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Draco Malfoy x Reader

That’s All I’ve Ever Wanted

Request: Could you write one shot where after the Battle of Hogwarts Draco and reader engaged and are living together. He haven’t spoken to his parents since the end of war beacuse they hadn’t accepted his girlfriend who even though was Slytherin was muggle born. One day Narcissa appears at their door. She’s heard about their enggagment and have thought that it’s finally moment to give this girl a chance.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this, so I hope you like it Anon! It was nice, writing some fluff for Draco. :) 


Light trickled through the window of your apartment in London. You turned in your bed, the white sheets tangled in your legs as you automatically raised your arm, curling it around your fiancé, Draco. 

You felt warm lips press against the top of your head and you smiled, pressing a small kiss against Draco’s collarbone before burying your head into his bare chest. You let out a small content sigh as Draco’s arms tightened around your waist, pressing your body into his. 

“Good morning, my beautiful wife-to-be.” Draco muttered, resting his chin on the top of your head.

Your lips curled into a smile, loving the way his said ‘wife’. 

“Good morning, my handsome husband-to-be.” You grinned, raising your head so your could capture his lips in yours.

“Come on, we have reservations at one.” Draco murmured, entangling his legs in yours anyway. You laughed lightly, turning away from him to look at the clock. It was nearly ten in the morning, and you finally tuned your ears to the noise of the city outside.

“It’s almost ten o’clock Draco,” You spoke in amusement, your brain telling you to get up, but your heart and body willing to stay in the warmth of Draco’s embrace.

“We still have three hours.” Draco spoke, pressing light kisses to your shoulder. You snorted in amusement, rolling your eyes. Draco’s feathery kisses moved up to your neck, his hand caressing your side. Your heart quickened at his touch as it always did and you found yourself almost melting into him.

“Draco, that’s not going to work again,” You forced yourself to say.

“Isn’t it?” Draco asked lightly, the humour evident in his voice. You could imagine his blue eyes sparkling and you turned to face him once more.

“Afraid not,” You said, placing your hand on his chest, “You see, considering I’m going to be your wife soon, I thought that I should be able to resist all your charms, Mr Malfoy.”

He grinned, looking down at you, his eyes soft with laughter. “Oh, is that right? What if I told you that I have more tricks up my sleeve, and that you haven’t seen the last of my charms?” He teased, bringing his face closer to yours, loving the effect he had on you. 

Your heart raced and you compelled yourself to look him in the eyes. You placed a smirk on your lips as you moved closer to him, your lips barely brushing his as you spoke, “Maybe you’re not the only one with tricks?”

You enjoyed the way he closed his eyes as you felt his heart speed up under your hand. You smiled and as he leaned forward to close the minimal gap between you, you sprang out of bed and crossed the room to the door.

“You really should get up, love. We don’t have all day.” You teased, looking back at him over your shoulder before walking into the corridor, on your way to the kitchen.


You looked in the mirror as you put on small black earrings. You stood from your small chair in front of the dresser and walked over to your wardrobe, pulling out a pair of simple black heels. You sat on the edge of the bed as you slipped them on, glancing up as you heard footsteps.

“You look so beautiful.” Draco sighed, his eyes flitting over your dress before gazing into your eyes. 

You rolled your eyes, a smile on your lips none-the-less, “You say that everyday.”

“Because it’s true everyday. Everyday you get more beautiful.” Draco walked closer before stopping in front of you. He reached out and you grasped his hands as he pulled you up. He let go of one hand so he could place it on your cheek.

You leaned into the touch, kissing his palm softly. “I love you.”

A smile grew on his face and you could tell he was stopping himself from grinning. His eyes were bright and eyebrows raised slightly as he replied, “I love you, dear.”

You felt your own lips twist into a smile as you leaned into him, pressing your lips against his gently. You let go of his hand so you could entangle it into his hair as he deepened the kiss, your lips moving in perfect synchronisation. His hand curled around your waist, resting gently on the small of your back as he pulled you closer to him.


You pulled away from the kiss, knowing that Draco would ignore it so he could continue kissing you. The doorbell shrilled again and you saw Draco sigh slightly. You grinned, reaching up to give him a chaste kiss.

“I’ll get it.” You spoke, straightening your black dress.

“No,” Draco sighed, though he looked marginally happier, “I’ll see who it is.”

Draco pulled away from you, leaving you yearning for his touch and warmth once more. You nodded, walking over to the dressing table to pick up your wand and place it in your clutch. 

You kept your ears peeled for any sign of trouble, but carried on finishing dressing. You had just slipped on a small silver necklace that you had gotten as a birthday present from a dear Slytherin friend who you once shared a room with, when you heard Draco call your name. His voice was tense and you immediately thought the worse as you reached for your wand, opening the bag and grabbing it.

You and Draco had cast charms and spells on your apartment, so you knew that anybody with ill intentions would not be able to enter your apartment. Yet it was easy enough, with the right resources and capabilities, for anybody to slip past your defensive measurements. 

You stepped into the corridor, your heels clacking against the floor.

“Yeah, Draco?” You kept your tone light, and prepared yourself as you rounded the corner of the corridor, ready to turn into the living room.

You saw Draco standing in the middle of the room, his eyes apologetic as he hid someone from your view. The guest, whoever it was, was sitting down on your sofa, and was donned in black clothes and had draped their black robe over the back of it. By the style and fabric of the robe, you had guessed it was a witch, and you scoured your brain for who it might be.

“Y/N, I would like you to meet my mother.” Draco spoke and stepped away, revealing the beautiful woman with half black, half blonde hair. Her blue eyes shone brightly as she stood from her seat and smoothed her long black dress with shaky hands. You stared at her with wide eyes, before glancing at Draco. He sent you another apologetic look and you glanced back at Mrs Malfoy. 

You straightened your posture and immediately strode forward, your hand outstretched as you remembered your manners.

“Pleased to meet you, Mrs Malfoy.” You said, putting a welcoming smile on your face.

She smiled softly, putting her hand in yours as she shook it gently, “Please, call me Narcissa.”

You nodded, “Please, take a seat.”

Narcissa sat back in her place and you took a seat on the sofa in front of her, clasping your hands awkwardly in your laps. 

“I wasn’t aware that you would be coming?” You asked, glancing at Draco, “I would have cancelled our reservations.”

“I’m sorry,” She said, looking unsure suddenly, “I didn’t know you had plans.” She glanced at Draco as he sat next to you, grabbing your hands to stop you from wringing them. You sent him a small smile, squeezing his hand gently.

“It’s alright mother, we can cancel. Can’t we, Y/N?” He turned to you.

“Of course!” You uttered immediately, “I’ll call them right now, in fact.” You stood from your seat before the two could say anything and strode into the bedroom, closing the door behind you. You kicked off your shoes before pulling your hair down.

You cursed lightly, you had never met Draco’s mother before, or his father. You started dating Draco a few years ago, and you were a muggle-born. You knew of the Malfoy’s elitist beliefs but you wanted Draco to tell his parents about you after you had been dating secretly for a year. He had sent them a letter, telling them about you and how happy he was with you, but they in return had sent a Howler back. They did not approve of your relationship, or more accurately, Mr Malfoy did not approve of your relationship, the Howler failed to mention Mrs Malfoy’s views, but you had assumed she felt the same. You had expected Draco to leave you, and so for months you prepared yourself for him to break up with you and you began to distance yourself from him, only admitting your fears when he confronted you about your odd behaviour.

Draco had been astonished that you would think that he would leave you to uphold his father’s “disgusting views about muggle-borns”, and he had reassured you that he would never leave you because he was far to much in love with you. After a while you began to believe him, and he never let you down, not even once. 

After calling the restaurant and cancelling the lunch date, you walked back into the living room, smiling slightly when you saw Draco in a deep conversation with his mother.

“I’ve cancelled the lunch, Draco.” You smiled, interrupting lightly, “Mrs Malfoy, you are staying for lunch, aren’t you?” 

Narcissa looked at Draco, who looked at her with a hopeful look.

“Yes, dear.”

You grinned, “Brilliant! I’ll get started on cooking.” You turned on your heels and entered the kitchen, lighting the stove with a flick of your wrist. You hummed lightly as you grabbed the pots and pans, setting them down on the flames. 

You were halfway through cooking when you heard a small knock on the door. You turned and smiled slightly when you saw Narcissa, “Hi, Mrs Malfoy.”

“Please, dear. I’ve asked you to call me Narcissa.” She walked into the room awkwardly, looking about the kitchen with interest. “You do not have house elves?”

“No,” You replied, stirring the contents of the pot, “It’s only ever been Draco and I, so we never felt the need to have one. Besides, we both know how to cook.” You shrugged lightly. 

Narcissa stood in the middle of the kitchen, leaning against the island counter. “Lucius wouldn’t like you cooking.” She spoke.

You kept your tone calm as you replied, “I like cooking, Narcissa. With all due respect, I couldn’t give a hogswash about what Mr Malfoy likes unless he is commenting on my cooking.” You turned to her.

Narcissa’s face remained stoic and you immediately regretted what you had said. Why, for once, couldn’t you keep your mouth shut! Her lips twitched upwards suddenly, “I can see why my boy likes you.” She stated, a small smile on her face.

“I-You’re not offended?” You asked, surprised.

“No, Y/N.” She reassured, “You make Draco happy, that’s all a mother ever wants.”

“No,” You denied, “It’s the other way around. I thought that I was the only Slytherin muggle-born, but Draco helped me see that I wasn’t. He accepted me for who I was. He makes me happy.” You admitted, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear.

“You don’t see it, do you?” She asked, smiling softly.

“See what?” You asked, perplexed.

“The way he looks at you… I’ve never seen Draco this happy, not since he was a child. I’m his mother, dear, and the way he looks at you… it’s the way my Lucius used to look at me when we were younger.”

You blushed, and bit your lips to stop yourself from smiling. “He does?”

Narcissa let out a tinkling laugh, throwing her head back. She suddenly looked ten years younger and you noticed the beauty she may have possessed when she was younger. Her blue eyes sparkled, reminding you of Draco. “My dear, I can tell you as a mother, that he is completely and utterly in love with you.”

A smile fought it’s way onto your face and you laughed softly to yourself, “I’m in love with him, too.” You confessed, your cheeks heating up slightly.

“I know.” She admitted, her eyes softening. “I’m glad you found him. I regret not meeting you before.”

You shrugged lightly, “I understand. I’m glad you came. Draco won’t say anything to me about it, but I know he misses you.”

“I know.” Narcissa said, brushing her fringe away from her face, “He’s been sending me letters.”

“Oh?” You asked in surprise, Draco had never mentioned anything about it.

“Little updates about your life, pleading for me to meet you. He always sends me them, of course, never his father. When I received his letters, I could never find it in me to reply. I was too angry. Angry that he had chosen a girl over the family that brought him up, after all that we had been through together. But when he wrote about marrying you, I… I knew that you must be have been very important to him. I couldn’t miss that. Miss my only son falling in love. Miss his wedding.”

“I’m glad you came, and please, if you can, convince Mr Malfoy to come too?” You requested. “I wanted our wedding to be with your blessing, that’s all I ever wanted.”

Narcissa smiled, reaching out a hand and stroking your hair fondly, “Yes, I see what my boy loves.”

A smile stretched your lips and you pulled Narcissa into a hug. She froze and you worried if you over stepped your boundaries. You went to pull away and apologise when Narcissa’s arms wrapped hesitantly around yours, wrapping you in her motherly embrace.

Draco stood in the doorway to the kitchen, a small smile playing on his face as he gazed at the two women who he dearly loved. He caught your eye as you looked up from his mother’s embrace. You smiled at him, relief washing over your features and Draco gave you a thumbs up, winking.

You laughed lightly, pulling away from the hug as you suddenly remembered the food, which had been slowly burning behind you.

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Emma’s thoughts at the diner. 6.03 spoilers.

She watches from afar, entranced by the ease in which he falls into the role of doting distractor, plopping whipped cream on his nose in an appeal to make a disinterest little girl smile. It doesn’t work on Alexandra, the small child instead clutching tighter to her stuffed doggie, but Emma’s lips quirk up in a smile.

He’s good at this, she realizes, the whole playing with small children thing. He’s always been amazing with Henry, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. And yet, her heart feels as if it will burst as she takes in the sight of him cooing at a little girl.


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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me the races of the main characters? (Day, June, Thomas, Kaede, etc)

I don’t have my Legend books with me at the moment, but I’ll try to help you out (sorry). 

Marie Lu has said I think back on when I first created Day for Legend, and I honestly cannot remember thinking much of his race. I decided to make him a half-Asian, half-white person with blond hair and blue eyes because I saw a photo of a breathtaking Mongolian girl (shown above). My immediate thought was, ‘God, she’s gorgeous. I want my boy to be this.’ … Day is an American who happens to look half-Asian.   

 She has also stated Kaede is Japanese and Pascao is black.

Nothing is really certain because the book doesn’t say too much about race, just what they look like. I don’t believe I’ve heard anything about June from Marie, but she is described to be either white, Hispanic, or Native American. Perhaps a mix. I’m not 100% sure with Tess. I think Thomas is white.

Marie Lu drew a number of her characters on her deviantart if you’d like to take a look at them.

Sorry again for the vague answers, I’ll try to get my books back ASAP! :) Really need to reread them. In the meantime, would anyone like to add anything?