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As You Like It: Half Calf*, Full Audio

Hark, hear the audio of the 1967 National Theatre production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, in which Jeremy starred as Orlando! This is with an all-male cast and I’ve posted a few pics and articles about it before.

Here is an obligatory visual aid to help with listening: Jeremy Brett in capris as Orlando and Ronald Pickup as Rosalind (who, btw, played Barrymore in Granada’s The Hound of the Baskervilles 20 years later).

*For another visual aid, see one thousand Jeremys.

Audio, Part One:

Audio, Part Two:

Mmm, here. You need another:

Love you all! ;)


Immanuel Kant’s Birthday Anniversary, April 22, 1724

Today is the birthday of one of the most important philosophers in western history, Immanuel Kant. Kant was a German philosopher born in 1724 whose work was highly influential in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics. Kant’s work was crucial to the philosophical movement of German Idealism which, at its core, holds that what we understand about the external world is dependent on how we perceive it, and that things have no qualities ‘in and of themselves’. The main work which sparked this intellectual movement was Kant’s Critik der reinen Vernunft, or, in English, Critique of Pure Reason.

This first edition of Kant’s Critik der reinen Vernunft was published in 1781 by Johann Friedrich Hartknoch (1740-1789). Hartknock started his career as a publisher in Kӧnigsberg working for Johann Jakob Kanter in 1762. In 1765 Hartknock started publishing on his own in Riga, where he soon started publishing Kant’s work. Kant worked with various publishers prior to meeting Hartknoch, but was reluctant to partner with any other publisher after Hartknoch’s death in 1789. Along with Kant’s Critik der reinen Vernunft, Hartknoch published many of his other works including a lesser known work, Prolegomena zu einer jeden künftigen Metaphysik die als Wissenschaft wird auftreten können, or in English Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics That Will Be Able to Present Itself as a Science, which we also have here in its first edition. Published in 1783, Kant wrote this piece as a response to the massive amount of critiques he received on the Critique.

Both books in our collection have stood the test of time for the most part, but unfortunately they Kant be shelved outside of their respective boxes. However, they are both still unique in their own way. Our copy of the Critique has a beautiful speckled-calf half binding. This process is done by treating the skin with acid to make the ‘speckled’ pattern seen here. The Proglegomena is bound with paste paper over boards. For this process the paper is colored with pigment and starch paste to form a pattern and then glued on the board. The starch and pigment must be heated up to thicken the solution, and then, once it is cooled, it is combined with paint to create the desired color.


V:LD Flower Shop/Tattoo Parlor AU

bc it was abt damn time! holy hell i’ve been working on this forEVER damn me and my “attention to detail”. anyway have fun bc i did :)


  • 26 and 6′
  • Sephardi Jew
  • Owner of ‘Altean Florals’
  • Dresses mainly in pastels
  • Lives in the loft above her shop (it’s a 2-story building – 3 if u include the basement - used for storage mostly but also a lil exercise room)
  • Is Terrifyingly Calm™ in the middle of customer blow ups tht all her employees run for cover when she puts on her Customer Smile™
  • Team Mom of her shop (Flower Mom)
    • Sometimes called the Flower Queen/Goddess by her Altean Florals fam
  • Sings when watering the plants
    • Also talks to them
  • Might or might not b a plant witch (Lance’s “conspiracy”)
  • Wears giant sunhats during summer, gardening, out in the greenhouse, etc.
  • Has a “mild” crush on the Sweet, Cute, and Funny™ tattoo artist next door (aka Shiro)
  • Only person who calls Shiro by his first name (”Oh, hello, Takashi!”) instead of his nickname
  • More Jewish Allura -
    • mezuzah at doorways for both her shop and her actual apt
    • goes to temple for the holidays
    • hasn’t done shabbat since the death of her parents (bc they’re not around to keep the tradition/schedule up)
    • always puts hanukah decorations up in the shop (menorah up at apt window too)
    • bakes holiday treats for her employees
    • starts inviting Shiro to passover dinner w her temple friends when they start getting Serious™
    • Watches her bat mitzvah videos when she misses her parents
    • Spends Rosh&Yom w the Holts
  • V active - knowledgeable in all dance styles, surfs, hikes, rock climbs, kickboxing (and some other fighting styles), gymnast but hasn’t competed since high school
  • Fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, French, English, and Spanish
    • Since she learned Arabic and Hebrew simultaneously, in the mornings before she’s fully awake she only responds in either of those two (even tho she wakes up early to open shop, she’s not AWAKE awake until like… 11ish)
  • Has a couple of tattoos she got in college, doesn’t go out of her way to hide or show them off… just kinda like “oh yeah they’re there hmm”
    • a solar eclipse on her left outer thigh
    • a trail of lion paw prints following the curve on the top of her right foot, biggest by big toe and decreasing size until smallest by ankle bone
  • Likes sweets esp fruity flavors
  • Was a History major and Foreign Language minor at uni
  • Can drink anyone under the table
  • V confrontational outside of work, esp to rude dudes
  • Fave music genre: disco, nu disco, and similar dance music


  • 42 and 5′11
  • Australian
  • Landlord of both the flower shop and the tattoo parlor
  • An actual friendly landlord whose tenants actually like
  • Never seems to get angry (at least to his delightful tenants)
  • Frequents Altean Florals for all his floral needs!
  • Likes to garden and receives tips and advice from Allura and the rest of the AF crew (and yes i did just realize tht her shop initials r AF)
  • Frequents CCH for all his energy and coffee bean needs
  • V outdoorsy and athletic - camping, hiking, fishing, boxing, etc.
  • Cheery af. A literal ray of sunshine!
  • Supes strong u wouldn’t expect it
  • Everyone is jealous of his mustache (obvi but like tenfold)
  • Watches and reads a lot of NatGeo and similar, always spouting animal facts tht no one knos how to deal w (The Nature Guy)
  • Fave music genre: 50-80s classic rock


  • 24 and 6′4″
  • Samoan? (i still like this hc leftover from my mermaid au)
  • Florist
  • Played varsity volleyball in high school and was captain of her college team
    • Was a Biology major w a concentration in Botany, and a Geology minor at uni
  • An absolute sweetheart and gets easily flustered when customers r starting to b difficult so Lance or Hunk usually step in and save her (she usually prefers to work on the arrangements and nursery in the back bc of it)
  • Is extra sweet to Hunk (slightly crushing on him)
  • Has short curly hair and multiple ear piercings
  • Likes making jewelry
  • Opens up shop for Allura during Jewish holidays
  • Always buys a bottle of Lance’s vegan nail polish whenever he makes a new color
  • Sings while watering plants or working on arrangements – actually p good at singing
  • Still v athletic after graduating – surfs, jogs every morning, various fighting styles (judo, bjj, tkd, w.e the Samoan native fighting style is?, etc)
    • Supes strong - can and has bench pressed Lance
  • Assistant coach for local middle school age travel vball team
  • Bakes for fun
  • Studying witchy stuff and shares info w Allura and other co-workers
  • Fave music genre: girl rock groups 80s-early 2000s


  • 28 and 5′10
  • Japanese-Brazilian (tbh i fell in love w this hc)
  • Tattoo Artist at 5 Lion Ink right next to Altean Florals
  • Has full sleeves on both arms and multiple piercings on both ears (and an right eyebrow piercing)
  • Mostly wears black
  • Has a crush on Allura and his mind goes blank when she calls him Takashi (like his words start jumbling in every language he knos before he gets to English (its his 4th language) - and she’s giggling the whole time)
  • V athletic - capoiera, bjj, karate, bboys (occasionally)
  • Used to parkour but stopped after he broke his arm one incident
  • Fluent in Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, and English (in tht order, P & J simultaneously)
  • Considers Keith his younger brother (fam friends)
  • Likes working in color
  • Actually went to art school and graduated w his bachelors - BFA
  • Really good at makeup, actually considered becoming a makeup artist before he decided on tattooing
  • Did kabuki once upon a time when visiting fam in Japan - Regrets and Embarrassed
    • I just kinda want his fam to have this as an Embarrassing Home Video and one of the first times he brings Allura to meet his fam they show tht vid and she starts bonding w his gma abt how adorable he was and then proceeds w the showing of the childhood photo albums
  • Kinda stoic looking to those who don’t kno him, but a total goofball to his friends
  • Easily flustered around Allura – only time openly acting like a school kid w a crush
  • V pleasant and polite - mostly professional mask but still a v nice guy outside of work
    • Only really mean to bullies
    • Prefers no confrontation - can b v overwhelming
  • V Stressed 20/7 (4 hrs of sleep typically)
  • Fave music genre: 80s-90s rock, grunge, some metal, j-rock, brazilian music


  • 22 and 5′7″
  • Cuban
  • Florist
  • V flirtatious bi who lays on the Heavy Flirt™ when dealing w cute customers
  • Besties w Hunk since middle school
  • Thinks Hunk naming every single bloom is a bit Extra™ but joins in
  • Plays guitar and is a p good singer (learned Flamenco guitar from his gramps)
  • Was on the swim team in both hs and college
  • Was a Music major at uni (recent grad)
  • Can dance p well - superb at all latin dances, bboys sometimes, did ballet and tap when younger
  • Makes nail polish w vegan ingredients (i saw a video so don’t fight me on this!) and gets inspired for colors by the flowers he works w each day
    • Always tests them on himself first (likes to flaunt at work)
    • Sells them on Etsy
    • Would give them to Shay for free but gives her the Friend Discount bc she insists on paying
  • Fluent in Spanish and English, conversational in Italian
  • The Gossip
  • Used to b the Class Clown
  • The Danger Friend
  • Youngest kid in his fam aka The Baby
    • 90% of his wardrobe r hand-me-downs
  • Afraid of ghosts, doesn’t do well w mystic stuff, hates horror movies
  • Tries to b fashionable w the work uniform bc FASHION - sometimes creates his own clothes
    • Gma was a seamstress
      • Since his clothes r mostly handmedowns he learned to sew (and tailor) his stuff from gma so he could actually wear his stuff
  • Super clear skin
    • Beauty expert of sorts
  • Coffee junkie
  • Calls Pidge “P” for short
  • Fave music genre: dance music, reggaeton, 80s pop/rock


  • 23 and 6′2″
  • Hawaiian
  • Florist
  • Names every single flower bloom and talks to the flowers
  • Has a bit of a crush on coworker Shay
  • Besties w Lance since middle school
  • Was an Engineering major at uni (recent grad)
  • Has actually gotten into arguments abt flower arrangements w Lance before
  • Has a tattoos on left calf, half sleeve upper right arm… maybe more?
  • Played football and wrestled in high school, didn’t feel like doing sports in college but still hit the gym
  • Helps name Lance’s nail polish colors
  • Somehow always surrounded/followed by animals?
    • Mix between Snow White and Steve Irwin
  • The Caution Friend
  • Fluent in pidgin (is tht right?) and English, conversational in Spanish
  • Great chef, goes to culinary school
  • Calls Pidge “P” for short
  • Really good at doing complicated hair styles
  • Fave music genre: 80s-90s rap, hiphop, r&b, pop


  • 22 and 5′5″
  • Korean
  • Tattoo Artist (was actually Shiro’s apprentice)
  • Has 2 half sleeves on his lower arms
  • Ha. GAAYYYYYY!!!™
  • Thinks of Shiro as an older brother
  • Wears mostly black and red
  • Acts like the Indifferent Emo Kid™ but he actually cares abt his friends, fam, and (sometimes) coworkers. Like… he cares,,, he Cares A Lot™
  • Stops by the CCH every morning to get coffee on his way to his shift and also to say hi to Pidge
  • Sometimes goes to Altean Florals for flower refs
    • First time going he was looking for Allura (reco by Shiro) but it was a Jewish holiday so she wasn’t in so he met Lance instead
  • Mostly works in black and greys
  • Actually buys and wears Lance’s nail polishes but doesn’t tell him
  • Used to kno tkd and judo but hasn’t trained in yrs so probs v rusty - still hits the gym when he can
  • Went to community college as an English major - has his Associate’s degree
  • Fluent in Korean and English (in tht order)
  • Fave music genre: k-rock, k-pop, 90s-early 2000s rock


  • 20 and 5′3″
  • Of Irish/German descent
  • Ashkenazi Jew (fam is temple friends w Allura)
  • Works at the coffee shop at the end of the block (The Corner Coffee House)
  • Wears “Pidge” name tag bc she doesn’t want customers knowing her name (Lies it’s an old Irish name if anyone asks)
  • Casually throws Yiddish into everyday convos (“wow what a fakata break up, susan”, etc.)
  • Likes making purim puppets w Allura
  • Sass™
  • Mostly has morning shifts so is usually the one making Shiro’s order on his way to open shop
    • Has it memorized by now - large hazelnut macchiato w 4 shots of espresso
  • Learning kickboxing from Allura
  • Was on her hs track and field team as a sprinter - girl is fast af
  • Currently attending uni as a Comp Sci major, Classics minor
    • beats up the sexist boys who tell her to leave STEM, they no longer bother her
  • Fluent in English, Yiddish, German, some Irish
  • Fave music genre: techno, trance, 90s club music

Shallura stuff:

  • Shiro starts learning abt Judaism when he learns Allura is Jewish and says w.e holiday greeting when he sees her in the morning bc he actually marks them on his calendar (what a lovesick puppy)
  • Shiro becomes V Curious™ where Allura’s tattoos r when she mentions she has some and casually tries to find it
  • Shiro first meets Allura when he first goes to the flower shop for a client’s and general tattoo ideas (actually thinks she’s a goddess when he first sees her - cue angel choir)
  • Shiro really likes that Allura calls him by his first name instead of his nickname
  • After becoming friends, Shiro sometimes spends the night in Allura’s place (in her guest bedroom) when he works late, sometimes in combo w having to open up shop the next morning (Keith works a lot of morning shifts and opens up sometimes)
  • They sometimes spar together when they find out they kno how to fight (like seeing their style differences)
  • Allura teaches Shiro the partner dances she knos in their free time
  • Shiro likes drawing Allura when not designing tattoos


  • Both Rolo and Nyma work at 5 Lion Ink w Shiro and Keith
    • Nyma pierces and tattoos, while Rolo only pierces
    • Rolo has multiple ear piercings, lip, nose and eyebrow piercings, and a half sleeve on his upper right arm done by Nyma
    • Nyma has a full sleeve on her right arm, a tongue piercing, and a sceptum
    • R&N don’t really interact w S&K
  • Zarkon and Haggar are Top Notch Lawyers™ whose office is a block or two over who hate the shops bc they want to take over the block for some (shady) business but can’t bc it’s technically in the historical district
    • Thace, also a lawyer at their firm and Keith’s dad, was the one who stopped their hostile takeover w this info
  • Altean Florals shop uniform - sleeved shirt, bottoms at least to the knees, closed toed shoes, and a Thulian pink apron, long hair pushed/tied back (optional)
  • After Lance and Hunk started calling Katie “P”, short for Pidge, everyone else (friends) started calling her tht too
  • Everyone hangs out at CCH during their breaks and after shifts
Citizen’s Soldier - Sam x Reader AU

A/N Note: Finally back! I feel like this part is a bit lacking compared to the last two, but it’ll pick up a little more the next part. Feedback as always is GREATLY appreciated. Love y'all, and hope you all enjoy!

Previously: One | Two

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Warnings: Eventual smut. Amputated (healed) limb description. Mild victim blaming (don’t know what else to call it). Still pretty mixed up Sam characterization. VERY sparse editing. I believe that is all!

Word Count: Roughly 4200

Your head was throbbing when the alarm pulled you out of the comfortable blackness that had enveloped your mind. You might have fallen back asleep if it weren’t for the fact that you didn’t shut it off, but someone else. And a deep groan sounded from beside you afterwards. A masculine noise that bordered on inhuman. As if they were in serious pain.

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mOm im thirsty for Hank fluff help


The Many Sleeping Positions of Hank McCoy and His Wife

When your head is resting on his sternum, your right hand barely cupping the top of his shoulder and left arm under his torso, your hand wrapping over his hip, he can smell your favorite shampoo, green tea and cucumbers, in your hair. 

When you sleep like this, he can press small kisses to the crown of your head, he can wrap his arms around you, his hands interlocking over the side of your arm.

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Artist Damien Hirst dominated the art scene in 1990s Britain. While this scene seems pretty dark, it’s not surprising for the artist. One of his works included cutting a cow and calf in half and putting them on display. 

imagine for @bladeindaglade

Hi! I was wondering if you do Stiles Stilinski imagines because if you do could you do one where you’re Derek’s younger sister and you’ve been Stiles and Scott’s best friend for forever and Stiles is secretly in love with you but at one point you’re in danger and the pack is trying to save you and Stiles and Derek are alone and derek asks if Stiles is okay and Stiles just loses it and starts ranting about it and says he’s not going to be OK until your safe and then derek finds out how in love with you Stiles is but you have no idea. Could the character bit be like a damsel in distress and is fighting as hard as possible as well.
Don’t worry at all if you can’t ,like don’t worry at all. Thank you so much and I really love your imagines.

The plan had gone horribly wrong. it was good on paper, but in reality it was shit. nothing had gone right so far and now you had been separated from the rest of the pack. you walked the dark hall ways and underground tunnels of the building. you inspected the occasional room trying to find any clues or any of your friends.

you found your way into a small room filled with pipes. the pipes were rusted but you could just make out the red numbers on the side, the room had no lights and just one door. you stepped further in and looked around, you spotted a filing cabinet in the corner but nothing else, you tapped it with your fingers when you walked round the room. you were just about to leave when you heard a creaking from the biggest pipe. you turned to look at it just as the 3 bolts that were holding it together were fired across the room and catered on the floor.

water fired in all different directions, you stumbled back in surprise falling on to the door. your heart sank as you heard the locking of the door behind you.

“oh shit, no no no”you said as you franticly shook the door handle. you turned to look at the water, it was steadily spraying from the pipes. suddenly the whole pipe burst, a whole section falling to the floor. the rate of the water increased, it flowed furiously like a waterfall from the pipe as it started filling the room.

you turned to the door again, you left your eyes light up as you tried again with the handle. you banged our fist on the door in frustration, suddenly you had a thought.

you could bash the door down.

you stepped back in the water, it now covering your ankles and half way up your calf. you jumped at it with your shoulder, you bounced right back off the reinforced door several times, finally giving up after the 10th time.

you scrambled for your phone in your pocket. your hand shook a little as you pressed dial next to your brothers name.

“(y/n)? where the hell are you?”Derek answered.

“i don’t know. I’m, I’m in a room and a water pipe burst, i can’t get the door open”you gushed.

“what?! how fast is the water coming in?”he asked sounding panicked.

you turned around and looked all around you. “pretty fast”you said.

“its ok, we are gonna get you out. do you remember where you are?”he asked.

“i remember going past a big room with double doors, i think it was a meeting room or something”you rushed loosing your breath.

“ok”he said. “stiles, call scott”you heard him say.

“wheres scott?”you asked.

“we don’t know, we all got separated, I’m with Stiles though” you could hear his foot steps through the phone, they were jogging down corridors looking for you already.

“he’s not answering”you heard stiles voice in the background.

“Derek?”you said scared.

“we’ll find you, i promise”he said before hanging up.

your hands shook as you put your phone back i your pocket. the water was now past your knees, it was cold and dirty, you looked around you to see how long it would take for the whole room to fill up. you guessed about 5 mins the rate the water was coming. you spotted the filing cabinet in the corner of the room. you waded over to it and used all your might to push it over onto its side. you put your hands in the water and pushed it in to the centre of the room, you pulled yourself onto the top and stood there watching the water rise around you.

the thought that they wouldn’t find you in time crossed your mind making you feel sick. being a werewolf had its perks but as much as you could heal from pretty much anything you could still drown to death.

“no, they will find me”you said with a little tremor in your voice. “they will”

you had been friends with Stiles and Scott for years now, you had grown up together, it was always just you three and the scott got bitten and the secret you had kept from them for years had been unveiled, it was strange at first but then the packed formed and it all seemed natural. some of it was scary, of course it was but they were always there for you, especially Stiles, you and him had always been close and that bond had grown stronger and stronger these past months. Stiles always had a special place in your heart and he always would have.

suddenly you heard banging on the door. “derek?”Stiles?”you shouted.

“(y/n)! we’re gonna get you out,we just need to wait for scott”you heard your brother shout through the door. you looked nervously around you, the water was at your waist even standing on the cabinet. you didn’t know how much longer you had.

you were about to shout back when you heard your brothers voice. “Stiles? are you ok?”

“no Derek, I’m not fucking ok”he shouted back, you had never heard Stiles sound so angry. “(y/n) is stuck in there and i can’t do anything about it”

“i know, i feel like that too, we just need to wait for scott I’m not strong enough on my own”

“you don’t understand! i need to get her out! i love her!”

your breath caught in your throat.

“the girl i am in love with could die! the girl i have been in love with for years is in there and there is nothing i can do! if she dies i couldn’t go on, i don’t know what i would do without her, yes you love her, she’s your sister but you don’t love her the way i do! i can’t function without her. you have super strength, glowing eyes, healing powers, you can help her, i have nothing, how do you think that makes me feel? i can never save her”

you froze, Stiles was in love with you?

all these feelings you felt towards him suddenly made sense. you loved him too.

you were suddenly swept off your feet, the water was getting closer and closer to the ceiling and you had to swim to keep your head above the water.

“Stiles! Derek!”you heard scott say.

the water had gone over the top of the door frame and you couldn’t hear a word they were saying, you got closer and closer to the ceiling very second, you had to do something. you waited till the last second and took a big breath, you ducked under the water, it was mirky but you could just about see. you swam over to the door and saw the handle moving, guessing they were trying to force the door open you swam over, you set your feet on the wall and grabbed the handle with your hands, you were running out of breath quickly, you pulled as hard as you could feeling your eyes change and used all the strength you had to pull.

suddenly you felt your body being flung around like a doll and landing on the floor. you opened your eyes to see the brown eyes you wanted to see most.

“(y/n)?”he said bending down on the floor next to you. his voice was panicked. you coughed your chest hurting, the water ran past you slowly, the others were slightly wet but not as drenched as you. your chest hurt, your lungs feeling restricted you gasped for air.

“we need to get her to the hospital”you heard scott say. you didn’t look at him, you were too consumed with what stiles had said earlier.

you felt his arms travel under your body and pick you up effortlessly.

you woke up to white walls and a white ceiling. you were in hospital, you could breath properly. you opened your eyes and saw your brother in the chair besides the bed.

“alright big bro?”you said in a croaky voice.

he jumped up and grabbed your hand. “never do that to me again”he said wrapping his fingers in yours. you smiled up at him and he helped you sit up.

your feet just touched the floor when Stiles and Scott burst through the door.

“I’m so glad you are ok”scott said hugging you. you hugged him back and smiled at stiles who stood awkwardly at the back.

“can i talk to Stiles?”you asked. scott looked back at Stiles who looked shocked, he looked at Derek and then back at scott. they made their way out shutting the door behind them.

it was silent for a bit till stiles spoke.

“enjoy your swim?”he asked moving closer to you.

“i did, but i don’t think i’ll be going to the pool though any time soon”you laughed. you chuckled and scratched his neck.

it fell silent again. “i heard what you said”

“sorry?”he asked.

“that you are in love with me”

“wh- you heard- i- when-“he desperately tried to find words to explain himself.

“i’m in love with you too”you said looking down at the floor.

“what?”he whispered.

“i’m in love with you too”you repeated finally feeling better for saying it.

you heard him walk towards you and you looked up, he took your face in his hands, scanning your face and landing at your eyes, everything else seemed to disappear. it was just you and him, and that was all you cared about. your lips met his in a warm and loving kiss. your lips moved together, it was soft and sweet, his arms went to your waist and pulled you closer to him your bodies melting into eachother.

“Stilinski”you both froze as your brothers voice boomed through the room. you looked over his shoulder as stiles turned his head to the door.

you were worried about what he was going to say, you knew he wasn’t stiles biggest fan. he looked at you both.

“ill see you later”he said and turned and walked away. you laughed as stiles sighed in relief and turned to you again.

“i love you Stiles” you giggled

“i love you too”

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Mukuro, hibari, & xanxus: They haven't told their s/o that they love her & don't treat her as good as they should, but she sticks with them. She ends up taking a hit for them & gets critically injured, winding up with a really nasty obvious scar.How would they react? Thank you. Sorry if its way to specific.

It’s all good.  The more specific, generally the easier it is to write since I can be lazy and not think up as much.

Mukuro: He walked in on you changing, pulling the shirt over your head and noticed the red scar that stretched down your back, along your spine.  His face winced.  A 37 hour surgery later, you were able to live and walk.  And he was thankful, truly he was.  But now he had to look at the scar almost every day and remember just how badly he fucked up. 

He let out a heavy sigh.  He had trust issues and that’s why he had been so distant from you, trying his best not to let his feelings get carried away, but you were okay with it.  You understood and showed countless times that you were not leaving him, not giving up on him.  Still he did not let his walls down, even after he realized that he loved you and it didn’t sink in just how bad he needed in his life until he almost lost you.  Twice you nearly died during the operation, your heart stopping, but you kept fighting and coming back to life. 

Hearing the heavy sigh, you turned and saw him standing at the door way.  “Something wrong love?”

A sad smile ghosted his face when he heard you call him that.  He didn’t deserve it.  He walked over, his mind set.  Cupping your cheeks he pulled you into a long kiss, attempting to get all of his feelings and insecurities across with it.  “I love you so, so much,” he said when you broke away for air.  “And I am so sorry I never showed it before.” 

Hibari: He watched as you relaxed in the tub, your one leg resting on the edge of it as the bubbles pooled around you, your head back and eyes closed.  He caught a glimpse of the large ragged scar on your leg, the stitches just removed earlier that day.  The injury itself hadn’t been too bad, but the poison that had been on the blade that cut you had been.  Within minutes your entire leg was green and you were fainting. 

When he had brought you to the doctor, half of your calf muscle had died and had to be removed to keep the poison from spreading further.  Now you walked with a slight limp and he had to look away so not to be reminded that it was his fault.  He didn’t cause the wound, but he was the cause of you getting wounded.  He is reminded every day that he should have paid more attention to you and been a better boyfriend.  He should have shown you some love, God knows you deserve all of it for sticking by his side for so long. 

“Something wrong?” you asked peaking at him from the tub. 

“Make room.  I want to join,” he said, tugging his jacket off. 

You looked at him like he had gone crazy.  You got him to join you in a bath once before, but for him to join you in a bubble bath?  Unheard of.  “Are you okay?” you asked, sitting up a little. 

“Yes,” he said, climbing in behind you, wrapping his arms around you.  “I figured I should give a bubble bath a try,” he said, resting his head against the wall as you leaned back against him. 

Xanxus: The scar ran down the middle of your chest, a reminder than you had to have a heart and lung transplant after a nasty incident.  Something he felt guilty for. 

“Make room,” he said, watching you scoot over on the bed to give him room. 

When he was lying down he pulled you over toward him, letting you rest your head on his chest.  Four years you had been with him.  Why?  He never once said he loved you, never showed that he did, and because of him, you nearly got killed and he had to go on a mad search for someone to give you a heart and lung transplant within 72 hours.  What was wrong with you?

What was wrong with him?  He let out a heavy sigh.  He loved you.  He realized that the moment he found out you had gotten hurt.  Never before had he been so worried, had he rushed so frantically.  Seeing you through the glass window while the operation went on, he didn’t leave the area.  He didn’t eat, he barely drunk anything, and he didn’t sleep. 

“Thanks,” he said, catching you off guard. 

“For what?” you asked, moving your head to look up at him.

“For staying by my side.”

Batter Cosplay Check List

For gaylordcheshire.

Basic neccesities

  • Plain black cap.
  • White, short-sleeved shirt/jersey, may be pinstripe or not.
  • Black long-sleeved shirt.
  • The Batter isn’t really shown to be wearing a belt, but if you want one, it’s either black or white, and the shirts must be tucked in.
  • Long white pants (you can choose whether or not you want to tuck it into the socks).
  • High black socks (at least half-calf).
  • Black sports/running shoes. Though I’ve seen some who just wear black boots.


  • White gloves and whatever we’re supposed to use to cover your head (maybe a skin suit if you want to, I dunno) OR short wig (black or white or something similar) and make-up and body paint (and maybe face paint).
  • Plastic baseball bat (so that we don’t get in trouble for bringing weapons, and if it’s not white we can spray paint it).
  • Three white hula hoops (if not white we can spray paint them, probably).
  • NOT NECESSARY: Tying rope around your limbs as ‘puppet strings’ (not too tight or loose, and don’t let them drag on the ground lest someone steps on them).
  • Other props include Orbs (Capricorn, Libra, Gemini, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo), Cards (Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries) and other items like the Necktie, Stamped Note, Photo of You, Photo of Zacharie (I’m probably gonna print that out), Calendar Page, and even the Music Box if you want to.

Prop reference

Stamped Note

Photo of You

Photo of Zacharie

Calendar Page

Music Box


The cold bit the tip of your shaking fingers, drawing out a shade of purple that painted over the bottom of your nails, proof of how cold you were. But that was nothing compared to the chill that formed in your heart as you stared at Sam, the sharp point of icicles clawing at your chest with more vigor than the actual cold condensing your trembling breaths. 

“Cas came back,” you explained to him quietly, moving out of the cafe’s entrance as two people came out. 

The confusion in Sam’s eyes cleared up, and you were able to see the guilt and pain seeping into the them. For a second, you wondered if calling out his name had been a mistake. But you couldn’t stop now, not when you tortured yourself for months over what Sam had done. 

“After a week,” you continued, as Sam stayed silent, “he came back and said he couldn’t hold the guilt of erasing everything. I’m guessing by your surprise he never told you this.”

“He didn’t,” Sam shook his head. “Y/N… I… Why—why didn’t you call? Or come back to the bunker?”

“So that the man I loved could take away the best parts of my life again?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow. “No way.” 

A gust of freezing air blew past you, making you unsure of knowing if Sam had flinched at your words or the weather, but you didn’t doubt the deep pain that shone in his eyes at that moment. Usually, you never let your lips write words that would hurt others, but you couldn’t help to do so this time. 

“Y/N, believe me, I am so…so sorry,” Sam whispered, closing his eyes for a second as he took an iced breath.  “I didn’t… I didn’t want to do it, but you got hurt, you would’ve died if it wasn’t for Cas, and I couldn’t see you like that. I wanted to keep you safe.” 

“God, Sam, how can a man so smart be so stupid?” you scoffed, shaking your head. “Look. Come on, look at me. Give me your hand. Can you feel that? That’s my freezing cheek, and these are my freezing fingers—they’re real, and they’re here. Just like I’m here. I’ve been a hunter all my life, and the fact that I’m alive after six months of hunting alone again for the first time in years should be enough proof for you to know that you don’t have to keep me safe. I can do that already. 

“But you know something? You and Dean—you, specifically, keep me from making stupid decisions. I’ve been walking with a limp for the past month because I went in too early against a ghost,” you said, letting go of his hand so that you could pull up the left part of your pants, where a brown scab ran from your knee down to half of your calf. Then you shoved your pink scarf down, showing Sam the purple and green mixture of color that painted most of your neck. “And this bruise is from three days ago, when I tried to exorcise a demon without a trap. I could show you a dozen more scars and bruises and freakin’ paper cuts I know I wouldn’t have gotten if I was with you, but I think you get my point, Sam. I was safe enough to live by myself, but you kept me safer.

“So, now, if you understand what I’m saying and you want to apologize and try to get us back again, you’re gonna get inside this Starbucks before both of us freeze, and you’re going to buy me a cup of coffee. I know you owe me that much.” 

Sam didn’t hesitate to pull open the door for you. 


Scream Queens Easter Eggs That Will Make You Feel Like an Idiot Hooker

In case you idiot hookers need a refresher, we put together a list of Scream Queens’ Easter eggs so that you can stop trolling Reddit and get back to fantasizing about Grace’s hot dad. We’re serving you a trente no-foam, half-calf truth tea of hidden references, and it’s coming at you at a piping hot 210 degrees.

1. That Serial reference.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis’ shower scene is a salute to her mom’s famous one.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Matt what do you think about the Sakamaki triplet special?

Clarification- The triplets are working at Starbucks.


“F-Fuck, LAITO!” Ayato screeched, frantically trying to stop the machine which kept dealing out foam into the lines of cups he had to stop it, and some overflowing and plopping to the floor. 

Laito sighed in annoyance to his brother and turned back to the girl customer he was getting the order from, “So, you want a quad long shot grande in a venti cup half calf double cupped no sleeve salted caramen mocha latte with 2 pumps of vanilla substitute 2 pumps of white chocolate mocha for mocha and substitute 2 pumps of hazelnut for  toffee nut half whole milk and half breve with no whipped cream extra hot extra foam extra caramel drizzle extra salt add a scoop of vanilla bean powder with light ice well stirred?”


“Okay! What’s your name?” 

“Samatha,” She smiled and Laito nodded, writing ‘Bitch-chan’ before passing it to Kanato as well as the order before he quickly came to Ayato’s rescue. He pressed ‘no foam’ and the machine stopped. His messy triplet looked up with thankful eyes before pulling him into a big hug, “Thank you… You… saved me..”

Laito sighed and patted his back, “Go clean this up.”

“What is…” Kanato mumbled from across the room, staring in disbelief at the order. He settled for putting straight black coffee in the cup before going to the waiting line, “Bitch-chan?”

All five women in line stared in confusion, so Laito spoke up, “He means… Simothe?”

Samatha stepped forward, sighing, “Why..”


(Just wanted to thank @lenny9987, @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight and @mybeautifuldecay for giving this a much needed read beforehand. And this one’s for @gotham-ruaidh whose encouragement has always been infinite <3!)

Time was running out. She could feel it. The days seemed to be speeding past them. Every conversation or quiet moment they shared seemingly cut short by another one of Charles’ demands. She desperately needed more time with Jamie, more time to commit to memory every minute detail of him she could. The way he moved, he laughed, he loved. Claire knew she’d already memorized all of him to the bone; everything from the amount of time he took between breaths as he slept, to the way he would clear his irritated throat just before he got a cough, to the feel of his skin against hers. Yet the irrational fear of forgetting even the slightest detail made her stomach flip and her hands shake with an inexplicable anxiousness.

There just never seemed to be enough hours in the day. Between her tending to the sick and injured in her makeshift medical tent, and his attending to Charles’ every whim, by the time they found each other at the end of the day, there was barely time for anything more than crawling into each other’s embrace and falling asleep. And by the time she’d wake, he’d already be gone, the feel of his kiss still lingering on her temple.

She ached for him as she knew he did for her. And that ache she was sure would soon become unbearable. She’d catch him once in a while watching her as she worked, his face an unreadable mask to anyone but her. She could swear she heard his thoughts as if he’d whispered them in her ear, and knew he could read her response in her face and body.

They’d be on the road again soon on another one of Charles’ errands, finally leaving the latest little village they’d so unceremoniously descended upon three weeks before. There was nothing she needed more than spending her nights with him under the stars, where they could block everything out and have their world narrowed down to them alone.


They’d been travelling for the better part of two days. Despite the weather being cold with an unrelenting icy drizzle and surrounded by Jamie’s Lallybroch men, Claire felt free for the first time in what felt like an age. The highlands stretched unhindered around them, filling her with a sense of relief. As they rode side by side, they’d grown painfully aware of each other. “We’ll make camp in a few hours,” Jamie said, trying to keep his voice casual as he guided his horse over a muddy rough patch in the road. Following suit, Claire asked “Will we be out in the open heather again?” with your men so close all around us? she finished her question in thought. He laughed lightly, “No, Sassenach. There’s a clump of trees on a wee hill, a little ways ahead. It’ll provide better cover than we had last night. We can all better blend into woods, ken.” He replied, giving her a lopsided smile. He knew she’d been craving privacy as much as he.

Three hours later, they’d set up camp in what Claire soon found - what Jamie considered “a clump of trees on a wee hill” - was actually a rather large dense woodland covering the landscape as far as the eye could see. The men spread deep among the trees, all relatively within earshot, but far enough away from each other as to disappear completely in the foliage. Murtagh – ever observant – had sensed the building energy between Claire and Jamie, and had taken charge of Fergus under the guise of teaching him how to set up snares and start a camp fire, keeping him busy and away, at least for a day, from the eager couple.

Claire and Jamie made quick work of setting up their own tiny camp, Jamie putting up their tent as Claire started the fire – the drizzle having mercifully stopped - amiably conversing as they did so. Darkness slowly descended, a half-moon brightening the cloudy night. It seemed almost strange having him all to herself, without others constantly hovering.

Though she still wore her cloak, gown and shift, she had - with a sigh of relief - long since taken off her stays and petticoats. Warm she would be, stifled she would not. They sat, backs braced on a fallen tree trunk, their saddle bags cushioning against the rough bark, huddled together under his plaid sharing each other’s warmth, arms locked around each other, watching the fire’s flames dance; the smell of rain and cinders perfuming the night around them. He made her laugh with stories of Murtagh’s ever eloquent, profanity-infused Gaelic impatience with Charles; of how Fergus had managed to run off with Jamie’s horse for a full day without anyone noticing till he got back caked in mud from head to toe, apparently having been repeatedly thrown off the horse.

“How the wee bastard didn’t break his neck, I’ll never know!” he said, his laughter deep and unrestrained.

As she took the pins confining her hair out, Claire told him of the fascinatingly gruesome cases she’d come across. Once her hair exploded into a loose curly cloud, she nestled once again into Jamie’s shoulder and continued her retelling of a young boy, a few years older the Fergus, who – in an attempt to impress some young girls waulking wool nearby with his wood cutting prowess – had managed to cleave off half his calf muscle and two toes with a wayward axe swing.

“Suffice it to say, the only thing the poor lad managed in accomplishing was horrify his audience. I swear it took longer to calm the girls down than it did patching him up.” She shook her head remembering how her tiny medical tent was suddenly filled with the group of girls now near hysterics and the young boy gallantly putting on a brave face. That is, until she’d cleaned his wounds out with alcohol.

They spent hours talking about everything and nothing, passing a flask of whisky between them. More than anything, that was what she’d longed for - to just be with him, be in his arms, both unencumbered by fear of being overheard. They freely exchanged war stories of their time spent in France before she’d made her journey through the stones.

“D’ye ken, Sassenach,” he said, sounded fascinated. “I think we may have both been in France at the same time, only-“

“-Only two hundred years apart,” she finished, looking up at him. He was smiling, a distant look in his eyes. “Funny, that.” He said as if to himself.  

As they spoke, Jamie’s hand had idly begun to wander under the plaid, finding and slowly unlacing her bodice and shift, his hand slipped beneath the thin fabric of her shift, his fingers tracing soft patterns across the sensitive peak of her breast, which immediately responded to his touch. She turned towards him and lightly kissed his neck. “Perhaps, we should move to the tent?” she said, no longer able to keep her voice even. She felt him nod and began disentangling herself from his embrace and plaid. She’d gotten to their tent opening when she realized he hadn’t followed her.

“What is it?” she asked, tentatively. He took his time before answering, his eyes roaming her body.

He began to undress, eyes locked with hers. “What are you doing? Jamie, its freezing!” she exclaimed, shuddering at the thought of being naked in the chilly night.

“I mean to make it last.” He replied simply.

She stood, staring at him. It had been getting colder the later it got and a quick glance into the tent showed the wet earth had already seeped through the canvas floor. She cocked her eyebrow at him and with little hesitation, slipped her cloak off her shoulders and spread it out within the tent adding a layer of warmth and dry protection from the damp.

They watched each other slowly taking turns shedding off the layers they wore; Not a word was said as they did so - the time for words had ended. They stood finally dressed in nothing but the firelight that cast seductive shadows all along their lengths, yet its warmth never reached them, their bodies at once erupting with gooseflesh. He stood tall and strong, his need for connection strikingly visible, making her breath catch in her throat. She held out her hand to him, which he took gently as he stepped into her embrace. They caressed each other, trying to warm themselves and smooth the gooseflesh off their skin. The more they touched though, the more their breaths came in short bursts, their trembling bodies now riddled with gooseflesh of pure wanting. And even though the air was still bitingly frigid, his heat began seeping through her.

Slowly, they eventually lay sheltered within the midnight darkness of their tent. With her arms around his neck pulling him ever closer, he ran his hands along her sides, stealing kisses as he did so, their writhing bodies furiously seeking to be one. But he said he’d meant to make it last. They took each other again and again to the edges of desire, each time holding back. When at last the moment of joining came, when they could wait no longer, he came into her with a fiery intensity that at once set fire to her heart.

And last it did.


As the morning birds began their day in the early gloom, the sun barely filtering through the trees, Claire and Jamie lay intertwined; finally sated. His eyes drooped, but he fought back the sleep, she realized. “Sleep,” she whispered, bumping her nose against his, their faces merely inches apart. He shook his head, stubborn not to let one moment be wasted in slumber. “Sleep,” she said again, burying her hand in his thick curls, rhythmically running her nails lightly all along his scalp, lulling him into utter relaxation. He fought it no more, and let the sleep finally take him.

Claire watched him, a smile tugging at the corners of his sweet mouth. Peaceful as he was, she couldn’t resist kissing him and rested her forehead to his, her fingers still gently working their way through his hair. She knew it’d be less than an hour before the entire camp began to rouse, and the illusion of timelessness they’d managed to create would shatter. There had been a frightening desperation in their lovemaking that had never been there before. Neither dared speak of it, neither willing to consciously admit it. Neither able to bring themselves to truly believe it. Yet both felt it viscerally.

Time, was running out.