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Christmas R/C headcanons
  • Raoul always makes cookies. He and Christine end up eating more cookie dough than gets made into cookies.
  • They both light candles for their parents, Philippe, Papa and Mamma Valerius, and for Erik. Neither of them like the reminder but Christine thinks it’s necessary.
  • Raoul always goes overboard and decorates every inch of the cottage. He always had extravagant Christmases growing up, and even though they don’t have a lot of money, he’ll decorate with tree branches, newspaper pictures, pinecones, paper garlands, anything he can find.
  • They try to combine French and Swedish traditions. To honor Christine’s heritage, they decorate with straw, celebrate St. Lucia’s Day, keep the tree up until January 13th, make Swedish goodies, and exchange half the presents on Christmas Eve. Raoul makes a bûche de Noël and they burn a yule log. 
  • Raoul always gets Christine a new scarf (usually red), among other things.
  • Raoul saved up for their second Christmas together and bought Christine a piano. She used it to teach music lessons and it eventually paid for itself several times over.
  • Christine told Raoul she was pregnant for the first time on their fifth Christmas together.
  • Raoul usually cries over something Christine or his children give him.
  • Christine loves getting an orange in her stocking. They are her favorite fruit, and hard to come by in Norway.
  • Christine usually gets a little tipsy and emotional over how much she loves Raoul.
  • Raoul doesn’t drink because he is a lightweight, but he always gets emotional too.
  • Raoul made his daughters  a doll house one year. His son ended up using it the most. 
  • On their first Christmas, they didn’t have a lot of money, but they saved up. Christine got Raoul a new pair of warm pajamas. Raoul bought Christine a red scarf, and a secondhand locket with locks of the recently deceased Mamma Valerius’s hair, Papa Valerius’s hair, her father’s hair, and her mother’s hair (hair jewelry was huge in the Victorian era). 
Soulmate Special #11 - Belphegor

This au is dedicated to the lovely @yeolfindlottoloves!  A completely horrible influence, she’s responsible for me starting one of my other blogs, we bonded over angst and she paired me with Mukuro because “we both like revenge (so not true btw).  Despite this, you’re a fairly awesome person to get to know, and I’ve loved every minute of it ;)

~Because this is a celebration it’s not angst, but I’ve still got those planned for you, don’t you worry~

Soulmate AU where if you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well

In a world where there were many ways of determining your soulmates, not everyone was lucky enough to have one of those straightforward marks they were born with.  You happened to be one of the unlucky ones, unable to find any clue to how you would discover your soulmate.  

You spent hours going through blogs and google trying to narrow down the list, however, it felt like when you crossed one off the list, two others would take its place on the ever growing lists of potentials.

You had a dream with dragons.  Well, you probably weren’t one of the ones who could see what happened to your soulmate while you were asleep.  But then you found the “wake up in your soulmate’s body on a specific birthday” or where “whatever nervous tic you were doing is what you’re soulmate was doing.”

What if it was that “you couldn’t see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you met them”?  What if you were missing seeing one of the colors and you didn’t even know it? What if your soulmate’s eyes were blue and you thought you could see blue, but the color of the sky was actually just the color that you were going to see until you met your soulmate and then it would turn to a different color?  And everyone just supposed you could see blue because you had always said that the sky was blue but that was because you were told the sky was blue and so you thought you were seeing blue but what you were seeing wasn’t actually a color?  

…unlikely.  But still, possible.  

Needless to say, you could be a little tense about it sometimes.  And it didn’t always help that everyone around you seemed to be able to find their soulmates easily.  Or, at the very least, had one of the easier to deciper soulmarks.  Like “a countdown to your soulmate” or “a tattoo that tells you what you’re soulmate is most passionate about.”  Hell, at this point, you’d even welcome “a list of all your soulmate’s worst qualities on your arm.”

But no, life continued on.  You got older and saw more people meet their soulmates and find happiness and ever-lasting joy and you stayed single and anxiety ridden with worrying that maybe you would miss meeting your soulmate.  Or that you would meet them and you wouldn’t know it was them because you didn’t have a single clue as to who they were.

And then one day, it happened.

You woke up early for the first day of your new job, went to the bathroom.  Took your shower, went to brush your teeth and screamed.  

Staring back at you were your eyes and your face, but above that was definitely not your hair.

Or more precisely, it was your hair, just not the color you went to bed with the night before.  Brilliantly colored a truly ugly shade of green there could be no doubt that this was a result of your soulbond.

You had read about this one and laughed at it – thinking how ridiculous it was.  How you really hoped that you wouldn’t get this one.  That the years of not knowing would be worth it if you avoided this one.

But no, luck apparently, was never on your side.

And of course it would happen your first day at work…because when else would it happen?  Granted it was just a low-level entry position, but you wanted to present yourself professionally.  You scowled as you looked at your hair.  This was not professional. 

Luckily, problems caused by unmet soulmates tended to be given a certain amount of free passes. 

Bel punched his mirror.  For the past two years he had been put through hell and it was all that damn Frog’s fault.  

Once upon a time, the idiot illusionist had decided that it would be funny to dye the Prince’s hair green.  An absolutely hideous shade of green.  Which would have been fine, for the most part.  No missions for the next week, murder the Froggie and everything would have gone back to normal with Lus’ help.

Except apparently, this was the way his soulbond manifested itself.  

And this had irritated his soulmate.  

Revenge (totally misplaced, he might add) had been swift and merciless.

He had just managed to get the green out when his hair shimmered for a moment before going bubblegum pink. 

He had scowled, accepting the challenge.  And a battle that would go down in the history books started.

Apparently his soulmate had the mind of a strategist, because you had let his redye pass without incident.  Until right in the middle of a mission, Christmas Eve, half his hair went red, the other half green. He assumed you were using the same excuse as he - after all, unless someone was in the same room when he did, no one could prove that he had actually been the one to dye his hair pink and yellow for Easter - giving you a nice head of hair for the family pictures.  

But now…now he was left to figure out a way to top sparkles.  How the hell had you even managed that anyway?

Christmas Memories (KBTBB x MC) (Fluff)

To read my other works: Masterpost

Based on this angst prompt: “Why is the room spinning?”

“Why is the room spinning?”

I desperately tried to make sense of the world as it tilted in its axis. I was more worried that I would stain the carpets at the penthouse. Although I do wanted to work until work was the only thing left for me to focus on. I don’t want to create any other unnecessary work but if it helps keep the demons at bay, I would do that.

“Why is the room spinning?”

Those were the last words I uttered as the tray that held the champagne and flutes swayed and escaped from my hands. Falling. I was going to fall. And no one was going to catch me.

“Hey! Kid…”

The world went dark.


It was still dark when I opened my eyes.

No. Not entirely dark. Blinking lights from the outside came from the open windows. By the corner, there was a glow from a cigarette and smoke being blown soon followed.

“Please tell me I slept for an entire day,” I pleaded.

The red light was extinguished as the cigarette was put out in an ashtray. “Nah, kid. Still half an hour to Christmas Eve.”

I put a hand over my mouth and desperately tried to suppress a sob. It escaped anyways.

Mamo stepped into the light, his face stoic. “I might not be the best detective out there but from what I have seen and heard from the others, you’ve been running yourself ragged for this entire week. Work from day until late at night.You even signed up for a shift on Chrismas Eve and day. I know you’re trying to work hard to pay off the debt but..”  The bed dipped as he sat beside me. “What are you running from, kid?”

I slowly sat up. The world continued to spin, awaiting this special holiday. All I wanted to do was skip it. “I should apologize to Eisuke for breaking that expensive champagne. He’ll probably put it on my tab anyways.”

Mamo focused on my face. “And you’re not answering the question.”

Even with thoughts of despair and pain, anger flared up within. “And stop trying to interrogate me! I don’t answer to you!” Which was not true since they did buy me from the auction. They own me. But even someone cornered would retaliate.

He did not raise to the bait.

The silence was suffocating.

“I just don’t like Christmas. It’s all just…bad memories.” My hands curled on the sheets.

“So why not make new ones?” he asked if that was the most simplest thing to do.


He caught my chin with his hand. “Because everything moves on. And so shall you.”

Before I had time to reply, he released my chin and grabbed my hand, almost dragging me roughly out of the bed and room. We stopped in front of the door that lead to the lounge. He placed himself behind me, both of his hands firm on my shoulders. I know everyone would be behind the door. I don’t think I can handle any more questions.

“I can’t.” I took a step back but he stood his ground.

Mamo leaned down and whispered to my ear, “Would it be really so bad to make new memories with us?”. Again, there was no chance to respond as he pushed us in.

Eisuke was the first one to notice us. “Ah…so she’s awakened?”

Baba and Ota hurriedly came over. “Lady, I hope you’re not getting ill.” Baba held one my hands and kissed the back of it.

“Yeah! All work and no play makes Koro no fun!” Ota tugged at the other hand as Mamo continued to usher me in from behind.

Soryu sat on one of the solo chairs and made a rare comment, “You’ve worked hard plenty enough.”

They both me sat me down on the couch, expressing excitement and relief that I was there with them. Mamoru lit up another cigarette as Eisuke shouted words that he was tired of burn marks on the carpets. Like I was, Soryu was content on sipping his drink as the other chatted. The guys went all out as the penthouse was decked out with Christmas decorations and ornaments. Over the corner, a huge Christmas tree with extravagant trimmings and lots of presents underneath.

“Almost time for the main event!” Eisuke declared. Being a gentleman for the first time ever, he held out a hand to me. Is this what is Christmas like? A time for miracles? I grasped his hand as he gently pulled me up. He led me to the Christmas tree that was still unlit and handed me the star. “Since it’s your first Christmas with us, you’ll have the honor this year.”

I clutched the star close to my chest. A tightening started in my breast and if anything else happened, I was afraid I would unleash the floodgates. I just nodded and gave him a smile.

Until I found out that I was not tall enough. Instead of getting a chair or a ladder for me, Baba volunteered to be a step stool. “No peeking!” I warned him since I was still wearing my maid uniform.

“I’ll behave, my lady!” Baba promised.

I stepped on his back but it was still not enough height for my hand to reach the top.

Without any warning, Soryu strode over, put both his arms underneath my armpits and hoisted me up. I stretched and finally was able to get it on top of the tree. I don’t know if it was deliberate but I was slowly lowered down all the while brushing my body against Soryu’s. I turned around and thanked him. He blushed.

With great flourish, Eisuke turned on the Christmas lights. Baba and Ota popped some confetti and Mamoru handed me a glass of bubbly.

“What are we toasting to?” Ota asked.

I smiled. “To new memories!”

Mamoru toasted with a grin.

Bonus: I stretched my arms overhead and almost purred in satisfaction. Sunlight poured into the floor of the penthouse lounge. I must have fallen asleep on the floor. I sat up as a blanket fell from my shoulders.

I gasped.

What the hell was I wearing?

Silk purple robe untied. Underneath was red lingerie with matching thong and garter tights. On my neck was a lace collar. I felt something on my head which was a headband of fluffy cat ears. I immediately pulled the blanket up to my chest.

Someone snored.

This made me realize that they all fell asleep in a circle around me. Mamo on my right, Soryu on my left. Eisuke was the top of my head while Baba slept towards my right leg and Ota on the opposite leg.

They were also all naked from the top up!

I giggled. Memories indeed!


Author’s notes: My fluffy contribution for Christmas. What started out as a depressive day for me turned out into this Christmas fluffy. Readers, can you guess who gave what to MC? Merry Christmas!

Since it’s half past midnight, on Christmas Eve, for me… Happy Birthday despair sisters! \^v^/ I made some cursors of our favourite pair of twins, feel free to use as and how you see fit!

To put the cursors on your blog:

  1. Go into ‘‘Edit Theme” and click “Edit HTML”.
  2. Look for “<style> and </style>” in your HTML and paste this code up in between there
    *, body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(Cursor URL Goes Here), auto;}
  3. Right click on the cursor you want and copy the URL. Then you can replace “Cursor URL Goes Here” with that URL.
  4. Click “Update Preview” and then “Save”.

And there you have it. Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!

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some domestic solangelo Christmas fluff please (P.S. I love your blog 😄)

Holiday Surprises

Summary:  Between having finally spent Christmas eve together with one Will Solace after not getting much time for each other, he thought that it couldn’t get any better. He was wrong. Nico’s Holiday just keeps getting better

Hello, Anon! I hope you have a good celebration this year! Thank you for loving my blog!

It’s still about half a day before Christmas eve and yet Nico can’t help but feel a bit anxious. Yes, Will did promise to be home in time for them to welcome the 25th together but knowing how the other’s schedule works, Nico can only hope that no interruptions would happen this time. It did. unfortunately been inevitable before during Halloween and Thanksgiving when Will had been tangled into his work that they ended up not celebrating both holidays together.

This time, Will who actually works overtime for the past weeks had promised that they would be celebrating together. The doctor had been clearing up his schedule for both Christmas eve and the 25th itself and pulling out favors just so he really won’t have to work those days. And Nico knew that as much as he can, Will keeps his promises.

Still, the anxiousness didn’t ease up a bit.

Nico knew by then that he needed a distraction. Something, anything that can take his mind away from too much thinking or else he’ll end up stressing himself too much.

And that’s when an idea came to mind. With a determined mind, he set off to work.

“Nico? I’m home”

There was no answer.

Taking his shoes off, Will walked further inside and went straight to their bedroom thinking that maybe Nico had already fallen asleep, it was pretty late after all. He didn’t bother turning the lights on since he perfectly knew where to maneuver inside their apartment even under the dark.

However, Nico is not in their room. Strange.

With a slight frown, Will placed his things on the small table by their bedside and went out of the room. Maybe Nico had fallen asleep while waiting for him inside their kitchen like he would occasionally end up doing. With Will’s supposed dinner already gone cold and Nico already deep into slumber, with his head prompt up on the table, both his hands used as a makeshift pillow.

To Will’s immediate worry, Nico’s not in there too. Taking his phone out of his pocket, Will dialed the number he knew by heart and waited for it to start ringing. Not even half a minute later, he found Nico’s phone on the couch.

Knowing that the other won’t leave their apartment without his phone, Will knew by then that Nico’s there. Maybe, the other had fallen asleep in a corner again? It did happen on more than one occasion. With a quick stride to the light switch, Will finally decided to turn them on.

What greeted him is not something he had expected.

Because behold, what stands as his view right now is a living room filled with Christmas decors. And the tree, the very same Christmas tree they had bought two weeks ago after their last one lost its durability, is actually standing and fully decorated with the rare angel piece holding a harp sitting on top of it. There were also decorations, simple and yet still sending out that Christmas vibe all around their small living room.

Will can’t help but smile warmly at the gesture knowing the fact that as much as Nico likes celebrating Christmas, decorating for said holiday is one of his least favorite activity. Usually, Will had to talk to him with promises and bribery just so he would help set their tree up.

But this time, he had done the decorating himself.

Using the knowledge he had of Will talking nonstop on how their apartment would look this year. The blond didn’t bother hiding the soft chuckle from escaping his lips. And Nico had acted uninterested by that time too.

To his relief, Will finally found the other on their small balcony. Nico was sitting on that secondhand couch they had gotten together from a thrift store. The one that ended up in their balcony since it didn’t fit quite well inside their apartment.

Will stepped forward, about to gently shake Nico awake when he noticed a small table filled with bits of his favorite food and a bottle of wine at the side. Will knew that Nico isn’t one for romantic gestures, that’s more his job but when Nico does something, he would always make sure that he’ll have Will swooning.

And he is yet to fail his attempts.

There are times when Will would question how much he deserved someone like Nico. Today is definitely one of those times.

With a gentle smile sent to the other’s sleeping figure, Will decided to complete the whole set up himself. Gathering an extra white bedsheet from their cupboard, he had placed one on the table before rearranging the food back and placing a few holiday themed candles at the center. He then lit those up before deciding that now’s a good time to wake the other up.

“Nico? Baby, you need to get up or you might end up having a stiff neck” Will gently shake the other awake.

With eyes still half closed and voice still groggy, Nico spoke “Will? What time is it?”

“Around ten thirty” Nico’s eyes suddenly widened.

’“That late but… Oh. I’m so sorry, Will. I had fallen asleep” Nico sounded really guilty as he looked at Will “I was trying to prepare something nice for when you get home and I just intended for a quick nap but I must not have heard my alarm and I’m really sorry. I’m almost done preparing, though”

“I finished the rest of the preparations, don’t worry about it. Okay?” Will, who felt really warmed by Nico’s sweet gesture had gently cupped Nico’s cheeks and pulled the other along for a shared kiss. “I saw what you did and thank you. I know how much you hated decorating but you still did for me”

Nico smiled “I guess decorating isn’t that bad after all. I haven’t placed the gifts under the tree yet, though”

“We can do that tomorrow” Will hummed “But for now, why don’t we just sit here. We can celebrate here and stare up at the sky. It’s a lot more beautiful tonight”

Nico smiled at the prospect “And point at stars because you’re a dork and you’ll obviously make me do it with you. But, can we do a lot of cuddling with it? That would be great, you know. I miss cuddling with you”

Will sighed heavily before engulfing the other in a hug. “Sorry, I’ve been really busy these past weeks. I promise you, I’ll try clearing some of them out so we can spend more time together”

“That’s good and all but I mostly want you to clear time for yourself too” Nico lead the other back towards the couch and the two sat comfortably side by side. With Nico’s head rested on Will’s shoulder.“You’ve been exhausting yourself, Will. You haven’t had any decent amount of rest in weeks. I’m just… I’m really worried”

“I’m sorry” Will sounded really genuine as he intertwined their hands together “It’ll be over soon, I promise. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be back to my normal schedule”

“Hm. Better be meaning it, Will Solace” Nico let out a small yawn “You still haven’t told me the reason why you’ve been working your ass out. I know for sure that we’re not running behind on bills even if the novel I submitted won’t get that much positive response in the market”

“I’ll tell you about it soon, Okay? And your novel would sell, have faith” Will gently run his hand on Nico’s locks making the other moan a bit in appreciation before letting out another yawn. “Are you still sleepy?’”

“A bit. How much longer till Christmas?”

“Around half an hour more”

“I can stay awake that long as long as you snuggle with me?”

“I’ll go get a blanket”

Nico hummed happily “And hot cocoas. The wine can be for later”

“Of course. With whipped cream and topped with mini marshmallows for you” Will placed a quick kiss on Nico’s forehead before heading back inside.

When Nico woke up the next Christmas morning, he had half expected to see Will already grinning at him while wearing one of his ugly Christmas sweaters and playing carols at full volume. The other half expected the smell of freshly baked holiday-themed cookies and the sound of Will’s melodic whistling of Rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

However, there was none of those. If ever, the house is actually too silent for his liking.

Did Will get an emergency call?

Nico finally decided to get out of bed, having been undoubtedly carried by his husband the night before. Going straight to the bathroom to at least freshen up a bit, he saw a little note posted

“Good morning, Sunshine. Merry Christmas. Dress up a little, will you? Doesn’t have to be fancy cause you look good in everything. I’ll be waiting for you outside”

-Love you always and forever

“Where are we going?”

“Sunshine, if I tell you now it’ll ruin the surprise” Will steered to the left “We’re almost there anyway. Just a few more minutes”

“Fine. I believe you” Nico then focused on the road and found himself bing deeply immersed that he didn’t even notice their car had stopped until Will gently tapped his shoulder.

“Come on, we’ll have to walk a bit before we get there”

With a sigh, Nico followed but wasn’t really focused on his surroundings up until he heard Will’s voice behind him.

“We’re here”

Here? Where? Nico finally focused on where they are only to have his eyes looking wider than how they usually were. With the given situation, Who wouldn’t?

After all, he found himself standing near the front gate of an orphanage.

“Will? What’s going on?” Nico asked, his gaze wavering towards the other. “Why are we here?”

“I had been thinking, about your suggestion” Will spoke rather seriously “and I think you’re right. Maybe, this is the best time for us to adopt. We’re not getting younger”

Nico looked at the other in shock. A few months ago, Nico had bought up the idea of them adopting kids of their own which Will, shockingly had turned down stating that with the current living state that they have, adopting a child isn’t the best idea. Nico felt by then that it wasn’t the real case but decided to trust Will’s judgment.

“But, you said that adopting wouldn’t be the best idea for now” Nico looked at the other, face filled with confusion

“It’s not that I don’t want kids. I would love us to have a complete family it’s just that… when you suggested it, you’re kind of in a bad timing?” Nico raised a brow obviously unimpressed but still daring for Will to continue.

“Sorry, did I word it out wrong?” Will sighed as he reached to grab both of Nico’s hands and intertwine it with his “The thing is, I actually kind of want to be the one to bring the idea to you?”

“That is not the kind of answer I had been expecting” Nico frowned slightly “Where’s the difference in me suggesting and you bringing it up?”

“Nothing!” Will gently pacified “It’s just, the reason I had been going on overnight shifts is because I had been saving up”

“For what?”

“…A house of our own”

“Please explain”

“I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible, I did, after all, promised you a good life” Will explained “And sure, with our current state, the apartment is fine but the kind of environment it has isn’t really ideal for the family we’ll plan on having”

“But a house, Will? Why haven’t you told me? I could have helped you with it” Nico spoke a little hurt “We’re supposed to do things together, help each other out but I feel like you wanted to carry the burdens alone and that’s not how things are supposed to work”

“I know that and I’m sorry for keeping things a secret. I just really want to give you a surprise”

“I am indeed surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I like the house. It’s one of our dreams, after all, and I wouldn’t mind if we start living there” Nico explained “But the apartment would have still worked with a few adjustments. It’s not that bad to raise a family there”

“I know that too but I would feel more comfortable with a place we can call our own. A place much safer and secure”

“Okay, I get your point. But, still, why haven’t you told me?”

“It was supposed to be my birthday gift for you, but there’s been a bit of change in my plans after you brought up the idea if us having kids”

“Sometimes, I get too overwhelmed with the amount of affection you’re giving me” Nico smiled and reached out to give the other a quick kiss on his cheek “I have to admit, a house and the possibility of having kids of our own are the best gifts ever. I’m sorry I don’t have a gift that can compare”

Will gave his lover a deep kiss before pulling out, “You’re still the best gift that has ever happened to me”

“How modest. Quite indeed my ideal man” Nico grinned “But, I’m wondering, why are we here on Christmas day? Don’t tell me you’ve gone through the whole processing for this too and we’re actually here to choose a child?”

“I wish but that isn’t the case” Will had let out a chuckle “I figured we could get some getting used to with a few kids? See where we’re good at and the things we fail with? So we can adjust ourselves and see where we’ll go from there?” Will explained “So, I kind of made a few arrangements so we can spend Christmas with the kids here”

“That is…”

“A bit too overwhelming?”

“Yes, but we’ve already established that you’ve exceeded my expectations. Anyways, it’s fine” Nico smiled “It’s one reason why I love you anyway”

Will smiled as he reached for Nico’s hand,

“Shall we go in?”

Not much of a domestic vibe but I hope you like this, anon!

Happy birthday, Ochibi!

To the one and only cheeky brat, the Prince of Tennis, Echizen Ryoma. Here is to the fact that I’m positive they only give you one present for both your birhtday and Christmas

@starfirechan continued from here

The mountains! There was an idea. “I can hike into the mountains myself, but thanks. Still…that would take forever.” You wouldn’t have to climb too high up to get some snow this time of year; probably just to Oaken’s. But that was at least a half day’s trip. That would be a waste of half her Christmas Eve. “Where’s Elsa when you need her? I can’t believe they’re making her work today. It’s not fair!” 

RWBY Conversations with my friend

Me: Do you think the other half of the Christmas eve episode will be Yang, Oscar or the evildoers?

Friend: Hoping Yang. Though am curious about Oscar

Me: Hah. I’d love if we get Yang coming out for christmas talk about making the Yuletide gay

Friend: Most wonderful gift ever

Take My Heart This Christmas [on ao3]

Clarke keeps telling Bellamy he doesn’t need to rely a Christmas decoration to get affection. He doesn’t listen.

(a/n: one last bout of holiday fluff! it’s been fun, y’all)

Clarke comes home three days before Christmas to Bellamy’s denim-clad ass directly in her line of sight.

She stops just inside the duplex, door slamming behind her. “What the fuck?”

It’s not that it’s unusual to see Bellamy in her house. Clarke had met Octavia, his sister, while looking to sublease the spare bedroom two years ago, and the Craigslist ad had turned into a serendipitous friendship with mutually beneficial living arrangements. Bellamy had come with Octavia. Somehow, during their debates over the importance of considering World War II when dealing with the refugee crisis and whether Daredevil or Jessica Jones had gotten better Netflix adaptations, he had wormed his way into Clarke’s inner circle of friends and now held no qualms about simply letting himself into their place with his “emergency” key. Hell, he spends as many nights curled up on the daybed Clarke keeps in her office-slash-studio as at his own apartment.

It’s not even that she’s opposed to seeing Bellamy’s ass first thing upon coming home. It’s a good ass. She’d be cool with seeing more of it, generally speaking.

It’s just that it’s not usually five feet above the ground as Bellamy stands on the ladder they keep in the laundry nook, fiddling with something over the entryway to the living room.

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Pentatonix December Challenge Day 24: PTXas Song

This song has such personal meaning for me. I grew up listening to this song on repeat for almost half an hour every Christmas Eve while my Nana made dinner in the kitchen. Every one knew in my family that when I disappeared into the living room, that this is what I was doing. Ever since my Nana died, this song has been special to me. For a long time, I couldn’t even listen to it because I would get too emotional.

I’m fiercely protective of this song and a bad rendition makes me very upset. Pentatonix’s cover of this song is perfection and honestly, the first time listening to a version of it that doesn’t make me overly emotional (in a bad way. It made it emotional in a good way).

So, thank you, Pentatonix.

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