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The Orc Bandits

The Party: Rowan, Wood Elf Monk CN, Twig, Halfing Ranger CG, Barf Oakendick, Hill Dwarf Bard, CN, and Komodius Fleetwing, Dragonborn Rouge, CN. All first time players.

Misson: Stop bandits from disrupting trade to a large city. The past winter has been so rough that most citizens are starving even with the blessing of the Goddess of harvest making an area perfect.

After single handedly defeating two orcs on the road, the monk decides that one needs to be put on a spike with his head between his feet and his cut off wang in his mouth.

The next day the body is missing and they run into more Orcs. Their leader is absolutely furious as they killed his son dishonorably.

Bard: Was he the one with his dick in his mouth? I didn’t realize all orcs were into that…

Furious battle later only the Bard and stealthy Halfling are still standing against the chief. As he raises his scimitar to strike down the Dwarf…

Halfling OOC: (Nat 20 on hit) I want to shoot him in the butt.

Me: As you pull back, seeing you good friend about to be struck down, your eyes narrow on your target. You let fly and eatch as your arrow rips through the skin of the orcs rear and snags on his scrotum, pulling it and his dick off with violent force. Oakendick, roll a dex save.

Bard: Nat 20. I want to catch it and shove it in his mouth. Like father like son.

The Rogue proceeds to fail his 3rd Death Save.


Emergency Commissions

Hey guys! I have a HUGE rent payment due before I even move and I really need all the money I can get right now so I’m cutting my original commission prices to only £15 per character half body full CG! 

~This is a limited time offer as my prices are usually double this~

I will draw: original characters, fanart, gore and any pairings

I will NOT draw: nsfw (kissing is fine), furry, incest, mecha etc.
I have the right to decline your request if it makes me uncomfortable or is too difficult.

If you have any questions please email me!

My email is gracie_o@hotmail.co.uk (it’s also my paypal address)



Character requested by April giveaway winner hope-in-resonance!

iPhone 5 wallpaper of Samon from Enchanted in the Moonlight! >w<

I’m sorry it took me so long! School and other obligations have been keeping me busy, but I wanted to put my time into making it. All the EITM CGs are cut off, so I did my best to draw in the bottom half of the CG after editing out the onigiri; I hope it doesn’t look too weird ; w ;

You can find the GO Locker version for Android phones on my edits page. I hope you enjoy!