half blonde half brown hair

les amis as people ive served at work

inspired by @grantairelibere !!
joly: used their inhaler during the transaction but refused any help, informed me they dont need a bag because they dont use plastic
combeferre: spent half an hour discussing dozens of classic novels with me, seemed entirely unaware of his own astronomic attractiveness. shook my hand before leaving. instead of exchanging numbers, we gave each other reading lists. (please come back)
jehan: asked to see our books on greek mythology. wanted to see the ‘gory stuff for my song lyrics’
courfeyrac: came in with his friend after spending the day shopping, told me they’d intended to see the hadron collider but kept getting distracted. told me jokes while i restocked the shelves, because they didnt actually want to buy anything, they were just waiting for their friend who had accidentally (????) gotten on a bus after lunch
bousset: the friend that accidentally got on the bus
bahorel: the 6′2 individual who scowled at me until i asked if he needed help- he asked me to help find bob the cat’s biography and thanked me very enthusiastically when i did
enjolras: didnt say a word to me as he purchased the communist manifesto. just steady eye contact, and didnt even respond when asked if he was a loyalty card holder or if he wanted a bag. im not sure what he was trying to communicate but it was effective
grantaire: stayed in our tiny arts section for two hours, sitting cross legged on the floor, reading as much as he could
marius: came in with his (apparently long suffering) girlfriend and asked me to find a 10+ year old book about a child in ancient egypt without parents, that he couldnt even remember the name of. apologised for being difficult often, and ended up buying the percy jackson books
feuilly: asked me for help so their anxious friend wouldnt have to 

montparnasse: came in in a perfectly tailored blacker-than-black suit, hair dyed half blond half brown and in a pony tail and bought his partner a biography about an obscure foreign model
valjean: managed to look fond and loving even while dragging his (previously lost) daughter away from the YA section

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matchup please? I'm a 5'9", chubby, half black/half white girl with big curly brown-and-blonde hair; I like the color pink especially with sparkles, i'm really into cartoons and the arts (film,drawing,fashion,music,etc), i like anime and superheroes and music and collecting toys! I used to get bullied a lot but I've always been self-confident. I love helping people and I compliment everyone I know all the time because I love them. I have depression and anxiety. I'm pan-polyromantic and asexual.

I think you’d be adorable with D.Va

This girl loves pink and sparkles just as much as you and may even add some sparkle to her mech to remind her of you when she’s out fighting. When she isn’t gaming or saving the world, she likes nothing more than catching up on some anime with you. Adores your positive personality and may or may not shoot your bullies in the face. 

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Hi, I'm 16, half white, half Indonesian, blonde hair to my shoulder, big brown eyes. I love reading and baking. I would take you to a bookstore to browse for a while then to a bakery to pick up some baked goods then we could go on a nice indoor picnic on the roof of a tall building in the evening to watch the sunset. How does that sound?


I dyed my hair and idk why but I feel kinda cute today???? Weird
[Image: A selfie of a 13-year-old, autistic white demigirl in a red high-necked tank top, with half brown and half blonde hair, á la Cruella DeVil, in a bob-cut with straight bangs, smiling bashfully and looking away from the camera. Pey are wearing candy pink lipstick. A door and ugly floral wallpaper are in the background. There are digital ‘stickers’ of an alien, the all-seeing eye, a geometric cube, a video game controller and a D&D die on top of the photo.]