half blonde half brown hair

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Can I get a BTS ship please? My name is Tiffany and I’m half Belizean and half white. I have light brown hair with blonde streaks and hazel eyes. I stand at 5'6. I’m the most childish in my group of friends, and when I love someone, I love them deeply. I mold myself to who I’m with to try to fit their personality well. My cousin always says I act a lot like V with his actions. (I’m sorry ;-;)

I ship you with Taehyung. You and Tae are known as the kindergarten couple. You are both so childish but cute and you two were so scared to kiss each other at first it took two months. Either way you two still love each other very much.

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(2) I used to get bullied a lot but I’ve always been self-confident and my friends always come to me for self-love advice. I love helping people and compliment everyone I know all the time because I love them. I get excited really easily so I have a tendency to passionately ramble on about things and people i care about, and then i get out of breath and stumble over my words a lot. I have depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and insomnia along with a few physical illnesses

(1)  I’m a 5'9", chubby, half black/half white girl with big curly brown-and-blonde hair; I like the color pink especially with sparkles and on flowers, i’m really into cartoons and the arts (drawing,singing,acting,etc), science, history, shounen anime, barbie, princesses, superheroes, let’s plays/podcasts (like game grumps and roosterteeth), and collecting fandom merch/toys… (continued in next ask)

(3) which make normal functions like sleeping, staying hydrated, and walking/running difficult. I stim pretty much constantly, I have to be moving some part of my body or else i get panic attacks. I get sensory overload from being around a lot of people talking at once and the sound of knocking on doors. I’m really touch-starved so I need a lot of long hugs. I’m pan-polyamorous and ace.

I match you with Shiro!

  • You being bullied would be something Shiro could not tolerate. Protective Shiro Mode: Activated.
  • I think self-confidence would be something Shiro would really admire. 
  • Self-confidence is something a lot of people have problems with and I bet sometimes Shiro lacks self-confidence, especially with his Galra Tech arm. So, make sure to shower him in compliments! He’ll love it.
  • Whenever you ramble on about something, Shiro would have no problem listening and when you start to stumble over your word Shiro would definitely find it adorable.
  • Depression, anxiety, panic disorders, insomnia and any other physical or mental illnesses you may have, trust Shiro to help you with all of them, but you better help him in return. Especially when he suffers from PTSD.
  • Since you get sensory overload from the sound of knocking of door, Shiro would always remember to never knock on your door whenever to goes over to your house to see you. He’ll either call you or text you.
  • Touch-starvation is something Shiro can easily fix. Expect lots and lots of hugs everyday. Only in private, though.