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For two years I worked as an island clearer.  You know those small, fancy, artificial islands off the coast of the Dubai?  Well, every once in a while someone rich would order a customized island in the shape of their choosing.  Maybe it’s a rose for their wife or a face or a turtle.  So the other guys go in with their sand, make the island to the shape required, and then the client is called and told that their custom island is completed.  But sometimes the client says they don’t want the island any more.  That’s where I came in.  Our company was never mad - I mean, in this high-profile island generating industry, you have to be customer-centric.  Just because someone doesn’t want a custom island now doesn’t mean they don’t want one later.

Anyway, my job was to go in with this ship that basically looked like it was half-bulldozer half-barge and clear all the sand off the top until it sunk back beneath the waves and disappeared forever.  I was the only person in the company who knew how to do this job correctly, and I presume the only person in the world as well.  Sure, the island builders could make the island, but they were absolutely pathetic at clearing them. So I guess you could say I had job security.  Anyway, that wasn’t important.  What was important was that I had fun doing it and helped improve the world. Follow your passions!  You never know what great treasures life has in store for you.

SKAM S04E03 Clip 5 - I Judge No One

SANA: That’s why I think we should be ambitious, and a clear goal should be to try to win at least one of the bus prizes at Tryvann* in May 2018.

GIRL 1: It’s pretty easy to say you want to win prizes, everyone wants that, but now that you’re bus boss, do you have any plans on how to do that?

SANA: To start, I’ve had a look at your budget, and it needs to be re-allocated. For example, there’s no point in trying to compete in lighting and sound rigging, cause then we’re going to lose. But what we can be competitive in is concept. So the first thing I’m going to do is move a lot of our resources from the lighting and sound category to the concept category.

INGRID: I’m sorry, but it’s pretty hard to win the year’s best concept.

SANA: Yes, but if you do an analysis of the buses that have won the last three years, you can see some obvious commonalities. The League 2014: a boy’s bus from Bærum with Pokeball-bar and Pokemon decorations. Montana 2015: a boy’s bus from Oslo-West that used three versions of Montana - Tony Montana, Hannah Montana and the state Montana. And then we have Landslaget** 2016, inspired by football spirit and nationalism. Do you see what those buses have in common?

GIRL: Boy’s buses…

SANA: All the concepts suck and we can do better. In the first round, I’m going to call in all the bus bosses to a meeting where we plan what we’re going to do the next half year with some clear goals. Any more questions? Yes?

GIRL TWO: Well, so … the russ period is all about partying and drinking, and then I have to ask, since you’re Muslim, what do you think of drinking?

SANA: I judge no one.

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Something I was thinking about recently; I wonder how many parents in Hyrule name their child Link hoping they’ll grow up to do great things, only for them to live an average life and for the rest of their life they (the child) feel at least a mild amount of depression/anxiety over the fact that they don’t live up to their name

Talos Doesn't like Goblins Apparently

So I(TempestCleric who worships Talos,) Dragonborn,Gnome rogue, and a Half Elf Ranger, just cleared town from some goblins. When we find a noticeably young goblin girl, who looks emaciated, scrounging for food. Being the only person to Speak Goblin, Cleric Goes up to the tiny thing to trade food for info. It is also worth noting that Talos is a Chaotic Evil Deity.

T. Cleric(In goblin): Hey little guy, You hungry?

*Goblin Girl nods yes

T. Cleric: Here’s some jerky, and a bit of bread. Now, are you willing to tell me why the other goblins attacked this town?

Goblin Girl: Big Shiny man said if town was destroyed, we get strong.

T. Cleric: Are you willing to tell us where this Shiny Man is? You have my word that Talos will protect you.

DM OOC: Cleric, roll Wisdom save.

*Nat 1 (Cue Rest of table laughing nervously)

DM OOC: Well… You see this sickly, nervous goblin girl give a look of relief, before exploding into a fine red mist, coating everyone within 30ft with goblin blood. In the back of your mind Cleric, you hear Talos laughing.

T. Cleric: The fuck Talos?!

Talos *Still Laughing: What? I was getting bored. Not like anyone cares about these little shits anyway.

Erik: I like dropping hints that I’m in love with Christine

Erik: *stalks her, manipulates her into staying with him for days at a time, kidnaps her, tortures her and nearly kills her fiance, threatens to blow her, himself, and part of Paris up if she doesn’t agree to marry him.* 

Come Back to Me: Coda for 12x23

You can also read it HERE on Ao3.

And what if he just stayed there forever, knees slowly becoming one with the earth? He could only glance at him and then look away. He couldn’t focus on him too much or it would be real. He couldn’t touch him, because that would be a proof too physical of all that he lost, all that he never even gained.

So Dean tipped his head back and stared into the vast expanse of the stars and prayed. He had no clear recipient in mind as the words formed in his head, half nonsense, half clear begging. It slowly became Chuck to whom he prayed, but he never let himself believe that God was listening to anything anymore.

And when it was clear that Chuck wasn’t listening he opened up his mind to a vast universe of possibilities. Cas was worth much. Dean regretted not getting to tell him just how much. He closed off his mind to those thoughts and choked back a sob that threatened to escape. 

He turned his eyes from the heavens and all the help that wasn’t there. He finally looked down at him, at Cas. He stared at his eyes that were closed, his face so still, too still. He felt his own body doubling over. Dean clutched at his stomach and pressed his head to Cas’ chest. He breathed in and out in ragged breaths. He reached up with first one hand then another. 

He clutched at Cas’ shirt, torn and bloodied from his near escape. He clung to him and tried to imagine pulling him back to his body as if he could picture it so well, that it would actually be so. He kissed into the fabric but if asked he’d not even recognize it as such. It was just a press of his body, his lips to a body cold and dead. It wasn’t a kiss as much as it was giving up and letting the weight of all things pull him down.

Dean’s mouth formed words. Some were Cas and others were No and Come Back. he knew it wasn’t a choice to be reversed. He knew it wasn’t Cas’ mess to fix. It was a universe of wrong that took Cas away, just as it always did and ever would. And where would he go now? Dean wondered. Where would Cas be if not alive and here with them?

He is an angel, and they don’t get their own special heaven or a spot of torture in hell. They just stop. They just cease to be. Dean sat back up and stared down at him, at his half open palm that lay on the dirt at his side. Dean began processing all of his thoughts on where angels go when they die in an effort toward figuring out how best to follow him, bring him home. 

The shift was stark. He knelt in despair. He rose back up to his knees with a different resolve filling him. He took Cas’ hand in his. He let his mind roam down paths and possibilities. He would save him. This was not the end. It couldn’t be. 

A flash of movement out of the corner of his eye caught him. He glanced to it. “Jack!” Sam called out to the movement which was there and gone before Dean could do a thing. Jack was a blur out over the water, leaving behind a golden trail of light in his wake. Sam stopped at the shore unable to follow him. 

Sam came back to Dean’s side. Dean stayed focused on the light. A solution was forming. He didn’t care about Jack in this moment, but he sent out a quick prayer, saying Thank you, because just the thought of him, the vision of his golden light was enough to get him thinking right. His hand rubbed over the leg of his pants, over the wound recently healed. “Sam, help me move him in the house.”

“Sure thing, Dean.” Sam looked like he was going to cry, but he stooped to lift him anyway. 

“We’re bringing him back. He’s not gone. We’re bringing him back.” Dean stalked away from them to the car, figuring on meeting them inside when he had what he needed.

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red-eyed-freak  asked:

What about Butters?

BUTTERS: I uh- I think my dad would be awful sore at me if he knew I w-was, going around and tellin strangers on the internet what I was..and stuff.


Does anyone else think the Blue Fairy could be part of the Black Fairy that she split off?

When Rumple tried to kill Hyde, he couldn’t, because Hyde was a part of Jekyll.

…maybe the reason the Blue Fairy didn’t die was actually because she was only a part of the Black Fairy and thus immortal because of the existence of her other half? It’s clear that people who are split, aren’t split into good and bad, but into what they repress and what they allow the world to see. The Black Fairy is mentioned while Blue is seemingly dead. They are also dealing with Pan’s shadow in that scene… but everybody has a shadow side, so what if that was foreshadowing for the true relationship between the Black and the Blue Fairy?

We’ve seen how Jekyll and Hyde’s story ended, so maybe Black and Blue will find a way to successfully merge? If they really are split, maybe it happened because she couldn’t really deal with losing her child, so she lost part of herself instead. It also lends itself to interpretations on the role of the Catholic Church and the shaming of women’s sexuality leading to repression…. Potentially interesting social commentary. 

Life’s a Party (Batfam)

Requested by an anon

Summary: It’s date night for Bruce and Batmom, but when they come home chaos is unfolding within the mansion.

Warning(s): Shenanigans!

The marina was calm and quite desolate tonight, which made for the perfect location for a date. No one was going to bother you and it just so happened to be one of the main hotspots of activity lately, though the lack of people begged to differ. Nonetheless, it meant that Bruce was able to keep a watchful eye on the area while also showing you off as his arm candy to the stars and moon that shined down on you.

Neither of you barely said anything, enjoying the comfortable silence that fell over you both as you walked. The chill of the air coming off the water only gave you an excuse to walk closer to your beau. He always managed to make dates perfect somehow, even if they were interrupted by maniacs or calls from the principals office - though thankfully tonight he didn’t have to answer to either. It was just you and him, with each other’s undivided attention.

But alas, all good things must end and after hours of aimlessly walking around and talking about anything and everything, you decided to head home. As the car pulled up the long driveway you both could tell something was going on within the house from nearly a mile away. All the lights seemed to be on and music could be heard bumping through the walls like a heartbeat.

“I guess this is what we get for letting Alfred have the night off,” Bruce commented sarcastically, earning a snicker from you.

“I think it’s about time we show them how to really party. Don’t you, dear?” You suggested with a devious look on your face, one which Bruce returned just as deviously.

Hand in hand, you both walked into the house through the garage door, the music thumping into your core. As you progressed towards the epicenter of music and strobe lights, the house became steadily messier and showed signs of empty alcohol bottles and confetti just simply everywhere. The first child you found was Duke, completely passed out sideways in a rocker.

“Is he dead?” You questioned, half serious and Bruce shook his head after taking a pulse and let the sense of relieve wash over you both momentarily.

With a sigh from both of you, you continued your pursuit and not before long, you had slipped into the mass of people gathered in the main ballroom. The sight before you made you both stop and just stare.

Dick was showing off his acrobat moves, currently swinging from the chandelier as Barbara cheered him on from the staircase. Jason was screaming demands at the DJ from the “dance floor.” Tim and Cass were dancing next to each other while Steph had to prop herself up with help from the drink table. And Damian… Damian was no where to be seen which worried you more than seeing him involved in this mess.

The twitch in your eye made you want to go ape shit mother-hen on all of them, dragging each of their most likely intoxicated bodies to their beds. But, no, you had a much better idea. Bruce was thinking the exact same thing and wrapped a hand around your waist before pulling you close to him. A devilish smirk crossed your faces and you emerged yourselves into the crowd, locked together so you wouldn’t lose the other.

In your travels you both acquired a drink and held them tightly in hand as you started dancing with each other. Purposely sloppy, you made sure the two of you were making a scene, grinding, and yelling, and kissing until the people around you started to notice. Just as you had hoped, they began moving away from you, no one wanting to dance next to the old grinding couple, a few of them even realizing who you were.

After about a half hour, the room cleared out enough that a few of the kids spotted you, freezing in place. Bruce notice and motioned in their direction, making you turn your head to spot Tim, Cass, and Steph. The shock on their faces made you laugh and even Steph, who was clearly the most inebriated, widened her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows as if you were figments of her imagination.

“Hey guys! Nice party!” You yelled over the music to them as if you were just another couple of random partygoers.

The lack of anger on yours and Bruce’s faces terrified them all to the core before your face immediately dropped into your trademark serious ‘you’re in deep shit’ look. “It’s time to end it.”

Steph nodded slowly, seeming to take a different meaning to your words as she slurred a goodnight and shuffled along the walls up to her bed. With a shrug you watched her, at least one of them was making this easy though the other two just stood and stared.

“Now,” Bruce chimed in with his own stern look and Tim and Cass bolted, no doubt to find the others and tell of their situation.

Arms folded over your chests, you and Bruce stood side by side in the middle of the ballroom, watching as the people filed out and the music stopped. Jason let a string of expletives out as he started cleaning up bottles before even acknowledging your presence. Tim and Cass kept ushering people out, stumbling slightly in the process.

Dick still hung upside down from the chandelier and he waved with a smile when he saw you, though his words were slow and slightly slurred, “Heyy Mom! Heyy Bruce! You’re home early!”

With a sigh and a hand on your forehead, you offered a small wave with your other hand and rather unenthusiastically replied, “It’s three AM, Dick. Now get down from there.”

When all of the kids stood in front of you, excluding the ones already passed out or the one that was MIA, you looked them over with a disappointed frown before Bruce spoke up, “Tomorrow you’re cleaning this place up. And then we’re going to have a looong talk.”

“But for now, get to bed.” You chimed in, most of the glares being sent towards Cass and Tim, especially considering they were underage.

The two nodded and headed off to pass out, Tim actually glad for once when his head hit the pillow. After they left the room your attention turned back to the three left in front of you. Babs’ cheeks were flushed, her body telling you she obviously participated in the evening’s events. It was clear the second you walked into the room that Dick was far gone and you had to admit, you had some respect for anyone who could do acrobatics while drunk.

But when you looked Jason over, your eyes squinted. “Jason? Are you sober?”

Dick wrapped an arm around Jason’s shoulder and piped up for him, “Jay was our party mom tonight!”

“Dick, honey, go to bed. You too Barbara.” You softly told them and they nodded, slowly and hesitantly heading off in that direction.

“Just wanted to make sure no one died. Cause y’know, I know how that feels and it’s not very pleasant,” Jason explained sarcastically, brushing off the silent allegations that he did it because he was worried and turned to continue picking up a bit.

With a sigh, Bruce put a hand on your shoulder, “I’m going to make sure Duke’s still alive, and make sure he gets to bed.” You nodded up at him and gave a small smile and swiveled to take in the whole image of the trashed ballroom.

(Bonus part is coming tomorrow!)

The other thing that I think Harry’s team got wrong if they wanted a fandom generated push (did they even expect one?) is just how long they waited after the hiatus. They lost so many people due to that, and the push/pull of will he won’t he wore a lot of people down. People went hard for Niall because his was first, it was new and shiny and unexpected. People went hard for Louis because of the circumstances and because, well, people always go hard for him. Truly, I expect there to be even less fandom energy behind Liam when he finally releases his song.

I’m glad they didn’t rush it out, I’m glad Harry was able to take the time he deserves to and make the music the way he wanted to. But when you wait a year and a half with no clear hey this is what we are doing, I’m still here making music and expect the fandom to go that hard it’s a miscalculation. Attrition is a thing, and it’s hit hard, as it was expected to during any sort of hiatus.

I also think it needs to be said this time of year is the busiest for a ton of people, so that is another unfortunate event that conspired against him.

2AM - part 4 (A Minseok Series)

Your phone was ringing by the time you made it inside the cab. Minseok must have left the awkwardness of the restaurant by now and the on and off buzzing inside your purse punctuated the humming you felt inside your chest – you saw his name flashing boldly across the screen of your cell phone.

After the first three calls went ignored he was texting and the taxi was pulling up outside of your home just as you turned off the buzzing and left the phone to deal with ignoring the man you hated to have the misfortune of falling in love with.

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for you pt. 3

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy!Taehyung, angst, smut

Word Count: 5.9k

Originally posted by vminv

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

The sound of your phone vibrating on the table woke you up from your dreams. You blindly reached for the source of the disturbance and quickly turned it onto silent mode. You weren’t ready to deal with the outside world yet.

You yawned and stretched your arms above your head before placing them back down on the bed beside you. A few seconds passed before you registered that something, someone was missing beside you. You weren’t surprised when the spot on the bed turned out to be ice cold, a folded piece of paper in the place of Taehyung’s body.

You ran your fingers through you hair as you sat up in bed, reaching on the bedside table for you glasses. There was a large part of you that didn’t even want to bother reading what he had written. You wanted to reach for your lighter and set it on fire, burning every last memory of him with it. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You held your breath as you unfolded the torn paper in your hands.

“I’m sorry” was all he had managed to say and you scoffed. Taehyung sure had a way with words and his hands, but you were done. The emotional ship that contained your feelings for Taehyung had sailed. You crumpled the note in your hand and threw it in the garbage can. The crumpled piece of paper sinking to the bottom of the bin with a thud.

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A Winmills Valentine’s Day

I will go down with this ship. Since they had Christmas together, how about Valentine’s Day?

Word Count: 1850

Warning: Smut, gross fluff because these two deserve to be happy

A/N: I hope you enjoy! XOXO

Sam doesn’t have many keys.

He carries the key to the bunker when he needs to. He has a key ring that holds the extra key to the Impala, and a key to an old, beat up car from the bunker’s garage- the one he drives when he isn’t with Dean. Those have been his only keys for years.

But now he has one more.

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