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  • <p> <b>yeo wool:</b> i see the glass as half empty, and han sung sees it as half full.<p/><b>han sung:</b> that’s why we make a good team!<p/><b>yeo wool:</b> sun woo, on the other hand, just drinks right out of the bottle, ban ryu wonders why it has to be glass, and soo ho usually breaks the glass by putting his feet up on the table.<p/></p>

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random question but isn't kallura like lowkey galra w allura ship (antis seem to have a problem with that too). because keith is, like, half-galra...


Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

Korean Hiphop Awards 2017 Winners

Artist of the Year: Jay Park (@jparkitrighthere)

New Artist of the Year: JUSTHIS (@justhiseung)

Album of the Year: Nucksal with “The God of Small Things" (@nucksal)

Hiphop Track of the Year: BewhY with “Forever” (@bewhy.meshasoulja)

R&B Album of the Year: Jay Park with “EVERYTHING YOU WANTED” (@jparkitrighthere)

R&B Track of the Year: DEAN with “D (half moon)” (@deantrbl)

Producers of the Year: GroovyRoom (@hwimmm @groovypark)

Collaboration of the Year: “EUNG FREESTYLE” (@younghotyellow94@__livelive @fkuropinion @owen5vadoz@jayflowsik)

Underestimated Album of the Year: SLEEQ with "Colossus” (@squarksleeq)

Congratulations to all the winners! 👏🙌


LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Aramaki Yoshihiko (February 5, 1990)
     [Yatogami Kuroh & Fushimi Niki’s Actor]

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What was your reaction to Kit eating traditional Italian food made by Italian old ladies xD He looks like 10 yo.


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also y’all haven’t even seen the inane amount of memes they made on italian GOT pages which I’m afraid wouldn’t make sense to people who don’t speak italian but is2g everyone else had about the same reaction xDDDD but like I mean we had pearls like

(it seems like jon snow came back to the wall with two sacks of artichokes, six casatielli and eight pastiere saying that pasquetta is coming) (pasquetta is like the day after easter were everyone eats like no tomorrow and that stuff above is what you eat in naples for pasquetta)

(you might be the king in the north but you look underfed to the grandmother in the sud) (THIS IS A REALLY BAD TRANSLATION) (anyway the comment on the OP was ‘for grandmothers there’s no thrones, just places at the table’)


(this is like kit harington in the country of the kit-emmuort, like that’s neapolitan for fuck the souls of your dead ancestors xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)


EXO’s Reaction to You Shaving Your (Hairy) Legs


Xiumin wouldn’t care terribly if your legs were hairy anyway, as long as you shaved them eventually.  When you finally did shave them, he’d absentmindedly run his fingers up and down your soft skin whenever he could.


Chen would lightly tease you about your woolly legs, saying how you should shave them and make a coat for the winter.  Once you shaved them, he’d make a point of touching them as much as possible to show how he appreciated it.


Always one for dramatics, Baekhyun would girlishly scream when you put your legs by him, causing you to through a pillow at him. He’d never pressure you to shave though, but you would anyway, just to get him to stop screaming.


Chanyeol wouldn’t even bring up the topic until you asked him if you should shave your legs. He’d shake his head, though deep down he was missing your smooth skin. After you shaved, he’d pull your legs onto his lap and gently glide his hands over your skin.


Lay would honestly not care if you had hair on your legs or not. He wouldn’t think twice about massaging your legs, despite the hair on them. When you did shave, he’d treat you no differently, and wouldn’t even mention it.


Like Chanyeol, though D.O wouldn’t bring up the topic, he would secretly miss your soft, hairless legs.  It wasn’t until you asked him about it that he shyly admitted he’d like it if you shaved, and when you did he’d repeatedly thank you, as if it was a huge task you had just accomplished.


Suho would somehow find a way to turn your hairy legs into a dad-joke. He’d never hint that he wanted you to shave, but his dad-jokes made you want to, and when you did he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off them.


A bit awkward about these sort of subjects, it would be obvious that Kai wanted you to shave by how he would bring it up. “Jagi, isn’t it..isn’t it warm when you have so much hair?” he’d ask quietly, and you’d take the gentle hint and shave for him.  When you did, he’d smile and awkwardly thank you, squeezing your knee affectionately.


Always tactical, Sehun would use aegyo to ask you to shave your legs. Batting his eyelashes and putting his hands by his cheeks like a kitten, he’d easily convince you to shave. He wouldn’t forget to do more aegyo afterwards, as a thank-you.

okay but guys, 

Lily Evans knowing the Marauders are animagus’ and she tells all of them (seperately, at different times)  that she knows but, they all think they’re the only ones who know she knows. 

  •  So know they all think they’re in on some HUGE secret with Lily 
  • James thinks he’s totally getting somewhere with her since he told “only him” 
  • and they all try so desperately to hide that they know 
  • Sirius is the best at hiding it. Obviously
  • Remus is just very very bad at it. I mean, that entire “WEREWOLF? HAHAHA” scene basically played out but with “HOW WOULD LILY EVANS KNOW YOU GUYS WERE ANIMAGUS’????? THATS SO RIDICULOUS OH MY GOD GUYS, PETER! PETER ISNT THAT JUST PLAIN MAD? 
  • Peter is just a nervous Wreck™ because he thinks that if he says ANYTHING Lily would just immediately hate him and hex him into the next century 
  • James just wants to brag about how Evans totally likes him since she told him she knew but struggles internally for days
  • Lily laughs as she watches them all struggle not to say anything to each other 
  • She makes weird puns about their animagus form around all of them, “Oh deer…” “Sirius, you dog!” “You’re such a sneaky little rat, Peter!” 
  • They all sweat nervously every time. 
  • Remus almost screams when she does it as well. 
  • It basically ends up with them all screaming “LILY KNOWS.” one day and then they all realize they’ve been played by the greatest gamer of all time. Lily Evans.