Games that are 10 years old this year

The Witcher - October 26, 2007
BioShock - August 21, 2007
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - November 5th, 2007
Poptropica - July 2007
Akinator - 2007
Halo 3 - September 25, 2007
Super Smash Bros. Flash - November 1, 2007
The World Ends With You - July 27, 2007
Blue Dragon - August 28, 2007
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune - November 29, 2007
Assassin’s Creed - November 13, 2007
Super Mario Galaxy - November 1, 2007
No More Heroes - December 6, 2007
The Orange Box (which includes Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Half Life: Episode 2) - October 10, 2007
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - November 6, 2007
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - September 13, 2007
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - October 28, 2007
The Darkness - June 25, 2007
Mass Effect - November 16, 2007
Rock Band - November 20, 2007
Heavenly Sword - September 12, 2007
God of War 2 - March 13, 2007
Mario Party 8 - July 13, 2007
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - October 1, 2007
Skate - September 24, 2007
Crysis - November 13, 2007
Supreme Commander - February 16, 2007
Forza Motorsport 2 - May 24, 2007
Crackdown - February 20, 2007
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - 20 March 2007
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade - January 15, 2007


| the aesthetic from video games concept arts|
| i very love the concept arts from video games!|
| Edits made by me :)|

the signs as half life: full life consequences quotes
  • aries: "I have to kill fast and bullets too slow"
  • taurus: “its time I have to kill the enemys and make evil go away from here forrest of time!”
  • gemini: The science flew off Gordon Freemans face and landed and blowed up in a boom and Gordon Freeman stood and fall.
  • cancer: "I know bro but you are hero" John Freeman said back to comfart Gordon.
  • leo: "I loved wife like sun raise… DARK MAN YOU WILL SUFFAR!"
  • virgo: He walked over to the dead bosses and put them under the ground and planted pants on them so instead of messy dirt and dark there was pretty things there now to be happy.
  • libra: "Dad humens have to fight for freedome!"
  • scorpio: "I'll get you back evil boss!" John Freeman yelled at the top of lungs.
  • sagittarius: The contrysides were nice and the plants were singing and the birds and the sun was almost down from the top of the sky.
  • capricorn: “its time for me to live up to my family name and face full life consequences”
  • aquarius: “You are surounded prepair to die”
  • pisces: John Freeman let go Gordon Freeman and went up back on his feet and loked his head around and saw trees and aminals and humens then looked at glowy tower and knew what has to be done.

Numerous NPC’s in Half-Life 2 and it’s episodes appear before Freeman on digital displays. 

Regardless of where they appear, whether it be the clunky soviet televisions littering citizen residences, or the intimidating Breencast monitors; any character who appears on a screen in Half-Life has to exist somewhere on that map.

In order to ensure that Freeman can never accidentally interrupt or interfere with these NPC’s, level designers chose to place them in separate enclosed environments; far away from the action of the rest of the map. 

Consequentially you can expect to find one of these unintentionally ominous cubes in some desolate corner of any map where a character appears on a screen.

map: ep1_citadel_03