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“Come on, you have to have done ONE bad thing during your time as a vampire.”


“Oh my God, you have! Carlisle, tell me!”

“No, no, I can’t. I’m really ashamed of it.”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“I don’t know…”


“Okay, fine. This stays between you and I?”


“Alright. So, this one time I was at this bookstore, circa 1900, and I found this really neat book, right?”


“And when I went to go purchase it, I realized I didn’t have my wallet on me. So I, um… I used my vampire speed to quickly run out of the store with the book without getting caught.”


“I know, I know. Not my finest moment.”



“Get out.”

  • Laxus, under his breath: God damn it, Freed is beautiful.
  • Freed: Did you say something?
  • Laxus: ...Uh...I said the...sunset is beautiful?
  • Freed: ...What sunset? It's midday.

dad: what time did you sleep?

what i said: i slept at 10.30pm :-)
what i mean: i went to bed at 10.30pm and spent 5 hours reading fanfiction before actually going to sleep

The signs as Code Names

Eagle One: Gemini, Taurus

Been there, done that: Cancer, Libra

Currently doing that: Virgo, Pisces

It happened once in a dream: Aries, Scorpio

If I had to pick a dude: Leo, Aquarius

Eagle Two: Sagittarius, Capricorn


LOL I really need to stop drawing so fast and just take my time, but my brain moves faster than my hand.

(LOL I am cracking up over baby Harry. He is absolutely darling to me.)




My lords, before it pleased his majesty
To raise my state to title of a queen,
Do me but right, and you must all confess
That I was not ignoble of descent;
And meaner than myself have had like fortune.
But as this title honours me and mine,
So your dislike, to whom I would be pleasing,
Doth cloud my joys with danger and with sorrow.

totalnerd666  asked:

I just wanted to pop in and tell you how much i love this blog! It's so good and so accurate. Half the time I have to scroll back up to check cause I just believe these to be real XD

Ahh, thank you so much! It brings a smile to my face to know people like this blog so much. I’m glad I can make you happy!