half length portraits

The Mona Lisa (Monna Lisa or La Gioconda in Italian; La Joconde in French) is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as “the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world”.


Gladys Cooper, 1926 // by Sir William Orpen (Ireland, 1878-1931) by Miguel Catalan


“Eleanor,” 1901 // by Frank Weston Benson by Miguel Catalan

Frank Weston Benson [American Impressionist Painter, 1862-1951]

Profile Portrait of a Young Lady is a 1465 half-length portrait, commonly attributed to Italian artist Antonio del Pollaiuolo and oil-based paint on a poplar panel. A minority of scholars attribute the portrait to another Italian artist, Piero della Francesca. Wilhelm von Bode attributed the painting to Domenico Veneziano, while others think of Alessio Baldovinetti. The emphatic use of line and the clarity of the contrasting colour surfaces are typical features of the Florentine School.


Portrait of a midinette, 1940 // by Herbert James Gunn (U.K., S Scotland, 1893-1964) by Miguel Catalan


The Japanese Fan, 1909 // by Walter Ernest Webster by Miguel Catalan

Walter Ernest Webster (1878-1959)

Lady Hamilton as Saint Cecilia (late 18th C-early 19th C). Richard Westall (English, 1765-1836). Oil on canvas. National Maritime Museum.

A half-length portrait of the sitter looking to the right. She wears a muslin dress with gold detailing and a white headdress banded with brown. She sits at a keyboard in the pose of Saint Cecilia. The portrait was probably made after Nelson’s death and was owned by Horatia’s descendants.

Captain George Miller Bligh by Mather Brown. A half-length facing portrait to the left in captain’s (over three years) undress uniform, 1795-1812, with gold epaulettes. Bligh became a captain in 1808. As a lieutenant he was severely wounded by a musket ball at the Battle of Trafalgar and was in ‘Victory’s’ cockpit when Nelson died there (see BHC2894). The artist was an American-born painter who worked in England.