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Dreams of a Life, 2011

This is a documentary. It’s not creepy but it’s very sad. It’s about Joyce Vincent, a woman who died alone in her flat and wasn’t found for three years. She died of an unknown cause, with the TV on, surrounded by half-wrapped Christmas presents.

Deep sea merm wip

You are

The Jack to my Sally
The Shaggy to my Velma
The Gomez to my Morticia
The Edward to my Kim
The Beast Boy to my Raven
The Danny to my Sam
The Hades to my Persephone
The Heroin Bob to my Trish
The Aragorn to my Arwen

You are the other half of my heart I never knew I was missing.

My God, I can’t wait to be sitting next to my wife and see my children stumbling down the stairs, half asleep in their Christmas pajamas. Watching their eyes light up when they see what Santa brought them and experiencing the magic of Christmas through their eyes. The hushed laughs of wrapping gifts, so the kids don’t hear. The wine drunk tip toeing while putting the presents out. The jumping on the bed, telling us that Santa came. I want it all.

Was watching the DW BFI panel from this year and now I’ve become super conscious of the amount of work that went into series 10.

Peter looked quite knackered. Pearl too, but it was her first press preview so she was bit perky. They spent 10 months shooting everything. Then they had this panel. Who knows how many times they had to go back to the studio to re-record dialogue in the past 3 months. Peter shot additional scenes within the space of 2-3 weeks of the finale being aired.

Not to forget, Brian Minchin running between production departments, making sure everything is on time and within budget. He’s taking care of executive decisions for the costume, art, set design, and press releases. Decisions being made quickly.

Steven working with the writers. Looking at scripts. Making sure everything is perfect for read-through and final shoot script. Then taking care of things Brian isn’t involved with. Sitting in an office for crazy amount of time. And honestly, I don’t know what else this man has time for but he certainly isn’t playing with dolls in his office.

Coming back to Peter, he’s sitting there, seemingly half-listening. If this weren’t his first press rodeo, everyone would’ve judged him to be too callous. Except he’s not, he’s saying little and simply listening. He talks about being unable to internalize the bigger story arcs because he’s too focused on playing some ‘x’ scene in 'y’ different ways. He cannot tell you what specific thing he loved doing in those 10 months because he can’t let his mind linger too long on one thing since he needs to move on to perfecting something else.

He, Pearl, and need to do the read-through where they assess each other’s tone and dictation. They have to learn 6-8 pages of dialogue for 1-2 scenes for every 1-2 days. A total 'x’ number of days will makes up 'y’ number of shooting block weeks for episode.

They need to do 'a’ number of rehearsals before doing 'b’ number of takes, all of which are utterly unique and different from each other. Some of these incorporate storyboarded ideas from the director’s pov or perhaps the actors’ prerogative. This allows director to work with 'c’ number of rushes, of which ’d’ number is used to make the first edit. Or an edit closest to the script version. This is sent back-and-forth between audio and visual.

Audio people are adding sound effects and dubbed dialogue. Murray Gold and orchestra are furiously recording and/or making music off the fly. I can’t even wrap my brain around it because how does Murray know how some final cut 'x’ scene fits perfectly with what the Actor/Director have done.

The visuals involve directors talking to set designers and costume. The actors contribute ideas. The writers have ideas. Everyone is talking about the look and feel and sensibilities of a scene. Not to mention, costume and set design are busily working on the other details we don’t give credit for it might include a giant bridge on the Thames or an actor’s body measurements for costume fitting.

Consider the scouting, procurement, filming difficulties of shooting on location. Half-finished buildings or imaginary buildings being CGI-ed into the final cut. Monsters which are imagined and running up a hill. Who else is involved: The people doing lighting. The people doing the audio. The people doing the running between people with handwritten notes. The people feeding everyone. The people providing security. The people doing the driving, the lifting, the cleaning, the packing, the fixing, double roles, triple, quadruple roles. God knows what ordered chaos this all must be.

They started in June 2016. They completed shooting some 290 days later. They aired the first episode Apr 15 2017. Today is July 3 2017, two days after the finale aired. They have already incorporated significant scenes for Christmas which was put into the two-parter finale. They have already done publicity shots. The Christmas special is majorly underway.

And let’s not forget the significant press involved over the past 3 months. The preview shows. Peter doing comic-cons in two major cities abroad. Steven doing interviews everywhere. Radio Times want to do a feature. Doctor Who Magazine going to print.

I don’t know how these guys do it, but the making of every series of Doctor Who is nothing short of a labour of love. And they aren’t giving you pixelated, shaking sets, and rubber monsters. This is high quality Blu-ray DVD transmission stuff. Every single person on that production is working to time and overtime to give us this content.

I feel nothing but gratitude towards Team DW. Every person in that crew is someone without whom we could not have this show. Thank you, Team DW!


BB19 Pre-Season Favorites: Alex, Christmas, Dominique, Elena, Jessica, and Mark


“The only thing we’re allowed to do… is to believe that we won’t regret the choice we made.” | Happy Birthday Levi! (25.12)

A while back @benaya-trash drew this wonderful art for my long!fic: To Build a Home (Of Sorts). I absolutely love it so thank you so much!!!

“You’re back,” he said in more of a question.

“Yeah, I am,” Stiles answered.

“For how long?”

That is when the silence kicked in for real, and Stiles went rigid and nervous, “uh…well, Derek, that depends on you.”

“On me?”

“I’m not doing the map anymore, I sorta ripped it up. Self-righteous I know,” Stiles babbled, “and, I kind of ran out on you and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I never let you explain the whole Skype thing. Then again, I can totally understand if I overstepped, I was only half kidding about Christmas. Anyways…um I just, you have this big house all to yourself and I don’t really feel like going back to Beacon Hills for a while and I just thought….I just figured if–ya know if it was cool with you maybe I could stay?”

Derek opened his mouth, a response half baked in his throat, but Stiles kept on going.  

“Of course I’d help and stuff, this time I promise not to nail my shirt to anything. I mean I assume you’re going to be putting furniture in soon. If it’s from Ikea I can totally help with that, I am the master of those things, Scott assembled his desk the wrong way after two hours but I fixed it in about thirty minutes. Like I said, master of Ikea stuff. Also despite what you may have seen at my dad’s house I promise not to leave a huge mess. Okay…maybe my habit of leaving towels on the floor will take a while to kick, but I’ll try and remember not to do that and–”

“Stiles,” Derek interjected, setting the glass down with a loud thunk, “I leave towels on the floor too.”

That was the last thing Stiles expected him to say. His jaw fell to the ground in shock, eyes nearly bulging out of his head. Stiles let out a small laugh and Derek let himself get lost in it. The laugh went on for a few more seconds before dissipating, the joy replaced with a newfound seriousness.

“Wait–was that a yes?”

Derek looked up from his hands, the easy answer heavy on his tongue.


Stiles let out a long sounding sigh, his shoulders falling and face relaxing from its pinched state. The house would no longer be silent for days on end, Cora would no longer be the only person he talked to, the house would no longer just be a house.

Suddenly, with Stiles here, it had the potential to be a home.

Find this fic on AO3: HERE

Fandom: Oh no! Not the gel hair! I can’t believe they are making aaron go back to that style! WHY?!?!?!


*whispers to fandom* Just let me have my moment please. A girl can dream right??? I am just trying to find any excuse for him NOT to go back to that god awful hairstyle haha

Wait just a minute... in that last gifset I reblogged (by arnoselise)...

Did Dany actually lick her lips?

Did this girl actually lick her lips after glancing knowingly at Missandei when:

1. They’d just finished engaging in “girl talk” about sex, and

2. Jon just showed up at the bottom of the staircase?

This is making me want to look at that scene closely again – is it just me & my computer, or did she lick her lips like Jon was a snack or smthg? Look at her mouth when she turns away from Missandei… and toward Jon!

One thing’s for sure. These two are going to end us if current politics don’t.


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.