half dollar half man


She was wrapped tightly in the light pink homemade blanket that Steph’s mom had sent their way. Her curly dark brown hair swirled perfectly on top of her small head. Her toes peeked out of the bottom of the blanket wiggling as she slept. Steph could hear her husband humming from within the GTlive room. 
“This is where your uncle Jason sits, here is where uncle Chris paints his nails, oh here’s were mommy reads the chat. They are all so excited to meet you.” 
Steph took a peek into the room where Matt was gliding around. His baby tightly wrap in his arms, as he rocked her back and forth showing her the room. “Ever since we announced your arrival, it’s all they could talk about, on twitter and the chat.” Steph giggled. Matt turned around to see his tired wife. “You should be resting.”
“You shouldn’t tell a women who just had a baby what to do,”   
“Solid point,” 
“I got bored of resting, honestly who two are much more interesting than the back of my eyelids.” She placed her lips delicately on her baby’s forehead. Matt felt his eyes filling with tears.
“We made this, we made her, and she’s beautiful.” Steph leaned on Mat’s shoulder.