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Official Roadhog face reveal

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Psycho Pass or Tokyo Ghoul requested by @ah-luna​​

The SM Basement (NCT Edition)

Even though there are several members of NCT that everyone can recognise, some of the best talent has yet to escape the dark, damp room that is SM’s basement. With no way of telling who exactly is contracted under SM, there are certain undebuted idols who are hiding down there despite being popular in the NCT fandom. In case you don’t know who SM is keeping hidden from us, here is a handy guide.

Side Note - a lot of the trainees in the SM Basement are officially unannounced, so a lot of information is unknown and what we can find might not be correct

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@princeofmints they gay again


One Piece x Cardigans

Edition: Whitebeard pirates (excluding half commanders sad face) & Edition: Requests by livestream 

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