half hair half dreads


Imagine being a grounder and getting caught by the 100, but Bellamy fell for you.

Your POV

You were on a spy mission, assigned by Indra. Assigned to watch the adolescents that invaded our territory. They were all unique, but all foolish, didn’t know what they were doing. Each time, they would go out hunting for boars, You could’ve killed all of them.
But you held your knife and looked down as the new group came out of their walls. They stayed in a circle, making sure their backs are covered. They kept looking around and you were hidden in a tree,
luckily they didn’t see you.

The group passed, you knew some of the members name. Jasper, your village had kidnapped him when he had a spear in his chest. Finn, they call him space walker for some reason.

Monty, he usually doesn’t leave, and knows his way with technology. Murphy, a really shitty boy who has no idea what he’s doing. One you didn’t know that well, he was a mere hunter. And the last, Bellamy, their leader, they looked up to him.
They were finally past where you were, you started to slowly crawl out of the tree. Once you hit the ground, you started to follow behind them, making sure to keep your distance.

Bellamy was at the front of the group, leading them, they must be hunting. They were talking about random things, but you were to far to hear any of it.
They stopped talking, you turned your body so you couldn’t be seen. You heard Finn’s muffled voice, “why are we stopping, Murphy?”

Murphy’s voice cut threw like glass cause it was higher pitched, “I heard something.”
“Maybe it’s your dignity dying, cause I didn’t hear anything.” Finn started to walk again.

“Both of you stop it. We have to feed a whole camp.” Bellamy started to play the piece maker. Both of them scoffed loudly, Jasper spoke up, “don’t you think we should check to if there is anything?”

“Grounders won’t attack unless we are on their territory.” Monty chimed in, you smirked and almost chuckled. That’s what you think.
That’s when you got hit upside the head, the butt of a gun. You fell on your side and pulled out your sickle.

You swung your weapon at the persons gut, you heard it cut threw the skin. You gashed the persons stomach, whatever was inside, now just became outsides.
After that you picked yourself up, you were covered in the young mans blood. You stood no chance against them as long as they had guns.

You pulled out your throwing knife, knowing you can at least take out one of them. You looked down at the gun, you didn’t know how to use it. The only thing you knew, was that it’s powerful.

The group just noticed the boy was missing, “where’s Nash?” Each one said they didn’t know. You gripped your weapon and started to get nervous.
You walked around the tree and threw the axe, it hit one of them in the shoulder, they hit the ground grabbing at their shoulder.

You then slide across the dirt and did a cartwheel to try and dodge the bullets being fired at you. Once you were on your feet, you hit Finn in the throat, causing him to lose breath. You twisted in a circle and put a large cut in his bicep.

You then backed up and grabbed Monty. You put the knife to his throat and pushed back, causing a little blood, but not enough to kill.

They panicked and looked at your knife, once Finn caught his breath, he rushed over to Murphy who had an axe in his shoulder. They can’t know that you speak English, you looked at their weapons and pointed to the ground.

The weapons fell. You looked at all of them, dirty with matted hair and cut clothes. They all needed a shower, but hidden under the dirty faces and scruffy Chins, they were pretty good looking.

Bellamy moved a step further, you pulled the blade back farther, cutting into Monty’s neck, a thin line or Crimson started to dropped down his throat. “Don’t hurt him. We won’t hurt you. Please.”

“You actually think she can understand you?! She is nothing but a insolent grounder bitch” Murphy pulled the axe out, throwing it on the ground. You noticed one of them missing, Jasper.

You felt a huge pain in the back of leg, a burning that could describe no other pain. Your flesh was ripped through, you let out a wince but kept your knife on his throat. “So you can handle more than one shot? Huh bitch?”

Murphy started to walk towards you, Bellamy put his hand on Murphy’s chest. “Don’t. She’ll kill Monty.”
“What do you mean don’t?! She put a damn axe in my shoulder!” He picked up a gun, and looked you up and down. He put the scope up to his eye and fired a bullet at your arm. It went through your arm, the familiar pain, and the tearing flesh.

You still held the knife, but you pulled it in deeper. Bellamy resorted to yelling, “ MURPHY STOP!” He shook his head, “one more shot to put the bitch out.”

Your vision started to blur, blood was coming out of the newly opened wounds. You looked into his bright blue eyes, and spit blood out onto the ground. But you fell to your knees, and let Monty go.
They surrounded you quickly, grabbing the weapons from your hands and other parts. Your vision was going in and out from black and color. You couldn’t take it any longer, you feinted.


You woke up with your hands bound, two teenagers were tying you to a pole. Your vision become clear, you were on their metal ship. Bags or blankets lying around the metal ground, there were electrical wires everywhere.
Teenagers were surrounding you, marveling at the attraction brought in. There were some standing on the ladder, others sat around you. Murphy stood in front of you, “guess we have a grounder bitch in our presence.”

Multiple people snickered. You looked down, not wanted to look the fool in the eyes. He put his hand on your chin pulling it up, he smiled, “what? Does the little cunt not talk?”

Anger filled your body, you pulled your head back and forced it forward. Your head collided with Murphy’s, he fell to the floor, blood pouring out of his forehead. Your lip was bloody, he looked up at you and you spit your blood at him.
The crowd of teens stood there stunned, they didn’t move. Bellamy came up the ladder looking at the situation, “everyone out.”

A long sigh came out of the teens. They started to go down the ladder, Murphy on the other hand, sat there ignoring orders. Bellamy looked at him. “Murphy you do.”
Murphy walked towards you, a knife in his hand, you prepared yourself. He put the knife to your throat, and tried to push it through.

You moved closer and whispered in his ear as the knife dug deeper into your throat. “You’re gonna be the first I kill.”
Murphy backed away, “she just spoke!” Bellamy grabbed his wrist and forced him down the ladder. “Get out Murphy.”

Bellamy was standing there looking at you. He looked around, pacing back and forth. His brown curls moving around on his tan, freckled skin, he was a handsome man.
He was a quite muscular man, tall, and well built, but impulsive. “I’m staying up here tonight so Murphy doesn’t hurt you. We can’t afford a war, and we need you for information.”
…. A little while later ……


Making the decision to sleep in here was easier than expected. War was on our hands and Clarke didn’t want to send the wrong message. We weren’t ready for a war, the only thing we can do is interrogate the girl.

Murphy was going to kill her if I didn’t stay up here. Well, I can’t blame him, she put an axe in his shoulder, caused his forehead to bleed and that was under an hour.

She just stood there, not looking at anything. She was relaxed, her breathing light. The girl was covered in war paint, almost like that was a mask to her.

She had a large tattoo in the middle of her back that spread out like branches to her arms and legs. The girl wasn’t very tall, but she was fit. She had a tight stomach, a slight formation of muscles starting on her abdomen.
The girl was quite gorgeous to be honest. Her Y/C/H that feel to her lower back, she had it pulled up in a half up half down hair style. Braids or fishtails, also some dreads fell in her hair, unorganized, yet attractive. She had sun kissed skin and piercing eyes.

Her breathing started to slow down, she was asleep. Her head rested on the back of the pole, her eyes closed, I let a sigh of relief out. I didn’t plan on sleeping tonight, because she could easily break those bounds and kill me. But she was asleep?
An hour went by and she was in an even deeper sleep. I moved spots and had my head resting on the panel of the drop ship. I kept looking at her, she seemed so peaceful. Serene, almost like she knew she wouldn’t be hurt. That was, until she started to shiver.

I looked away, and grabbed a blanket sitting on the other side of me. She was still shaking for being cold, I pulled myself up and started to walk towards her. I dropped the blanket on her and she mumbled a few words, “thank you.”

She speaks English! Holy shit! She knows my language!! She instantly sat up realizing her mistake. “You speak English!”
“Yes, yes I do.” I backed up and sat down, “do all grounders speak English?!” She shook her head, rubbing her wrists. “Only the warriors.”

“How are you a warrior?! Your my age! I think.” She smirked, “you have great observation there Sherlock. But we train our warriors young.”
“What are all those scars on your back?!” She looked at her upper shoulder, where the multiple marks are. “How many people I’ve killed”

I started to count the scars,23. “You’ve killed 23 people?!” She nodded lightly, “thank you by the way.”

“What for?” I questioned, “not letting Murphy attack me.” I shook my head, “you could’ve killed him anyway.” In my head I was saying, ‘no problem, I’d hate to see a beautiful girl like you hurt.’

She kept rubbing her wrists, the ropes looked to be a little tight, red indentations appeared underneath them. “What’s your name. How do you know ours?!”

“Y/N, and I’ve been watching your camp for about a week now. There are faults in your walls, the people are inconsistent, you’re all criminals, and they look up to you and Clarke.”

“Why are you trying to rage a war on us?!” She laughed a little, “you guys were the ones that came down and invaded our territory!”
“We thought the ground was uninhabited!” She shook her head and threw her hands up, “well as you can tell, it’s not! So how about you and your criminals go back up to the sky!”

I stood up, anger fueling me. This girl will be the death of me, she was stubborn, sarcastic, and attractive. “Once you realize that my people know everything about you, you’ll burn down.”
I stood in front of her, standing face to face with her. “Everything you love, everything you worked for, everyone you lived for, will be gone. Gone to the ashes.”

I held her wrists and pushed her against the wall, she whispered in my ear, “I’m going to take everything from you.”
She looked me in the eye, her Y/E/C were unique. They had so much to say with such little expression, her lips, her soft pink lips curled into a smirk. “I can kill you right here right now!”

Y/N smiled, “if you wanted to, you would’ve already done it. I see the way you keep looking at my lips, the way your eyes trace my every feature. You couldn’t kill me even if you tried.”

I pushed her harder against the wall, she let out a light groan. “So how about it, Bellamy? Do you like it slow or fast?”
Her hand held onto the hem of my shirt, she started to move her hands upward on my chest. She leaned in and kissed my neck, leaving little love bites on my collar bones.

“Fuck it. “I grabbed my knife and cut the ropes holding her there. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it off of me, she started to kiss my jaw line.

Y/N slowly made her way up to my lips, she bit my bottom lip lightly and pulled outward. I moved my hands to her waist, and started to lift up the hem of her shirt.
Our lips kept connecting, moving in perfect sync, she smiled as she moved her hands through my hair. I pulled her shirt off gently, she moved her hair back and reveled a black bra with lace.

God, she is so attractive. I picked her up as she kept kissing me, my heart was racing. I laid her down on a nearby sleeping bag, she looked up at me and played with my pant bottom. I leaned over her, leaving my mark on her collar bones and chest.

… Well we all know how that goes…

We were both covered up with the blankets, her head laying on my bare chest. She moved a bit, “well officer, does that mean my interrogation is over?”
I laughed, “I think I need to hear it one more time. Just to be sure I have it down.” She crawled into my waist, “as you wish”

Y/N started to kiss me again, I smiled and pulled her closer. Tangling my hands in her hair. The door to the top half then opened, we both scrambled to cover ourselves up.
Finn peaked his head up, “Bellamy , it’s morning, I’m here for second shift.” Finn’s eyes kept scanning the room, until they landed on us. We both smiled awkwardly.

“Bellamy, ever heard of the term. Not to sleep with your enemies?!” I shook my head, but Y/N responded, “interrogation reasons don’t count.”

Finn crawled up the ladder, “no, no, no. They count. Sleeping with the enemy for answers is still sleeping with the enemy.”
I chuckled and stood up, pulling on my clothes. “But the enemy is attractive, and polite.”
“So are a lot of things! But you don’t see me screwing them for evidence!” Finn yells and walks down the ladder.

Y/N looked up, “does this mean I’m still a prisoner? Cause that’s one of my kinks.”

!!!!!!!!!That’s the end!!!!!!!!!


Due to the colonization and slavery of Africa, Plenty of African History and Cultural traditions have been lost. One of the traditions is the dread lock style. In Ancient West African culture dreads had spiritual symbolism to them. A person that wore dreads showed they were embarking on a spiritual journey and seeking a deeper spiritual connection to God. Dreads were believed to be a spiritual extensions to the creator of the universe. Dreads were not the only hair style that had this symbolism, in Nigeria the women used to style their hair in a way to where the braids were pointing up to the sky as a form of an antenna,This was done also as a form of a spiritual connection. Today, many Africans view dreads as taboo with having the interpretation of a person practicing “voodoo” or witchcraft. Smh it’s sad to see what has happened to us!

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo
“Half Amazing, Half Orisha, 100% realness OBA!”