half chibi

Dunno if i should do more of those…

One week until the con! Chibis for stickers. I had to adapt my chibi style heavily since my usual kind of half chibi-ish style doesn’t fit small stickers. So this will have to do.

AYE finally I decide to draw my little sons !!!!

Group photo with PJO males !!!

I kinda just wish it would disappear ★

I laughed, cried and got angry countless times at your words
I cling to the memories of those days as I walk along

Roll Initiative

It’s finally done. Chibis of my ten main D&D characters. (Believe me, I have more, but I couldn’t do that to myself.)

From the top left, it goes:

Kendrah Valheim: Human fighter
Eivin Aithien: Half-elf ranger
Cadie Devahris: Half-elf Dirgesinger
Kordellah Votansdottir: Half-elf cleric of Odinn
Lavinia Gemglass: Halfling rogue, Guildmaster
Hadiyya Al Isra: Djinn sorceress
Maka Deepblood: Orc fighter
Nada Khalid: Human Exemplar
Nadeerah Dol’Kathi: Drow Assassin
Arradeth Calaren: Tiefling Sorcerer 

I’ll be closing my commissions temporarily again on the 26th until the 1st of June where they’ll reopen for the rest of summer!

Commission list currently looks like this and I’m hoping to fill up the rest of the slots;

  1. Taken
  2. Taken
  3. Taken(?) 

So feel free to throw me a message! :D

Commission prices are as follows;

C h i b i

Non Coloured [£10 / $6USD / $8CAD / €11]

Coloured [£10 / $12USD / $17CAD / €11]

H e a d s h o t


Non Coloured [£10 / $12USD / $17CAD / €11]

Coloured [£15 /$17USD / $26CAD / €17]

H a l f B o d y

Non Coloured [£20 / $25USD / $35CAD / €23]
Coloured [£25 / $32USD / $42CAD / €29]


 Non Coloured [£15 /$17USD / $26CAD / €17]   

Colour [£20 / $25USD / $35CAD / €23]

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It’s my first time doing this so for now I’ll only do half-body and chibi. You can check my art tag for more art samples and see what you like best! ✿♥‿♥✿

After you’ve sent me your message, I will draw a skecth to see if that’s what you want yet, once agreed I will send a money request through Paypal and complete the commission after you have paid for it. 

You can use the commission for personal use (avatar, icon,…) or upload it to your website (DA, tumblr,…) as long as you credit me. Please do not use my work for commercial purpose.

Thank you so much! (´∀`)♡


Thank you for all your support i never thought i would reach 230+ followers!!!!!

1 st: (1 winner)
-Digital . colored . shaded . colored lines .Simple bg . chibi/Normal . to the thighs (full if chibi) . 1 char

2nd: (1 winner)
- Digital . colored . no shading . one color/white bg . one color lines . chibi/Normal . half body . 1-2 char

3 rd: (2-3 winners)
-Digital . colored . no shading . one color/simple patterns .one color lines . chibi/normal . icon . 1-4 chars (plz ignore the shading in the following ex since i can’t find one

4th: (2-4 winners)
-Traditional . colored . slightly shading (i’ll try ;w;) ,simple bg , one color lines , chibi/normal .full body . 1-2 chars 

5th place: (3-5 winners)
- Traditional . no colors . no bg . one color lines . chibi . full body . 1-5 chars (lol)

(Like AND reblog for a chance for the 1st and 2nd place )
(like/reblog for 3rd,4th and 5th place)
(might do extras)

So in honor of the fact that a mere REBLOG blog– heck guys all we did was reblog other people’s content– got 6k+ followers….I think it’s time we start creating more original content instead of just reblogging, and I have a few ideas for it but keep in mind we have never done this before, (cause we have no idea how to run a blog tbh) so bear with us;;;please;;;;

First of all, Mod Killua is going to start making more art. Doodles, serious art, etc. Obviously of Killua.(Not sure if Mod Gon will do the same, but time will tell).

Second, Mod Killua just figured out how to work Cards Against Humanity Online to create custom decks, so if you guys want to start having mod-hosted games, please tell us.

Third, Mod Gon and Mod Killua are willing to do an art raffle. 3 winners in first, second, or third place will get drawings as follows: first one gets any type of drawing of their choice, 2nd can get full colored but more simple drawing, and 3rd can get base-colored picture/lineart/sketch.

Rules for Art Raffle include:

>Current followers as of today, March 6
>Only reblogs of this post count
>Deadline is March 20th, 11:59 pm CST
>When a winner is chosen, and if a group picture is requested, the group maximum will be 2~3 people. 
>no nsfw
>Full body/Half body/Chibi requests possible but obviously some take longer than others.
>I forgot to add before but p l e a s e make hxh only requests since the result will be posted on this blog.

We will be tagging this event as #art raffle!

Hi!! I’m open for commissions for the winter and I wanted to update my commission prices a bit with new examples.

extra info:

  • Will send wips!
  • Extra characters will be $10+
  • furries A-OKAY!
  • Gore/Guro + some nudity also A-OKAY
  • Payment is through paypal!!

Please feel free to send me an ask or the the tumblr messenger for more info/questions/ or for ordering!

Reblogs greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!