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Psycho Pass or Tokyo Ghoul requested by @ah-luna​​

Official Roadhog face reveal

You’re welcome.

@princeofmints they gay again


I have a team of specialists - and it involves a crane - before I do any type of PR. You should see me when I wake up in the morning. I have my husband Simon here with me; he can testify as to what I look like at 6 in the morning when I wake up. -Matt Bomer on his looks [x]


Next time, we’ll win and make you say, “I’m mad,” or, “That was fun,” instead of just, “Sort of.”

I look forward to it.


I absolutely love her when she smiles.
(requested by merdeandmore)

My current aesthetic is Rhett’s facial expression when Link says something that sounds dirty:

This look is about 2 cups “… sounded better in your head, didn’t it?”, ¾ cup “Wow… did you really just say that?”, roughly 4 ounces of “huehuehuehue” and a hearty pinch of “This is why we’re friends”.