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How is it possible that we’re over half way through November? It’s like we blinked and half a month has passed. 

(How adorable is baby!Gabe? We must love and protect him at all costs). 

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One | Bloody Introductions

Summary: It had endured centuries on earth, indulging selfishly in Its desires, never once blinking at Its monstrous ways. Your arrival into Its existence warped the both of you into an emotional chaos of white-hot lust and desire, throwing the both of you into never a ending poignant rollarcoaster of longing and unattainable sensual tranquility.

The clock was ticking. It couldn’t bring Itself to leave you, yet It couldn’t bring Itself to stay either. It hated this love, It hated this lust, It hated this desire, and most of all, It hated that It didn’t hate you.

Author’s Note:  Critique is welcomed. This is the first fic I’ve written in ages. Apologize for any typos or grammar mistakes, I swear I proofread this three hundred times. Typos will be the death of me. I tried. The next two chapters will be posted within a couple of hours. I may or may not have accidentally written 20K+ words of this fic before posting. Whoops. Enjoy!

Words: 5.1K +

Warnings: Very gory. NSFW content. Very sexual. Lots of clown sex. You know, the usual.

The first time It had tasted you was where it began. It had sunk Its teeth into your skin, every intention of getting a quick, juicy meal out of your body. Its eyes rolled to the back of Its head, the endless row of gums and fangs spilling out from Its deformed excuse for a mouth, becoming more monstrous by the second. Your ears were ringing rapidly in your head and you were convinced your heart would burst from fear sooner than you would die from this grotesque being; the organ pounded against your chest like it was a cage, a desperate animal fleeting to escape, your breathing impossibly quick. It had you cornered, there was nowhere to run, and even if there was, the monster had made it clear that It was more than capable of using Its strength to stop you.

You knew one thing on this night; you were sure you were going to die.

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A Quiet Refrain

It starts with some of the most mediocre eggs Taako’s ever clapped eyes on. Seven out of ten for taste. Zero out of ten for plating. Somehow, they’re still the best damn eggs he’s ever eaten.

(Or: Taako realizes he loves Kravitz back.)

Taako wakes to a smooth, rich baritone wafting down the halls of his home.

He growls at the sunlight streaming through his windows as he rolls out of bed. In a quick flick of his wrist he changes out of his sleep shorts and into a flowing nightgown. Sure, Kravitz saw him fall asleep in his shorts, but this nightgown is an aesthetic he’s hella proud of - there are sequins pressed in layers down the back of the gown, right over his shoulderblades, reading out the double-Ts that are part of the Taako brand, baby. Rhinestones glitter down his arms, from shoulder to a fabric hook over his middle finger, so if he needs to flip someone off, he can do so with extra pizzazz.

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anonymous asked:

Well that post about kisame and shark characteristics said the hoshigaki females would be generally bigger, more muscular etc. So just, kisame sees the pink headed blob from behind and like ew a weak one but then she turns around and bam memories of his mother accidentally breaking tables/doors/walls come to mind bam he's in love

I should absolutely definitely totally be finishing the next chapter of reverse right now what have you done

Nagato looks like he’s about to start stabbing people, which Kisame thinks likely isn’t the best way to walk into a peace conference with Konoha.

“Obito,” he says tightly, as the volume of Konan and Yahiko’s bickering increases. “I am very fond of you, but if you don’t stop complaining I won’t be held accountable for my actions.”

Obito rolls his eye, but he does stop fidgeting with his shakujo, sinking back flat on his feet rather than poised on the balls of his toes, and Kisame allows a fraction of the tension in his shoulders to ease. Having their resident powerhouse to slightly wound isn’t good for the nerves.

“Fond,” Obito says instead, pulling a face. “Gee, thanks.”

Nagato looks exasperated, and turns to his partner with a huff, but Kisame has been walking between Konan and Yahiko and Sasori and Deidara since they left Ame; he’s had more than enough of couple quarrels for the next lifetime and change, so he squeezes past their honorable(-ish) leaders and makes tracks for the clear field they agreed on for negotiations, figuring he may as well scout the area. Nagato will likely do one better as soon as he gets his head out of his ass, being a sensor and all, but for now Kisame steps out of the trees and takes a quick glance around the field. It looks like it would make a good battlefield in another life, open and free of most obstructions, but as it is there’s only a single other figure visible.

Deciding he may as well be friendly, Kisame puts on his best smile, trying not to show too many extra teeth, then slings Samehada over his shoulder and wanders towards the kunoichi inspecting a lone outcropping of boulders. She’s small, lean, with short pink hair held back by a Konoha hitai-ate. Almost despite himself, Kisame feels a flicker of resignation, expecting another weak, stuttering, flailing girl. Objectively, he’s well aware that most kunoichi can’t be held to the standards of the Hoshigaki Clan, but Kisame grew up with women who were a good two heads taller than him and twice as broad, all muscle, and able to break a table in half without a thought. Anything less invokes an instinctive distaste, and—

The small, pretty kunoichi makes a sound of deep frustration, rears back, and punches the boulders hard.

It’s probably upwards of six tons of rock, and with one direct blow the entire formation shatters into dust.

Kisame’s jaw drops, and he practically trips over his own feet. Oh, he thinks, and then Oh! And maybe she’s not quite as tall or broad as his mother and sister but as she spins to face him he realizes she’s nowhere near delicate. Those are thick muscles, just as honed as his own, and the way she balances herself says she knows exactly how to use them.

“A kunoichi!” Kisame says, utterly delighted.

The young woman eyes him like he just said something dumb. “Haruno Sakura,” she says, like it’s a warning.

It might be, but Kisame’s been so focused on Ame and helping rebuild Akatsuki after Madara’s attempt to corrupt it that he hasn’t had time to leaf through the Bingo Book lately. Now he wishes he had, because wow.

“You!” he repeats. “You’re a real kunoichi!”

Sakura blinks, taking half a step back as she falls out of her fighting stance, and she looks startled and just a little flattered. “Um?”

“Could you bench press me?” Kisame presses, already advancing in anticipation.

Baffled, Sakura blinks at him for a moment, then snorts, tugs up her fingerless gloves, and cracks her knuckles. “Why not,” she asks in bemusement, and Kisame wastes no time leaping for her.

(“Oh gods, really?” Nagato demands, pressing his hands over his face in clear despair as the remaining members of Akatsuki file into the meadow.

Obito just snorts. “At least he’s having fun,” he says dryly, and a surreptitious glance across the field shows that Kakashi is watching his student toss around a deadly, homicidal missing-nin with no small amount of horror.

Obito would absolutely be lying if he said that didn’t factor in to the way he catches Nagato’s arm and keeps him from marching over to corral their wayward swordsman. When Nagato shoots him a look of deep betrayal, Obito offers him a smirk, tipping one shoulder in a shrug. “I thought you were the one who was so invested in peace by any means, Nagato.”

Nagato groans, and the hands go back over his face. “She’s using him as a weight, Obito! And he’s letting her!”

“True love comes in many forms,” Obito says, mock-wisely, and doesn’t even try to dodge the smack that Nagato aims at his head.)

2AM - part 13 FINAL  (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Romance /  Angst / Smut 18+

Characters: Minseok X You

A/N: Wow! Another series has come to an end and WHAT a whirlwind of emotions this story has been?! Boy did it fuck up my bias list too XD. GAH! I hope you all love this as much as I do! thanks for the overwhelming love and support you give me. i appreciate every single one of you. THANK YOU @kpopimagi for the AMAZING Edit! :DDDD

2AM - [M] part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13 FINAL

You hadn’t seen Minseok since he left you behind in the foyer. Since he’d shirked off Kwangseok’s greeting, claiming to have left something in his car and disappeared.

You hadn’t seen Minseok since his eyes went dull and the smile left his face at the sight of the other man standing before him.

Here you sat in the sitting room, wishing you were doing anything but this maddening sitting because he hadn’t come back yet.

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I was touching on this headcanon in fanfiction form earlier but I want to make a regular textpost explaining it.

It occurred to me earlier how it’s a bit unusual that Bakugou’s never burnt himself with his own quirk. Canon explains that his palms have very thick skin that doesn’t burn easily, but considering explosions tend to—ya know—explode, it’s still a bit surprising he’s never burnt any other part of his body.

This got me thinking in a couple different directions. Perhaps Bakugou’s trained himself to carefully position his body and limit his firepower so as not to injure himself. Maybe when he was younger and stupider, experimenting with the limit of his powers, he did burn himself badly and has been keeping himself below that threshold ever since so as not to burn himself ever again.

This was all sitting in “casual headcanon” territory until I realized something that makes it all so, so much more complicated.

And that’s Deku.

Because Deku has done the opposite. Deku was incapable of moderating his quirk for so long. He was harnessing incredible power, and yet leading his body to ruin in order to do it.

And all the while Bakugou’s been trying to figure out how Deku managed to surpass him.

Deku’s quirk is stronger than his, because Deku doesn’t hold back. Deku gets himself injured when Bakugou doesn’t. Bakugou’s ability to safely moderate his quirk looks like a positive skill until you throw Deku into the mix, and then try to figure out why Bakugou’s losing.

Bakugou’s reaction in episode 7 stands out to me, when Deku explains the severe drawbacks of his quirk. Bakugou looks just, shocked, devastated, like his world’s been shaken.

Maybe it’s because he just witnessed Deku do what he can never push himself to do: injure himself for the sake of incredible power.

I’m not putting much stock in this being something canon ever addresses. More like it’s something I find fascinating to think about in the context of Bakugou’s character. It would torment him to know he can perform at a level far above his current max output if he just embraced the physical backlash. Maybe he can’t make himself do it, the same way you can’t force yourself to bite off your finger despite having the jaw-strength for it. Like it’s a deeply ingrained, instinctual limit. The kind of thing that would take horrifying amounts of willpower to overcome.

But Bakugou has seen Deku be endlessly rewarded for pushing past this limit every time. Bodily injury seems to be working in Deku’s favor, and Bakugou’s only getting more and more desperate to surpass him.

It leads me to envision a high-stakes battle, one the villains are steadily winning, that ends with a single enormous explosion wiping out the villain side entirely. And it leaves Bakugou at the center with third degree burns covering half his body, blinking through tears and yelling “What? Did you think Deku was the only one who could do this!?”

March 30, 2016 tip: Here’s a super basic tip on the generic blink. The more you understand anatomy, the more likely you will make choices that give your characters the illusion of life. In this case, simply understanding how the shape of the cornea is affected by the lids. And vise versa, but I don’t go into that here. There are tons of different types of blinks: double blinks, half blinks, slow blinks, etc… Maybe I can get into those another time. #characteranimation #quickanimationtip #animation #cg #drawing #eye #blink #studiomomentsatdisney #disneyanimation #illusionoflife

Anonymous said: Can you do a monty imagine we’re he finds his girlfriend on the list (you can chose what for) and he gets really pissed of at Alex and fights him about it then the reader and monty end up in smut (or whatever your comfortable with ) xxx

Author’s Note: I tried to do pre-smut, but it didn’t really work out. Sorry!

Originally posted by wood-chris

Monty X Reader

You’re sitting in class when a piece of folded up paper gets tossed onto your desk. Half asleep, you blink blearily at it before Monty gently kicks one of the legs to your chair. And glancing at him, he smirks before gesturing to the piece of paper.

What is it? He mouths since the teacher is too busy droning on and on.

You shrug before fully sitting up, stretching in your seat and then reaching for the paper. Unfolding it, you scoff at what you see. It’s someone’s lame attempt at a Who’s Hot- n -Who’s Not, pitting the female population of Liberty High against one another. And not one to give these type of things more than a second glance, you crumble up the piece of paper and walk it over to the trashcan.

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