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Okay now time for fluffy headcanons about Sam deciding to get a PhD in psychology. 

Literally all of the Avengers are excited for him because they know he’s really excited, they carve out schedule so that Sam never has to worry about people getting hurt because he was too busy studying. Steve makes sure that he sleeps and eats regularly AND that he takes time to relax. Bruce teaches him some calming techniques he’s learned (all of which Sam writes down so he can pass them on to the vets he works with as well as all future clients). Bucky takes over the majority of villain duty. Tony upgrades all of his gear, though he probably does that anyway. Clint picks up snackfood for him for marathon study sessions. Kate goes with him so he doesn’t eat half of it on his own.

Not to mention that his classmates and professors all love him (because let’s be real who doesn’t - we know who) and are so eager to help him. About half his class winds up in love with him so Steve shows up a couple of times to let everyone know that Sam is taken. (Sam didn’t particularly like that and he let Steve know that yes they’re dating, yes they’re exclusive, no I don’t belong to you and you can’t treat me like I do, regardless of your intention.)