half bound lotus pose

Welcome to the last edition of our 90 day Splits and Open Hips challenge! Your hosts freespiritedlotus, yoga-granola, and I manipura-asana have had a blast practicing with you these last two months. We’d love for you to join us in March too! 

Just getting started? No worries! You can jump right on in this month, or catch up on our last two posts here: 

Just like last month, we’re each hosting a week. Make sure you follow your hosts for a little pose write-up and modifications! They’ll also be liking, reblogging, and rooting you on. 

Week One. Hosted by Monica (yoga-granola)

  • day 60 (1st): Leg hug to chest - seated 
  • 61 (2nd): Half lord of the fishes
  • 62 (3rd): Cow face
  • 63 (4th): Happy Baby
  • 64 (5th): Mermaid
  • 65 (6th): Half upright seated angle
  • 66 (7th): Yoga mat (rest day) 

Week Two. Hosted by Mandie (freespiritedlotus)

  • 67 (8th): Standing Mermaid
  • 68 (9th): Dolphin
  • 69 (10th): Reclining cow face
  • 70 (11th): Garland pose
  • 71 (12th): Toe stand
  • 72 (13th): Eagle
  • 73 (14th): Coffee or tea? (rest day) 

Week Three. Hosted by Jillian (manipura-asana) 

  • 74 (15th): Lizard pose
  • 75 (16th): Plow
  • 76 (17th): Legs up the wall squat 
  • 77 (18th): Revolved side angle
  • 78 (19th): Spider pose
  • 79 (20th): Boat pose
  • 80 (21st): Outdoors (rest day)

Week Four. We’re so close!

  • 81 (22nd): Tree pose. Hosted by Monica 
  • 82 (23rd): Half bound lotus forward fold (seated or standing) hosted by Monica
  • 83 (24th): Wide knee child’s pose. Hosted by Mandie
  • 84 (25th): Flowering Lotus. Hosted by Mandie
  • 85 (26th): Standing head to knee. Hosted by Jillian
  • 86 (27th): Flying pigeon. Hosted by Jillian
  • 87 (28th): Smile! (rest day) 

Lets see those splits! Post a before and after if you’d like. 

  • 88 (29th): Front splits (left)
  • 89 (30th): Front splits (right)
  • 90 (31st): Straddle/middle splits

side note: We highly recommend warming up with some or all of “the basics” from week one. You can find those poses in the January calendar

Whew, that’s everything! Don’t forget to follow your hosts, post those pictures, and tag them with #SplitsAndOpenHips. You can tag us as well if you’d like.

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