The most beautiful woman in the world. 

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Of Bow Ties & Cravats

4.2k words, G rated

By @autumn-of-ilvermorny

With just one week until the Yule Ball, Albus Severus Potter needs to figure out what to wear, how to dance, and most importantly, how to kiss his best friend.

This is the first chapter of the direct sequel to ‘Mine’. It takes place the very next morning, so if you haven’t read it already, or would like a refresher, head on over here. It is quite short and this is quite long. The remaining four chapters are complete and linked below.

With much love and gratitude to the amazing @abradystrix, who walked with me on this journey for almost a month, and to the incomparable @torestoreamends who held my hand these last three days. You ladies are the CC editing dream team! Scorbus hugs and kisses to the very talented @jijikaadraw for her beautiful illustration from chapter 3! Thank you <3

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@southagermican​ asked:

Hi Lauren! I think maybe that question about Tywin being disappointed with Genna and her sexuality might have been about those rumors about whether Emmon Frey was the biological father of Genna’s children. That depends how “known” these rumors actually were, if Tywin could have heard them or not, and what he thought of them. For all I know, Genna wasn’t really bringing dishonor to house Lannister, but with Tywin I have no clue. You know the man better than I do, of course.

@velatavelenosa reblogged your post and added:

No, surely not. It is implied that Genna had some liaisons.

“She gave Frey four sons, to be sure. At least she says they are this” No one in Casterly Rock had the courage to suggest otherwise, least of all Ser Emmon. (Jaime AFFC)

Genna was a lively, sensual woman who loved food, laughter, music. A woman who may have ‘horned’ her husband. I thought that’s how she disappointed him.

Hi, thank you both for your response! Yes, I’m aware of that passage about the rumors, but I disagree with your theorized connection to Tywin’s disappointment. I think it’s important to look at the “disappointment” passage in context. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey :) Can you draw Natsu and Lisanna (in transformation tiger/lion). Sorry for my bad English, love you :*

i really want lisa in a half tigress/lioness/dragon take overr

why is the tamora pierce fandom not as big as it deserves to be