half calf

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Omg you're literally my body goals!! You don't have to answer this but I was wondering what your measurements are? We're around same height but since idk what my weight is i just keep track of the changes by taking measurements of thickest part of my calf, both half way and thickest part of my thigh and also my waist, so if you could tell something about yours so i'd know how long way i still have to go?<3 (But honestly if u don't want to u don't have to) <3

Thank you ❤ bust 32 waist 23 hips 35 and upper thigh 18!

im kinda scared for summer cuz im wondering like…what happens if i get a bug bite on my tattoo because i have that bigass one thats like half my calf which is prime bug bite real estate…

Artist Damien Hirst dominated the art scene in 1990s Britain. While this scene seems pretty dark, it’s not surprising for the artist. One of his works included cutting a cow and calf in half and putting them on display. 

Scream Queens Easter Eggs That Will Make You Feel Like an Idiot Hooker

In case you idiot hookers need a refresher, we put together a list of Scream Queens’ Easter eggs so that you can stop trolling Reddit and get back to fantasizing about Grace’s hot dad. We’re serving you a trente no-foam, half-calf truth tea of hidden references, and it’s coming at you at a piping hot 210 degrees.

1. That Serial reference.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis’ shower scene is a salute to her mom’s famous one.

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