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Briseis told stories too, strange and dreamlike—tales of enchantment, of gods spellbound by magic and mortals who blundered upon them unawares; the gods were strange, half man and half animal: rural deities, not the high gods that the city worshipped. They were beautiful, these tales, told in her low singsong voice. 

Zodiac Mythical Races

Aries: Werewolves- also known as Lycans legend has it that they were a race of people who could purposely turn into larger-than-normal wolves, but some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man/half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon.

Taurus: Dryads- also know as wood nymphs dryads were extremely beautiful and were literally the spirits of the trees. Legend has it that if the tree they were from died so would they. Love of nature, and an extremely strong tie to their home/roots nothing screams Taurus more.

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Lilith is the Dark Feminine. She was Adam’s first wife, God created them at the same time and they were to be equals. But once it was time to make love, they began fighting over who got to be on top. Lilith demanded equality and Adam wanted her to submit to him. She fled and went to live by the Red Sea, where she would copulate with demons and monsters. She became known as the child-killer/seductress/witch/she-demon.

Before this, Lilith, in Sumerian mythology, was handmaiden to Innana, the Queen of Heaven. Lilith’s job was to approach men on the street and bring them to the temple for sexual rites. During these days female sexuality was revered and seen as holy. Once the patriarchy decided it wanted more power, it began demonizing the female sexual power and its hold over men. Hence, later myths depict Lilith as evil. Really, her only sin was sticking up for herself. This is what Lilith represents in our charts - the dark feminine aspect, unbridled sexuality, equality amongst the sexes. Wherever Lilith is in your chart shows where you may have an unconscious (or conscious, if you are identified with this side of yourself) need to express your sexuality, demand personal satisfaction, and be yourself. Lilith wouldn’t change herself for Adam and she went off to live a life of passion.

Pluto is a similar archetype. Lilith is associated with the serpent (sexuality) and the bird (messenger for the goddess). Scorpio is also associated with the snake and the eagle. Lilith is more specifically feminine and deals with our feminine wounds, and for men, their projection of the evil woman onto others. Lilith is an important element in your psyche if you’ve ever suffered sexual abuse, have been ostracized for expressing your sexuality, or if you identify with the darker aspects of the feminine (or are attracted to the femme fatale type). Lilith asks us to own our sexual nature and to put our needs above society’s (especially today, in this patriarchal society).



Lilith in Aries is the firey sex siren, she knows what she wants and is going to get it. Assertive, aggressive, dominant  - she take the power of Mars and lets Lilith ride away in its war chariot. She may be a little selfish in the bedroom, putting her pleasure first. She may be perceived as masculine if she takes on the more dominant role. She can also imbue sex with a youthful energy, like teenagers first falling in love. Underneath her cutting aggression, she is a hopeless romantic. She tends to love the chase and may lose interest after making a conquest, but it’s only because she’s searching for the perfect partner, someone who will keep her flame burning forever. The most passionate of the Liliths, her sex recalls the days of knights and maidens.


Lilith in Taurus is an earthy lust goddess, the most sensual of the Liliths, decadent in her approach. She loves all things beautiful, perfume, candles, soft furry blankets, all these things make her feel sexier. She is a woman of the forest, a forest nymph, dancing around with Pan and enjoying all of the earth’s delights. Her sex is full of love and romance, she can pull anyone into her world of intense romantic connection. Perhaps she loves everyone that she sleeps with, even if it’s only once. She is simple in her approach, there’s a bare nakedness to her, knowing that all it takes is letting Venus flow through her. She is Venus’s priestess (along with Lilith in Libra). She would perhaps be able to express her sexuality to the fullest within a loving relationship.


Lilith in Gemini would be very playful sexually, probably into dirty talk, they probably love trying on different sexual styles (maybe into roleplaying), adaptable to different partners and enjoys trying on different people. They also make smart sexy, they would find sex in the mind, like getting aroused just having an intellectual conversation with someone. Turned on by cleverness, wit, intelligence, knowledgeable people. I would also think maybe their sense of sexualness may fluctuate, feeling celibate one day and promiscuous the next, because they feel the myriad of possibilities when it comes to sexual expression. Bisexuality would be something to pin on Gemini (or pansexuality). They feel the feminine and the masculine within them, and can express both sides (passive or active).


Lilith in Cancer has sex with her soul. She is bewitching and psychic, calling down the powers of the Moon. Her power is her insight into the hearts of men, the world of feelings. She has felt it all, and this is where her wisdom lies. There is a timelessness to her, her past-lives are ever-present, and she can be nostalgic for places she lived centuries ago. The emotional bond is what is paramount in the sexual act - and it is always felt more strongly by her, as she is aware that they met before, in other lives. She is the nurturer, the comforter, but can just as easily turn into the dark mother. To gain access to Lilith in Cancer’s body is to gain access to her soul, the home in her heart. Those that disrespect the sanctity of her inner world may find that she’s not just a cute and cuddly comforter. She’s a natural witch and has no qualms banishing you from her temple. She offers you a return to the womb, a reunion with the Great Mother, if you are able to handle her ever-changing emotional landscape.


Lilith in Leo combines the dark bewitching Lilith with the confidence of the Sun, bringing that dark energy out into the light. It reminds me of the 70’s and disco, gold glitter everywhere, people dancing into the night. She’s a woman who demands to be worshiped, and demands that sex be fun, rather than serious. But she also requires a deep need to connect at a heart-level in the sexual sphere, she is a romantic at heart. In Tarot, Leo rules the Strength card which is represents the taming of the animal side. So I would think maybe there would be an animalistic side to the sex, like a wild-cat thing going on. Leo Lilith would have no shame showing off their sexual side, putting on sexual performances (strip shows, dances etc). The bedroom is her stage. There’s a sense of royalty and glamour imbued into her, she is the Queen and knows it.


Lilith in Virgo brings together the virgin and the whore, combining innocence with seduction. The self-owned woman, the woman who owns her sexuality and is not dependent on her partners. ‘Virgin’ doesn’t mean abstaining from sex, it means pure, untouched, even if she’s enjoying a bountiful sex life. Ruled by Mercury, Lilith in Virgo can handle multiple partners at once. She loves to serve and would probably fall more naturally into a submissive role. She finds joy in pleasing her partner, even to the point of obeying orders. She knows her power lies outside of this bedroom dynamic. Sex may be a chance to lose the control she so perfectly holds over her life. Like Lilith in Gemini, she would prefer an intellectual partner, one that can ignite her mind.


Lilith teaming up with Aphrodite. Like Lilith in Taurus, this Lilith embodies pure femininity. While Taurus would be a more earthier, sensual lust goddess, Lilith in Libra would be the charming seductress, beauty is her power. She would maybe be a people-pleaser in the bedroom, putting her partner’s pleasure first. I would see her bringing poise and grace into the sexual act. Libra rules justice so this Lilith may be interested in finding justice for women. Combining soft flowery femininity with dark witch power - like Lilith in Aries she knows how to get what she wants, but instead of taking action she’ll charm you into coming to her. While Lilith herself prefers to be single and independent, Lilith in Libra may find power through relationships, it gives her the stage upon which to perform her sacred sexuality.


Lilith in Scorpio - the true witch. Lurking in the shadows, this is Lilith completely satisfied having sex with demons by the Red Sea - it’s not just rebellion for rebellion’s sake, she just really likes it. She is drawn to the darkness, to the taboo. She is comfortable doing things in the bedroom that would make others blush or cringe. Her sex is filled with intense passion, undying love. She is the reason the French call the orgasm le petit mort - sex brings her to the boundary between life and death. Sex is not a frivolous thing to be entered into, it is the place with the deepest waters. She may be interested in sex magick, knowing the energy produced through sex can be channeled to fulfill her Will. She may also be interested in BDSM, comfortable with the fact that sex is a dance of power. Lilith is associated with vampires and Scorpio takes full advantage of the sexual intrigue the vampire image presents.


Lilith in Sagittarius brings to mind the centaurs, half-man half-animal. We don’t always talk about Sagittariaus’s sexual prowess but what would expect from the sign following Scorpio? They are able to channel a certain primal strength into their lovemaking. Lilith in Sagittarius turns sex into an adventure, bringing to mind high-class international escorts. Having sex in hotel rooms may feel more right than in the comfort of their own homes, where things are stagnant and predictable. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of excess, they see no limits to their sex life, it is an expansive frontier they are implored to explore. They’re wild horses running away from boredom. Within a relationship they’re always keen to explore new territory to keep things interesting. They look for anything novel and exotic in their encounters, things that make them feel larger than they are.


Lilith in Capricorn would also have an earthiness to her. There would be an element of seriousness to her and to her approach to sex. She has a practical, keen mind and can orchestrate her sexual encounters in order to have the greatest payoff, whether her desired end is a committed relationship, financial gain, or just pleasure. She is timeless and classy, appearing modest. But underneath this public face, well Capricorn is one of the kinkiest signs (sorry Scorpio lol). Capricorn rules the Devil card in Tarot - the card of all earthly pleasures and delights, especially those forbidden to us. Capricorn may be known as the sign of repression, but on the other side of repression is a thick libido, and who knows what they get up to behind closed doors. You won’t know, though, because outside the bedroom she is the respectable CEO.


Lilith was the first rebel, and Lilith in Aquarius reminds us of this. She is is the experimenter, she’ll try anything in the bedroom once, just for the hell of it. Interested in overcoming sexual limitation, sexual mores and codes of conduct, it’s her body and she’ll do what she wants with it. Aquarius rules technology so probably not shy about using toys in the bedroom. May have a detached view when it comes to sex. Finds independence through sexuality. A sexual ‘weirdo’,  Aquarius is the eccentric. Might try things for the bizarre novelty of it. Radical and revolutionary in their sexuality, may be interested in sexual politics, a true feminist. May be androgynous, finding both the masculine and feminine within themselves. May be drawn to unconventional sexual lifestyles like BDSM, polyamory, orgies. Imbues the dark bewitching Lilith energy with electricity, divine knowledge - she may have sudden mystical revelations at the point of orgasm.


Lilith in Pisces brings sex to new heights - the heavens. Sex is not just sex to her, it is a point of departure, a doorway to encounter her higher self. When you have sex with Lilith in Pisces you are being given an invitation to experience heaven on earth. Sex is a transcendent experience - ask her when she feels closest to God and she’ll say in the bedroom. May be interested in spiritual sexuality such as Tantra. There is a certain innocence to Pisces, although she dives into the depths of emotion like Scorpio, her sex is not in the shadows. She finds herself completely merging into one with her partner, she longs for dissolution, absolution. She wants to forget herself. Sex may be a form of escape for her, an addiction, if she’s acting unconsciously. She may love having sex in the water or masturbating in the tub, anything that makes her feel more fluid, so her sense of physical boundaries disappears.

-Pegasus Astrology / Lauren Crowley

Gateway to Hell in Czech republic?

Houska castle (built in 13th century), and most specifically the chapel, has been constructed over a large hole in the ground that is supposedly ‘The Gateway to Hell’, which was said to be so deep no one could see the bottom of it. Half-animal-half-man creatures were reported to have crawled out of it, and dark winged creatures flew in its vicinity. Legend has it that when construction began in the castle, all the inmates that were sentenced to death were offered a pardon if they consented to be lowered by rope into the hole, and report back on what they saw. When the first person was lowered, he began screaming after a few seconds, and when pulled back to the surface he looked as if he had aged 30 years in just a few seconds. He had grown wrinkles and his hair had turned white, as old folklore tales state.

Houska castle was built with no fortifications, no water, no kitchen, near no trade routes, and with no occupants at its time of completion. The castle was not built as a residence or as a protective sanctuary, but was instead built because the hole was thought to be a gateway to hell. Thus, by constructing the Gothic building, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level thickest walls closest to the hole of the castle.

Ghost Hunters International Season 02, Episode 03 ‘Gates to Hell’ on youtube.com

Houska Castle on Youtube.com, 82 videos! 

source: https://en.wikipedia.org and https://www.youtube.com

favorite monsters of the week ask meme, part two
  • Racist with a Terrible Headache: if you could just get up drive anywhere, right now, where would it be?
  • Bruce Campbell the Bigamist Demon: what is the biggest surprise you've ever had in your life?
  • Mildly Upset Meteorologist: what would the weather be like if you could control it?
  • Creepy Death Photographer: what is something you're morally ambiguous about?
  • Mulder in One Son: what's the most awkward situation you've been privy to?
  • Florida Gothic Aesthetique: what is a situation where you were overwhelmed but you pulled through?
  • Homeowners Associations are HORRIBLE: what is a community you really enjoy being a part of?
  • Dogs? I don't know: what historical figure would you consider a kindred spirit?
  • Phillip Padget Eat Your Heart Out: what is something about yourself you feel others do not see?
  • Flesh Eating Magic Mushrooms: name three things you do NOT want to be covered in
  • The Kid Eats Brains: what are your favorite brain foods?
  • It's a Metaphor for Teenage Speed Use: talk about peer pressure you experienced
  • Even Luck is Terrifying: what's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?
  • Screw You DONALD: what is something you feel guilty about but was justified?
  • Literally Fear Itself: what is the embodiment of fear itself to you?
  • Cigarettes are Bad by the Way: what are you addicted to?
  • Kathy Griffin Incites Mass Violence: why did you want to punch the last person you wanted to punch?
  • Jinn, the Coolest XFiles Monster: what are your three wishes?
  • Cult Worm, Name of My Band: name three things that gross the hell out of you, like this episode
  • Half Man Half Reptile Completely Incoherent: if you were half man half animal, what would you want the half animal to be?
  • The Kid has Bugs for Hormones: what is something you yearned for but did not receive?
  • The Brady Bunch but People Fucking Die: what makes you instantly nostalgic?
  • Burt Reynolds is Literally God Here: link me to three of the nicest songs you know
  • This Lizard Man was Adorable as Hell: what's your favorite thing about being human? what's your least favorite?
  • The Band-Aid Nose Man: what really disappoints you about the world?

Why couldn’t this cute scene turn into…

…this scene?!

I wished they were canon in the TV show as well. I ship them so hardcore and I don’t give any fucks. 

The Duality of Mutable Signs

It’s widely known that the archetype of Gemini is that of a pair of twins, often conjuring the image of a person with two faces. Two minds occupying the same body puts Gemini high on the intellect scale but not always so high on the scales of trustworthiness or reliability.  They have a reputation for being fickle but they are not the only ones.  

All of the mutable signs carry a strong principle of dualism. Each occupying the last month before the change of season, these signs possess a restlessness and inconsistency of shape that must occur to bring forth the clarity and focus of intention that exists in the following cardinal sign.  Cusp personalities in their own right, they carry the flavors of two seasons, often exhibiting the extremes of both. They are in a constant state of change and therefore the natives of these signs often fluctuate between two different states respective of the element of the sign.  

The duality of the mutable signs can also be seen in their symbolic archetypes. Gemini is of course represented by two actual people, the twins.  Sagittarius is represented by a half man ,half animal. Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions but connected by a silver thread. Virgo is a symbol of purity living life in an impure world*.

Each of of the mutable signs are drawn in two different directions. Where the duality plays out the most can most easily be seen in the element of the sign.

Air - Gemini - Two Minds

Twins pretending to be one person

Always changing their mind, Predictably unpredictable, Rationalizers, Strategic, Unsure, Speaking before thinking things through, Can relate to a lot of different perspectives

Earth - Virgo - Two Bodies

Temporary states of the body in the physical world.  

Lazy then active, messy but highly organized, health nuts with health problems, feasting and fasting, collecting then throwing things away, different body types at different stages in life

Fire - Sagittarius - Two Spirits

An animal and a man, with a bow and arrow

Wanting to run free, aimless, carnal, wild, careless and carefree; Philosophical, strong moral code of conduct, aspirational, on a mission, out to win.

Water - Pisces - Two Hearts

One fish loves you the other fish loves you not

Showing devotion then showing distance, being dishonest about their intentions,  not knowing rather to stay or go, feeling pulled in every direction, feeling many things at once, understanding the many layers of truth

* A note about Virgo:

It’s not as easy at first glance to identify the dualism in the symbol of Virgo, especially with such varying representations. For me, Virgo is a representation of two opposite states of being, pure and impure; a young child still connected to the source or the higher realm of heaven (Virgo is often depicted with a halo and wings) while living fully in the lower dirt filled realm of Earth.

Essentially Virgo is a girl or a young woman, a virgin. Girlhood is a temporary state in which the girl is learning to be a woman. Every girl will eventually grow up or die. So the image of a girl is an image of someone in a temporary state of existence, learning what it means to become something else. Virginity or purity is also a temporary state. A white shirt can only stay white if it’s never worn and even then it will collect dust on the hanger. So therefore, Virgo is like two states of being in one. Virgo tries to maintain this state of purity in an impure world and fluctuates as she puts herself through the wringer reverting back to a perfect state every time she falls in the mud.


red rising + regrets || eo persephone

“As her voice finally swells and the song runs out of words, I know I have lost her. She becomes something more important; and she was right, I don’t understand.”


“When John was a child the legends of the jungle were his fairy tales. His favorite was the story of El Viejo del Monte. The Old Man of the Forest. A merciless hunter who killed every animal in his path. El Viejo didn’t eat his prey. He left it behind to rot in the soil. To teach him a lesson, the gods turned him into a simisco: half animal, half man. He was condemned to defend the jungle for all eternity.”

This weeks Animal Alphabets: Mythical Creatures and Colour Collective Mashup.  The creature was W for Werewolf and the color was Warm Grey which was used through out the werewolf’s fur.

The Goatman of Maryland refers to a legendary half-human, half-goat cryptid.

According to urban legend, the Goatman is an axe-wielding, half-man, half-animal creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats, the experiment went awry, and he began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland. A variation of the legend tells of Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along a nearby road in the area.

The first official report of this brute hails from 1957, when eyewitnesses reported seeing a hairy, horned monster in the areas of Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County. Following that wave of sightings, the beast apparently decided to lay low until the summer of 1962, when the Goatman was accused of killing no less than fourteen people — twelve children and two accompanying adults — who were apparently hiking too close to its lair. The survivors, who, of course, remain unidentified, claimed that the Goatman violently hacked its victims to pieces with an axe, all the while emitting ghastly sounds only the “devil himself” would make.

Do you think the Goatman exists?

  • Aries: ram running thru the forest n butting people
  • Taurus: bull eating grass
  • Gemini: twins that never stop arguing
  • Cancer: crab hiding in its shell
  • Leo: lion roaring n flipping their mane
  • Virgo: virgin goddess of the harvest
  • Libra: aesthetically pleasing scales
  • Scorpio: poisonous horny desert animal
  • Sagittarius: half man half horse that shoots flaming arrows
  • Capricorn: half goat half fish that climbs mountain for clean air
  • Aquarius: water god that likes humans
  • Pisces: two fishies chasing each other
Sun in Sagittarius

Taken from: thenatalchart.weebly.com

Approx. Dates: November 22 - December 21
Element: Fire
Polarity: Masculine/Positive
Modality: Mutable
Ruler: Jupiter
Symbol: The Archer / The Centaur
Mode: Intuition
Motto: I Philosophise / I See
True Age: 56 to 63
Tarot Card: Temperance
Focus: To understand and find meaning in life
Blind Spot: Themselves - they can neglect their personal needs for growth in the name of something ‘higher’
Keywords: Sanguine, Friendly, Philosophical, Superficial, All-Knowing, Inconsistent, Big-Hearted, Moral, Generous, Courageous, Impatient.

Sagittarius is likened to ages 56 to 63; stereotypically this is the age of retirement. The mid-life crisis is over and done, their children have their own families now and for the most part, they are alone. Of course, alone meaning that they simply now have time to focus on themselves and what life is really about, and this is exactly what Sagittarians do.

Those born under the Sun when in Sagittarius are constantly seeking to find and understand a ‘Higher Truth’ – with their arrow they aim for the stars. They want to find something to devote themselves to; they want to see where they fit into the Universe – also because Jupiter rules Sagittarius, they truly see the big picture and often choose not to get bogged down in details.

Jupiter rules luck and optimism, both fuelling each other. Even in the darkest of times Sagittarians manage to hold on a sliver of hope. And by the laws of attraction an overall positive attitude brings good luck. Although, Jupiter does also rule expansion and with this influencing the Sun we get an ‘expanded’ ego – in other words, an inflated idea of ones self-worth. This isn’t to say that Sagittarians are innately self-confident and immune to insecurity – they can struggle as much as the next person, however, it does mean that this seeking for something ‘higher’ and ‘greater’ is often of an egocentric nature.

A majority of a Sagittarians time can be taken up with working out the ‘perfect’ way to live life. They often have their own personal philosophy in which they strongly abide by. Of course, Sagittarius is a mutable sign so the views and ideas they adopt are always subject to change, they know they are ever-evolving and are always seeking to learn. Even though these views can change (as they often do) they can be extremely condemning and judgemental when they have adopted a certain mindset. This obviously depends on what their views may be, sometimes they’re ‘right’ and sometimes they aren’t, either way they can act like they’re morally superior to their peers. Some ethical standards that exist amongst all Sagittarians is to be true to oneself and with their intentions.

Their ability to understand the world as a whole mixed with their mutable nature, they know that one thing is certain: change. Sagittarians are indeed afraid of commitment, even when they seem to be set one thing in a certain area of their life other facets can be prone to fluctuation. They’re ready to settle down in a committed relationship? Well, now they don’t which career to commit to, if any at all.

When they aren’t focusing on the ideal, Jupiter’s jovial nature expresses itself through the Sagittarius Sun with light-heartedness and good humour. Since they so often have a great understanding of the human condition they find it easy to find irony in human nature, and therefore in everyone. They also aren’t averse to poking fun at themselves – as long as it fits with the human condition (stuff that is ‘relatable’), they don’t liked to be mocked for their current philosophy.

Sagittarians, for the most part, come across as laid back and only at times condescending. They can keep a reign on their ‘preaching’ because at the end of the day it is something personal to them and they’d rather have fun when they’re with others. Besides, how else would they learn about others if they were constantly talking about their views? They are the eternal students after all.

Despite their need for constant learning, Jupiter’s optimism and hope prefers a laidback style, so this is often how they will want to live their lives (also, they are ‘retired’). And true to the Sagittarian nature, they will justify this by incorporating this view into their current philosophy for approaching life.

Since Sagittarius is also the centaur (who doubles as an archer), half animal and half man, Sagittarians often feel a special connection with animals in general. They may gain energy from being around them and they will often view them as equals.

First Decan Sagittarius (approx. 0.00 to 10.00 degrees): These individuals being the first decan – just out of retirement and free to live their own lives – are the most independent out of all Sagittarians, and fiercely so.
They demand on coming up and deciding their viewpoints on their own. In this way they can seem more judgemental (and therefore more condescending) than their Sagittarian counterparts. They are still a mutable sign (and they pride themselves on being honourable) so they know how to compromise - it just takes a little longer sometimes. Learning to admit defeat with humility is one of their greatest yet most rewarding challenges – and they are 100% capable of it.

And of course, as with all first decans they can be the most emotionally ‘immature’, they can be pretty temperamental but they are also the most exciting. They view the world with childlike wonder.

These individuals want the best for others and are very caring. They are also highly competitive and love to win, but despite this, they mostly just want to be free and if ‘losing’ is the way to achieve freedom, they’ll do it.

These individuals are highly moral, dynamic and witty.

Second Decan Sagittarius (approx. 10.00 to 20.00 degrees): Those born under the second decan of Sagittarius are often the most unique out of the Sagittarians. Their ideals and views can strike others as odd. One rule that is consistent with all second decan Sagittarians is that they must do things their way to remain true to themselves – even if that way is ‘weird’.

However, even the strongest of people find it hard to be judged. Sometimes these individuals will isolate themselves due to thinking that others find them ‘too weird’. They may have many friends but only a few will be allowed so close to them. Sometimes they choose to rebel by making a point of how weird they are (sometimes to the point of becoming egocentric with the eccentricity) and this when they must remember not to break their rule. They must always remain themselves, not anything they think they have to be.

These individuals are creative, quick thinking, expressive and hardworking.

Third Decan Sagittarius (approx. 20.00 to 30.00 degrees): These individuals are the most dominating out of all the Sagittarians. This isn’t to say that they are tyrannical or bossy (although, they can be), they just want their presence to be felt – and it is. For better or for worse, often for better. They’re usually very fun. They usually like making their presence known by impacting the lives around them in a positive way – e.g. random gifts, surprise parties, spontaneous trips, getting that job you didn’t want to do done.

These Sagittarians are also the most ‘big-picture’ focused and can have many views and opinions of the world. They think in terms of humankind, sometimes even forgetting that they themselves are an individual and by doing so neglect their personal growth – which can sometimes have unforseen negative effects, such as, random moodiness.

They don’t neglect their ethics though, these individuals are usually very prideful of their morals. They dislike pettiness and inauthenticity immensely – sometimes neglecting their personal growth can cause them to fail to see this within themselves but for the most part they keep themselves in check.

These individuals are thoughtful, exciting and ambitious.

Sagittarius Sun in the 1st House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves the way in which they conduct themselves and how they (and others) should approach the world. They will often seem the most egoistic out of the Sagittarius Suns, but probably also the most laidback and ‘innocent’.

Sagittarius Sun in the 2nd House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves how they handle what they own, or lack thereof. These individuals may be obsessed with charitable work, or possibly even oppose the idea of it. They will have specific views about money and may think about it a lot, their particular views usually sway to benefit all humankind but some are more ‘rebellious’. May be a more serious type Sagittarian.

Sagittarius Sun in the 3rd House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves a lot of theory work and they can be obsessed with all forms of communication. May be especially funny and they will often read a lot, learning from characters and trying to understand the beliefs of certain time periods by reading works from the past. They are also always up for a good conversation, and will do their best to soak in every word.

Sagittarius Sun in the 4th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves family matters. They are concerned with how the perfect family should operate or how parents should treat their kids. They may assess these views silently by observing or through experience with their own children. There’s really no telling what their parenting style will end up being, but just know, a lot of thought went into it. They may also find themselves doing some sort of social work to mend broken families.

Sagittarius Sun in the 5th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves anything and everything creative. This is where their focus lies and their personal philosophy will often hold some sort of belief that creativity should be much more encouraged than it is now. They love to express themselves in fun ways and aim to learn through fun, spontaneous experiences. They can seem to be the most jovial Sagittarius Suns.

Sagittarius Sun in the 6th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves how productive and hardworking they can prove themselves to be. They also want to help others with their health. Sometimes these Sagittarians can be ‘health nuts’ and preach how important it is to be healthy and how others should achieve it through some specific diet. They will also constantly test themselves by trying to be beat their ‘best’ with their workout routines. Other Sagittarians use this energy in a different way depending on other aspects of their chart, either way they believe in being productive with their life above all else.

Sagittarius Sun in the 7th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves achieving the perfect relationship. Early on these Sagittarians often believe, at least a little, that sharing their life with someone is the ultimate way to create meaning in their lives, even is said lives are mostly mundane. Many may go through several relationships struggling to find ‘The One’. They understand that relationships need hard work and compromise but can struggle when others don’t have the same views or when they completely lose themselves by compromising too much. Others may find the perfect relationship with something greater – e.g. God.

Sagittarius Sun in the 8th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves uncovering secrets. These individuals are nosy by nature; they are very, very curious people. They want to discover the inner depths of human nature and themselves. By doing this they aim to use this information to transform themselves for the better and will often come up with the ‘perfect’ philosophy after all this searching – but there’s always more to uncover in the world.

Sagittarius Sun in the 9th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves discovering the truth/the meaning of life. The Sagittarius Sun has freer reign in this house than any other. They simply just want to find meaning in life and a philosophy to follow so they can feel their life has some higher importance. This can be scientific, religious, personal etcetera.

Sagittarius Sun in the 10th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves deciding how they can make a lasting impact on the world – often through their career. First and foremost these individuals aim to use their existence to make something of themselves and exert their influence in a way that will satisfy their beliefs. Depending on what these beliefs are, this can manifest in different ways. Maybe they just want to bekinder than most, hopefully inspiring others to do the same or maybe they’ll start their own charity. This fate is up to them.

Sagittarius Sun in the 11th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves learning through friends. These individuals love learning about the world and life in general through others in a personal way. Unfortunately, we simply cannot experience everything. So in order to do this, they befriend as many different kinds of people as possible and thoroughly enjoy taking part in their friends lives – they just must be careful to not live through them, therefore neglecting their own.

​Sagittarius Sun in the 12th House: Their search for the ‘Higher Truth’ often involves spirituality. These individuals often believe true meaning isn’t found through mundane existence and aim to transcend it. Like all Sun in the 12th individuals, they can have trouble relating to their Sun while acting out the textbook definition of it – meaning, these individuals can be self-unaware must be careful to not become too hypocritical. Since the 12th house is also the last house, in a way this house is a sort of accumulation of all the other houses – they often have a specific philosophy for everything! These individuals for the most part are fun and jovial, like any other Sagittarian but their introspective (and often self-involved) nature can sometimes cause them to take themselves to seriously and they might not let you see their ‘true’ sun until you are close with them. These individuals must also be careful to not fall into the habit of approaching to many areas of their life ‘professionally’.

February 13 to 15 many devotees, free Souls of the Ancient Way (Stregheria, Traditional Witchcraft) honor an ancient Italic Deity called Faun-Lupercus .

In the book we approximate to write about the Ancient Way also report an inherent part of this God, the Eternal Spirit theriomorphic. The old wolf, Lord keeper of flocks, Father purifier companies, Spirit of the forest where the oracle (Faunus headlights from the verb: to speak) occurs in the whisper of the leaves of the woods. The popular tradition regarded him as a good and auspicious God (from the verb favere: protect) is explained here as also the protection of fields and livestock in the aspect of Lupercus. Also remember that the Faun turns into a snake while in wolf Lupercus.

According Brelich is an ancient pre-Roman Italic Divinity: “everything that constitutes the substance of party-clutter ritual purification can be achieved without any necessary reference to a particular deity, the Lupercalia, as well as several other parties, may have roots oldest Roman polytheism of the same”.

“Ancient Eternal Spirit, Wolf and Snake purify and protect all the devotees of the Ancient Way. Praise to you, Lord rural, half man and half animal”.

Gaetano Macchia


A goatman/shapeshifter being. It preys on the weak. Accompanied by a metallic smell like pennies or blood or a god awful rotting smell. It can change form to something human like to trick its prey, although in appearance its human its actions are not. It has trouble with motor functions in this form and can’t seem to make thoughts that we can comprehend on its own. It imitates what it has seen you do thinking it can blend in. Its movements are jerky.”

Huay Chivo

The Huay Chivo is a legendary Mayan beast. It is a half-man, half-beast creature, with burning red eyes, and is specific to the Yucatán Peninsula.


  •  It is often said to be an evil sorcerer who can transform himself into a supernatural animal, usually a goat, dog or deer, in order to prey upon livestock.
  •  In recent times it has become associated with the chupacabras.
  • Alleged Huay Chivo activity is sporadically reported in the regional press.
  •  Local Maya near the town of Valladolid, in Yucatán, believe the Huay Chivo is an evil sorcerer that is capable of transforming into a goat to do mischief and eat livestock.
  • The name Huay Chivo combines Spanish and Yucatec Mayan terms Huay or Uay comes from Waay in Yucatec Maya, meaning sorcerer, spirit or animal familiar, while Chivo is Spanish for goat, literally meaning sorcerer-Goat.

The Goatman of Maryland

According to legend, Goatman is an axe-wielding, half-man, half-animal creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.

  •  The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats, the experiment went awry, and he began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland.
  • A variation of the legend tells of Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.
  • Apparently, the doctor confessed to creating the Goatman by crossing the DNA of a goat and his assistant William Lottsford, but the experiment wen terribly wrong and result was the malicious, genetic atrocity known as the Goatman. As patently ridiculous as this origin story may be, it bears remarking that is very similar to that of the CHUPACABRA, which was also allegedly created in a now long abandoned U.S. lab located in Puerto Rico.

Lake Worth Monster

It is a North American cryptid reported to live in and around Lake Worth, just outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Numerous sightings in July 1969 led to the belief of a half-man, half-goat creature living in Lake Worth in Texas.
  • Terry Deckard, a reporter, wrote an article about it in the newspaper, which made the front page. The headline read: “Fishy Man-Goat Terrifies Couples Parked at Lake Worth.”
  • The couples that reported the sightings described it as a half-man, half-goat, with fur and scales.
  • A man named Tommy Burson soon after reported the creature landed on his car after jumping out of a tree. An 18-inch scar on the side of his car was shown by Burson as proof. The police at this point decided to investigate. Up until then, they had laughed at any reports they received, thinking it was a hoax.
  • The following night, reports came in of the creature hurling a tire from a bluff at overlooking bystanders, which was reportedly witnessed by up to 10 individuals.
Zodiac Signs: Mythical Races

Aries: Werewolves- also known as Lycans legend has it that they were a race of people who could purposely turn into larger-than-normal wolves, but some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man/half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon.

Taurus: Dryads- also know as wood nymphs dryads were extremely beautiful and were literally the spirits of the trees. Legend has it that if the tree they were from died so would they. Love of nature, and an extremely strong tie to their home/roots nothing screams Taurus more.

Gemini: Fairies-Small magical creatures often depicted with butterfly, or insect wings. Are known to be small in stature and mischievous in nature. They cannot lie but they have been known to be very persuasive with their words.

Cancer: Sirens- Not to be confused with mermaids the original sirens had wings, but they lived by the sea. In some legends they were beautiful women who sang sailors to the rocks and drowned them, in other stories the sang them to the rocks to devour the sailors themselves.

Leo: Nephilim-The offspring of humans and angels in some stories they are giants, who are taller, stronger and dumber than most humans. In other stories they are beautiful/handsome creatures with retractable wings of ether, known for their passionate and ruthless behavior. Strong , handsome/beautiful, vain, and addicted to luxury sounds pretty Leo to me.

Virgo: Elves-magical creatures that often live apart from society, but have been know to both help and hinder humans. They are ageless peaceful and very beautiful. They live by their values, and value logic above all else.

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She’s showing me colors
I’ve never seen before
As wonderful as it should be
It’s scaring the daylight out of me
Because I’m deep under water
With no beauty left to give
She’s a butterfly
Innocently fluttering from hand to hand
And I’m half animal, half man
I jealousy howl at the moon
Transforming my body and mood
I can’t shake loose
From these bolts and screws
What’s the use
They keep me clasped to you
This isn’t just gravity or glue
A quick tug won’t do
This is love
And just like a man
I want her all to myself
A cultural disease
Of power and wealth

Zodiac Signs: Mythical Races

Aries: Werewolves- also known as Lycans legend has it that they were a race of people who could purposely turn into larger-than-normal wolves, but some stories differ saying that it was a curse that turned a human into a half-man/half-wolf monster without his consent during a full moon.

Taurus: Dryads- also know as wood nymphs dryads were extremely beautiful and were literally the spirits of the trees. Legend has it that if the

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