half hour even

thank god for the mythbusters though because it used to be that whenever i knew i had insomnia i’d just kind of accept it and stay up doing whatever until my morning classes and spend the day feeling like shit

but then they did an episode where they established that even just fucking laying there for a half hour, not even sleeping just laying there and not even for an hour, makes a significant difference and you’ll feel way better

it has made a huge difference in my life to know that it’s okay if i can’t fall asleep, it takes a lot of the pressure off and ironically helps me fall asleep better



hi there i was feeling self-indulgent so have some freemance *tosses confetti*

Guys, what if, since because ‘King J.J’, if J.J had kids he nicknamed them his little prince/ss? Like, he could have a daughter and call her his little princess even into adulthood when she’s started getting embarrassed by it. Or a little prince who’s like ‘dad please, I’m twice your size now, I could flip you to the floor if I wanted to’.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Like… Hoseok literally cried half an hour even after winning the daesang! And was still crying, shocked, how did he not realize that he totally deserves that and more? I would’ve liked to be there to hold him and tell him that this is only the beginning and that in his life expect even better things, and don’t be surprised if he receives love by heaps bc he deserves that and more, he deserves the world, all the love and appreciation from the fans, their family and the members!!

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Seeing witch Mercy gave me an idea, the Overwatch characters going to/working at Hogwarts! 😄

yes. this would make a great au, i think i might have seen one around? but i’m really not sure don’t quote me

tl;dr: A story about how I told a middle aged Muslim man that I was gay & he was trying to be cool about it. Oh, and dolphins can’t build houses.

So the other day I was talking with a middle aged man in an Arabic food store and he was telling me about that “Ghee” was just basically butter made for cooking. Anyway, the subject shifted and suddenly he was asking me about whether or not I was married, what I was doing for a living and so on. I was answering politely to all his questions, (though I started wondering how the subject could change from butter to marriage), and then he said:

“I’m sure there’s a good guy out there for you. Do you have any preferences whether he should be white, Arabic.. Or?”

And then I couldn’t resist it. I said: “Well, I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a guy..”

Him: “…. What?”

“Yeah, I don’t usually fall for guys.. ”

Him:“ But.. That’s not.. eh he.. natural.. ”

“ I’m not sure if you and I could ever agree on that, but this is how I am and it feels natural to me. I’ve been trying to bond emotionally with guys and it just doesn’t happen to me. ”

Him:“ So you have been with guys? (yes) and girls (yes). Where are you most happy? (when I’m with girls) but.. that’s not natural! ”

“If that’s not natural, then how would you explain other species being homosexual? It’s not a problem for any other animal in the animal kingdom. Let’s take dolphins as an example. Why would God create homosexuality in the first place, if it wasn’t natural?”

Him: “But that’s different. They’re animals! (We are also basically animals?) yeah but..dolphins can’t build houses”

I’m just gonna pause that for a moment….



Anyway, we kinda shifted the subject again because I was like “eh okay..” and then we talked about other stuff and wished each other a good day.

That was the most random conversation I’ve had in a long time.


Honestly I feel bad for this child, I’m sorry

But hey here’s my newest OC he’s all I think abt when I’m not sleeping