half grasshopper

AU where Half Lost is written in the style of Grasshopper Jungle

No spoilers unless you haven’t read the first few chapters that are available

  • In the year that my father, Marcus Byrn turned twenty-eight, he killed thirty-two people. Celia used to make me learn facts about Marcus. That’s one of them. It was the most he killed in any one year before the war between Soul O'Brien’s Council and the Alliance of Free Witchs. Marcus Byrn wasn’t actually a terrible person. No one knew anything about that.
  • Gabriel brought a packet of cheese and soup from Camp Three for dinner. I wished it was Cup-o-Noodles.
  • I thought about having sex with Annalise even though I hate her now. Thinking about hate sex with Annalise O'Brien made me horny.
  • I wondered about asking Gabriel to join us. Thinking about a hate-filled threesome with Gabriel and Annalise made me horny.
  • Gabriel doesn’t like my stones, but I need them to keep track of where I’ve been and who I’ve seen. You know what I mean.
  • I’ve killed fifty-two hunters in the past several weeks. They must masturbate excessively.
  • History shows that boys who have visions of being shot don’t enjoy seeing those visions come true.
  • A breeze picked up and blew through Gabriel’s hair. Breezes through Gabriel Boutin’s beautiful hair made me horny.
  • I thought about how my father and his father and his father all had to live their lives on the run, hunted and feared. I thought about how that was the life I’m living now. All roads crossed where I stood.
  • I weighed my options of what to do about the hunters in the camp in front of me. Attacking was madness; scouting was risky; leaving was the sensible option. I decided to attack. It was not a good idea.
Thursday Bird: Golden-fronted Woodpecker

In today’s thursburd vault is the Golden-fronted Woodpecker. it’s a woodpecker. It’s in the half of mexico touching the gulf of mexico and a small band reaching up into central texas and oklahoma.

It looks a lot like the red bellied woodpecker except this one’s got the gold bit on the front.

It eats a lot of nuts and insects, especially grasshoppers. half of its insect diet is grasshoppers.  Here it has a nut.

External image

External image

Yeah thanks for stopping in golden-fronted woodpecker, you thursburd

this thursburd in brownsville, tx


Hosted by your valentines, Savannah (assquat) and Jo (sunandstrength)

We are hosting together this month and each day will have a beginner/intermediate pose and an intermediate/advanced pose. Feel free to do one, both, everything at once, it’s all up to you!

For those of you who want to tackle the advanced poses but are a bit nervous, don’t worry! I will be posting modifications and preparation tips for your practice!

*Optional Journal* Tell us something you love each day!

Want us to see your post? Tag it as #lovelyogis


  1. Sun Salutation /// Downward Dog Twist
  2. Shavasana /// Grasshopper Prep
  3. Half Wheel /// Chakrasana Prep
  4. Thunderbolt Pose /// Horse Face
  5. Uttanpadasana with Both Legs /// Side Crow
  6. Locust Pose /// Locust Pose Advanced
  7. Mountain Pose /// Standing Mermaid
  8. Lord Vishnu Pose /// Flying Warrior Pose
  9. Plow Pose /// Unsupported Shoulderstand
  10. Wind Release Pose /// Urdhva Mukha Paschimottasana
  11. Bow Pose /// Bow Pose Variation
  12. Warrior Pose /// Standing Splits
  13. Unsupported Cobra Pose /// King Cobra
  14. Scale Pose /// Bhujapidasana
  15. Ferocious Pose /// Flying Lizard Pose
  16. Drum Pose /// Firefly Pose
  17. Kite Pose /// Chopasana in Ardha Chandrasana
  18. Camel Pose /// King Pigeon Prep
  19. Fish Pose /// Matsyendra Virasana
  20. Side Plank Pose /// Vasisthasana Advanced
  21. Half Crow /// Koundinyasana
  22. Pigeon /// Cow Face Pose
  23. Wild Thing Pose /// Hollow Back Prep
  24. Thread the Needle Pose /// Fallen Angel Pose
  25. Standing Side Stretch /// Bird of Paradise Pose
  26. Sphinx Pose /// Low Lunge with Backbend
  27. Tortoise Pose /// Upright Seated Angle Pose
  28. Lion Pose /// Wide Squat Twist

Januaryogis Challenge by SunandStrength
Day 15 Half Moon
Day 16 Grasshopper Pose

For grasshopper pose I tried to do baby grasshopper, but could not grab my foot. This is a cool pose but won’t get into it anytime soon. Got to keep practicing my crow pose balancing to build up more arm strength.

yunggrasshopper17  asked:

I loved the episode 8 pvb but it's like now you have thirty-something episodes to go.... ಠ_ಠ...... I think the fandom would collectively agree that you could skip season 2, cus fuck season 2.

we’re not skipping anything