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Hi!! I’m open for commissions for the winter and I wanted to update my commission prices a bit with new examples.

extra info:

  • Will send wips!
  • Extra characters will be $10+
  • furries A-OKAY!
  • Gore/Guro + some nudity also A-OKAY
  • Payment is through paypal!!

Please feel free to send me an ask or the the tumblr messenger for more info/questions/ or for ordering!

Reblogs greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

DAY TWO of Christmas countdown is dedicated to @einpaarundthensome and @cryingfrompayne, two people I got to know via tumblr this year. You both mean a lot to me:)

Now that I actually have time, I’ll be posting a drawing each day up until Christmas day and dedicate it to people here on tumblr as a little gift. I obviously can’t make one for everybody that I would want to draw for, but I’m gonna do my best, and if I don’t mess up totally I’ll try to keep it going to New Years Eve too.
Happy Holidays!


Thank you for all your support i never thought i would reach 230+ followers!!!!!

1 st: (1 winner)
-Digital . colored . shaded . colored lines .Simple bg . chibi/Normal . to the thighs (full if chibi) . 1 char

2nd: (1 winner)
- Digital . colored . no shading . one color/white bg . one color lines . chibi/Normal . half body . 1-2 char

3 rd: (2-3 winners)
-Digital . colored . no shading . one color/simple patterns .one color lines . chibi/normal . icon . 1-4 chars (plz ignore the shading in the following ex since i can’t find one

4th: (2-4 winners)
-Traditional . colored . slightly shading (i’ll try ;w;) ,simple bg , one color lines , chibi/normal .full body . 1-2 chars 

5th place: (3-5 winners)
- Traditional . no colors . no bg . one color lines . chibi . full body . 1-5 chars (lol)

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(might do extras)

AYE finally I decide to draw my little sons !!!!

Group photo with PJO males !!!



Art tag // Art blog

Hello everybody! I’m opening commisions for the first time ever (I’m really nervous!), if anyone is interested send me an IM/ask. Also be sure to check my art tag/art blog for examples and styles!

  • Elaborate backgrounds will come at an additional cost depending on the complexity.
  • Price is per character so any extra character will have an additional cost.
  • Do: Fanart, OCs (with reference)
  • Don’t: Mecha, NS/FW, F/etish, G/ore, Harmful subjects 
  • Prices are up to change and discussion depending on the complexity of the commission.
  • Chibis get half price
  • Payment will be via Paypal only

If you have any questions feel free to ask and thank you for your time!

So I was thinking, since I have a “Master’s degree” on drawing cute chibis, I might as well try it with Shantae.

This scene is obviously a reference to the Rottytops race in Shantae for the Gameboy Color. The first time I played trough this part I found myself bashing my head over and over with tree trunks, stones and everything around, trying to figure out the timing and remembering the obstacles (I guess just like many more gamers did). And poor Shantae had to go trough all that, just trying to save her brains from becoming an unusual appetizer.

Of course, Rotty, being such a dear, gave us as many tries as we wanted. It makes you wonder… Maybe one of the benefits of being undead is unlimited stamina since Rotty is just as fast and energetic as Sonic!

Just look at that cute face, she’s obviously hiding something XD