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“Forced diversity” my ass.

Black people, last time I checked, made up something like 17% of the US population. Non-hispanic white people make up around 62%. Then you’ve got Latinos, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, SE Asians, Middle Easterners, and on and on. And around half the population is female.

Oh and as long as we’re on the topic of sex/gender, it may surprise anyone raised on American network TV to discover that trans and non-binary people, and gay and bi and asexual and pan and demi people exist in real life. And so do mentally ill and physically disabled people. The list goes on, and I know I left some people out, but that there are too many under-represented groups to list just serves to illustrate my point.

Just to BEGIN to represent the real life diversity of the US, around half of all lead characters would need to be women, and Only about six out of ten would be non-hispanic white people. That’s just looking at a couple of demographics, and we don’t even meet that standard.

I mean, we’re getting (slowly) closer, but each step closer to the kind of diversity in movies and TV that would represent real life is met with screams and tantrums from self-entitled cishet white male pissbabies who hate the idea of anyone other than their demographic being represented.

Oh, you have trouble identifying with people unlike yourself? Well you’ve been expecting everyone to identify with leads from your demographic, so all your ranting just tells me that you are lazier, and have less empathy and imagination than those other groups.

Hell, I’m a cishet white-passing male, and an older one at that, and while I of course enjoy seeing people like me on the screen, I am sick to fucking death of seeing MOSTLY people like me as leads. And while obviously the primary injustice is that towards under-represented populations, I’ve got to admit that, hell, I’m also insulted that so many studio executives don’t think I can identify sufficiently with people who have a different skin color or gender or orientation or background to my own. Minorities are denied representation, and what Hollywood has decided upon as the “default” audience is discouraged from the increased empathy and understanding of others that we must develop if we want to be a part of this increasingly diverse and beautiful world moving foreward.

We don’t have a problem with forced diversity; our problem is one of forced homogeneity. And that so many from my own demographic would rather rail against fair and diverse representation in media, and feel threatened by the idea of not always being the center of the universe, just goes to further show how big a negative effect this forced homogeneity has, and how badly it needs to change.

Because if you cannot identify with those unlike yourself when they are presented sympathetically in a work of fiction, you will not have empathy with them in real life.

A lil context: our party (of around 5) had been captured by drow and abandoned a small island inhabited by humans, goblins, and orcs. We decided to approach the orcs to see if they would aid us in taking out the drow and get off the island. I play a female half-elf paladin, while my friend plays her twin brother. Our campaign has been run using milestone levelling, rather than XP for story reasons. 

Orc Leader: by our custom to gain our loyalty, you must compete to show your physical prowess! 

(DM tells us to roll Athletics or Performance to see which of us will be picked for the trial) 

Me: rolls nat20 Athletics

Twin: rolls nat20 performance

Orc Leader: you! The small double-elf persons! You shall compete in our physical challenge!

Twin: *leaning into the orc’s space* what kind of physical challenge, big boy? Surely we can bend the rules a little.  

Me: I wink flirtatiously.

DM: Make a persuasion roll, with advantage because of your sister 

Twin: rolls nat19

DM: Seriously? *rolls a nat1 for the orc’s saving throw* oh come on! 

Orc Leader: (nervously) Crekkar accepts your challenge!

DM: And so you both take Crekkar to his tent and show your …physical prowess. *rolls dice* You both tire him out easily while you remain almost unaffected. The orcs appreciate your strength and endurance and are now your allies. 

Me (ooc): *jokes* level up!

DM: … actually. I had planned for the milestone to be after you conquered the orc camp, either by killing them or proving yourself in combat. So, yeah. The entire party is now level 3. 

Monk: I can’t believe I can now catch arrows because the twins are sluts 



Dong of love

Context: i play a male dwarf barbarian in a party with a female gnome wizard, male elf ranger, female half orc fighter, and a male human cleric. My dwarf has no facial hair because of story reasons and long braided hair. The cleric grew up in a human-only town and had never seen a dwarf before. So he was convinced that no beard meant he was female, and has continued to hit on my dwarf every chance he got. My dwarf, after a whole in game year of this constant flirting (he barely began to take notice) decides he’s had enough.

The following takes place as we are shopping in a busy marketplace.

Cleric: Oh look love,*holds up a jewel necklace* i got a gift for you!

Dwarf: Dont want it.

Cleric: Whats wrong love? You usually like it when i buy you things.

Me(ooc): We’re in the middle of a marketplace right?

DM: Yup, middle of the day, tons of people around you.

Me(ooc): Cool.

Dwarf: IM NOT YOUR GODDAMN-UH *pulls down pants* I have a dong so there!

Party(ooc): Starts to loose their shit.

Dm: Make an intimidation check.

*nat 1*

Party: *Hysteria intensifies*

DM: (cleric) you find youself blushing at the sight of his dong. (Dwarf) Role for seduction.

Me: Oh shit, here we go.

*rolls a 18*

Cleric(ooc): Im a cleric having some very unholy thoughts!

Cleric: I dont care. *grabs my dwarf’s hands* My feelings for you will never change. *kisses dwarf*

Me(ooc): Im…I..I have nothing. I literally cant think of anything to do.

DM: As this beautiful display is happening, surrounded by dozens of civillians with various expressions, the light bouncing off of (dwarf)’s dwarven butt cheeks catches the eyes of a guard.

Guard: Hey pull up those pants your under arrest.

Half orc: Back off this has been months in the making!

*rolls a nat 20 intimidation*

Guard: S-sorry!

Wizard: I cast an illusion of (dwarf)’s dong ‘reacting’.

Me(ooc): Too late.

Long story short they are still together and my dwarf is ring hunting. 

the president of nigeria is about to fuck boko haram up and cut his own salary in half and criminalized female genital mutilation

the president of guinea built/is building infrastructure and school and wells all over the country and is decreasing youth unemployment exponentially

the president of cote d’ivoire made school mandatory of children ages 6-16 and banned plastic bags while also building ultra modern trasportation infrastructure

the future is for real in africa 

heartbreak chronicles {1} | M


Contains: bad crack, smut {fuckboy!jimin}

Words: 10,164

Summary: Park Jimin had it all — good grades, a place as the soccer team’s captain and, more than that, the broken hearts of at least half the campus’ population. Though, one thing he did not have was someone willing to break his heart and, after you were dragged inside a miraculous plan to play that part, the last thing counted on was the preposterous idea that, perhaps, you could fall for him as well.

[img cr]

A/N: I tried out a “lighter” writing style for… whatever this is. Hope you guys like it! | This fic is based on the movie “John Tucker must die” | SUB!BTS COLLAB

The girl’s request echoed on the warm air of your living room, dancing on silence as your body was covered in shock. For an instant, you truly believed you had misheard her words, replacing them for something much more unrealistic. Regardless, as the quietude fell like a blanket over the two of you, you noticed, at last, that your friend could not be more serious. “You want me to do what?” You finally asked, flabbergasted.

The night had started normally — and that was all that you could ever wish for. All that you wanted was to rest after an exhausting week, merely putting your your pajamas and watching shallow TV shows until your tiredness forced you to go to sleep. You wanted to get some pizza and gossip with your roommate about the most frivolous of subjects, allowing for the storm of stress and unfinished projects to disperse from around your head.

However, she had a different idea of how that night would unfold. “We want you to break his heart,” Lisa told you with utter serenity, as if the words that had left her mouth were no more than mundane. “Thought that was quite clear.”

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Gilgard Newleaf (Drow): holds up a hand for everyone to wait.

Donovan(Half-Elf): Mimes at GiI “My kittens erupt with joy”

Gilgard Newleaf(Drow): signs back “Your moonspeak is a little off.”

Donovan(Half-Elf): “Pumpkin spice”

Gilgard Newleaf(Drow): gestures an offensive term for non-drow elven females.

Donovan(Half-Elf): stares at Gil’s hands in confusion

Gilgard Newleaf(Drow): signs at Donovan “Anything to make us quieter?”

Donovan(Half-Elf): signs back “No thanks, I already ate”

can my mutuals please tag all aggressive hate towards miranda and cora with “i’m wrong” 

I’m not beat up by this yet
You can’t tell me to regret
Been in the dark since the day we met
Fire, help me to forget

Whenever I want to experiment or try something new in terms of art I happen to pick Neryssa as my test-subject… Also, I recently rediscovered my love for Florence + the Machine, and the song “Which Witch” was a huuuge inspiration for this :D