half cup bra

Veruka - Lingerie Series

Summary - Readers lingerie kink comes to the surface during a hunt. The would be victim of the monster they’re chasing decides she’s had enough of the tension and decides to olay matchmaker.

Pairing - Dean x Reader x Sam

Warnings - Serious smut, 18+ only (I mean it), oral, anal, double penetration, dirty talk, some plot but mostly pure porn.

Word count - 5187

Lingerie - Veruka by Honey Birdette

Author Note: I havent posted fanfic in literally years, suck at summaries and have never done reader insert before. That said, I promise you won’t be disapointed despite the length (pun intended).

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Not a request.  This is another one that has been sitting for a while.  Not sure if I should do a continuation or not.  Was thinking about a second part involving Marty, Kenny and Y/N. Let me know if interested.  

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Exposition Lingerie Française

  • Half-cup bra with a dotted-print cup and a top panel in Calais lace by Lejaby (2011)
  • Half-cup bra in white lambskin (cough) by Lise Charmel
  • Underwired bra in white cotton with black dots Princesse tam.tam (1989)
  • Half-cup bra in white-striped black cotton by Passionata (2010)
  • Panties in ivory striped and dotted silk by Lou (1980s)
  • Black garter belt by Implicite (2011)