half christmas eve

Advent: Christmas Eve

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Her phone rings and it takes all of her resolve to not pick up immediately. She lets it sound twice and bites her lip smiling at her almost juvenile giddiness.


Despite the fact that she hasn’t run to answer, her own name somehow still sounds breathless against the receiver. 

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Since it’s half past midnight, on Christmas Eve, for me… Happy Birthday despair sisters! \^v^/ I made some cursors of our favourite pair of twins, feel free to use as and how you see fit!

To put the cursors on your blog:

  1. Go into ‘‘Edit Theme” and click “Edit HTML”.
  2. Look for “<style> and </style>” in your HTML and paste this code up in between there
    *, body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(Cursor URL Goes Here), auto;}
  3. Right click on the cursor you want and copy the URL. Then you can replace “Cursor URL Goes Here” with that URL.
  4. Click “Update Preview” and then “Save”.

And there you have it. Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!

This is how you love her.

Make her a mix tape of every song she’s ever loved and some you love together.

Despite your hate for tourist traps and shopping in general, battle your way past half of the NYPD on Christmas Eve to procure a small blue box for her containing pure perfection.

Drive five hours in the middle of the night just to crawl in beside her only hours before the sun comes up.

Whisper “I’ve missed you” into her neck and make love to her like you haven’t seen her in weeks, when in fact it has only been two days.

Fall asleep holding her hand and kiss it to wake her up in the morning, then kiss her everywhere else until you are both glistening with sweat and bathed in amber sunlight.

Drive back home again, but this time take her with you, singing every song she’s ever loved and some you love together.

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The mountains! There was an idea. “I can hike into the mountains myself, but thanks. Still…that would take forever.” You wouldn’t have to climb too high up to get some snow this time of year; probably just to Oaken’s. But that was at least a half day’s trip. That would be a waste of half her Christmas Eve. “Where’s Elsa when you need her? I can’t believe they’re making her work today. It’s not fair!” 

Happy birthday, Ochibi!

To the one and only cheeky brat, the Prince of Tennis, Echizen Ryoma. Here is to the fact that I’m positive they only give you one present for both your birhtday and Christmas