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redesign? yandere cast

i’ve seen the latest trend ovo so i figured i’ll join the bandwagon! IMO, I do have some ups and downs opinions on the current rivals. such as the substitute teacher and some names (if Yandev wants this game to be taken seriously, i feel like he should put the punny names to a minimum. the easter eggs are fine.) 

moving on! ever since i learned that the current ayano’s look was a unity asset, i decided to give her a new hairstyle! (that’s not her originalconcept either). the hairstyle is rather basic, as what some asian girls with long hair would usually tie (like me, but i comb back my fringe and half of my longer hair). personality-wise, i would want her to be a chameleon. think of Esther from Orphan! A sweet, fake-smiling sly fox! otherwise, im perfectly okay with the current Ayano’s personality.

I kept Kizana’s red flower but only gave her a subtle hint of her previous curly hairstyle! think of it as her off-day hairstyle~ she’s very charismatic, just the sight of her sweeping her hair back with her free hand makes her juniors sigh in adoration! (like Kokona ;DDDD )

I didn’t change Amai as much. I just made her more chubbier and her hair more shorter. Not as short as those ‘’let me see your manager’’ kind. 

Oka. I would want to give her a total 180. She still believes in occultism, and her main reason for her interest in Senpai is because.. she thinks he might be the next actual Incubus! so for the first few weeks you see her stalking the Basu Sisters, when her week comes, you can find her stalking Senpai. she’s also very condescending towards humanity but a coward. her hairstyle never changed since her childhood time. I gave her a more slimmer physique.

As for the uniform, it comes in many forms. but purple and red would be the main colour, showing how prestigious the school should be (despite some students having to break several rules like odd hair colours). Kizana wouldn’t be seen wearing anything unless its white. she doesn’t mind the skirt.

ignore the lack of bow colour

Who Am I Without You?

gaaah, I love this idea so much, I can already see this being sad and fluffy as heckie. Thanks anon!! :)

Summary: Dan and Phil have been best friends since they met on the internet. They do pretty much everything together, including their career endeavors, and eventually getting a flat together. When speculation rises that the two lads could be dating, Dan and Phil agree that Phil should go get his own place, but is that really what they both want?

Genres: Slight Fluff! Friend to Lovers! Angst! In Real Time Phan Au! Oneshot!

Pairing: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Word Count: 2,628

Warning: slight cursing! It’s also cheesy af I’m sorry ._.

A/N: Yes, I know I have an addiction to writing ftl fics, it’s an obsession!! It’s just so easy to write a bit of angst with it :) This is purely fiction, so don’t attack me if you don’t ship phan, but I’ve written plenty of ftl oneshots and it’s all been good feedback so I’m not totally worried :) enjoy guys!! And I hope I did this justice for you anon!

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So um

What hair products does Matoba use? Because I honestly can’t imagine him having split ends.
Also, does he blowdry his hair or does he keep it in a towel?
What if he goes to sleep with damp hair and wakes up with half of his fringe sticking up. Does he straighten his hair?
I let my thoughts wander and now I can’t stop. Help.


make me choose

  • anonymous asked: Tom with fringe or Tom with no fringe 

liberalautisticnerd831  asked:

Hello my fellow autistic homestuck, I was hoping u had some headcanons for ur ot3 of Harold, George, & Melvin



ohhhhh man ok i have a few

  • george started to grow out his hair to get one of those half-shaved fringe but he’s probably gonna regret it
  • melvin has insomnia so he sometimes works into the night on inventions and any extra credit assignments til he falls asleep, and for some reason he always wakes up with a blanket on his shoulders
  • harold joined the drama club in freshman year and when he’s in plays george and melvin go to see him perform
  • harold also works part time at an aquarium because he loves sea life, specifically the dolphins. he cries every time he sees them
  • melvin doesn’t like to curse, meanwhile george and harold curse like sailors and it disgusts him
  • when george starts his creative writing class and harold starts his Art 1 in freshman year they are fucking blown away that they actually get some encouragement for their comics