half baked

Ya know I gotta tell you
That herbal got me baked as a cake
Craving Frosted Flakes
Then I take a dab and my homies like
“Bruh are you even awake!?”

My eyes are low
My speech is slow
So high somebody’s got to know
So come share my weed
Yes come try it for free
Enjoy each and every toke cuz it’s all on me

Nah I don’t want any money
Just need to pass my judgement test, and find out which of you are true.
Believe me 9/10 of you will never make it through.
And 1 out of a thousand will actually last.
5 years later turn around and stab you in the back!
What happened to loyalty!?
A world without snitches!?!
A place where they were considered cowards and beat!
Left alone to die in the street!?
YOU fucked up bitch you pay your dues!
YOU wanted in mother fucker! Didn’t you?

The rest of you need to remember what happens when the canary sings.
Others get sucked in, take flight as they flap their wings.
Next thing you know Pigs running up in everything!
Prices get jacked up by the few big dawgs left..
And the only reason they’re still slingin is cuz they got the money to pay off the Feds.

But now everybody else, you’re now paying double.
Man I know you got caught that one time and didn’t give me any trouble.
But that bitch you know, yeah you remember Chipper.
Well he done fucked up and now I’m payin taxes
So next time someone runs their mouth you better start whoopin some asses..

Man Fuck this rap, its dedicated to no one.
99% of ya’ll so fake so that’s exactly who gets my trust.
You get it?
….probably not
But fuck it I’m done.