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And we’re back.

A lot has happened:

  • (Music) Support for both Ariana Grande (No. 1) and Manchester came pouring in after the attack that took place at her concert. Our hearts go out to everyone who was there that night.
  • (Television) Twin Peaks (No. 14) returns to the Black Lodge after a mere two and a half decades.
  • (K-Pop) Sistar is breaking up, and people are not happy. When they find out they’re at No. 12, will they stay together?
  • (Video Games) Pokémon: Magikarp Jump (No. 6) is a new mobile game where you grow Magikarp and teach them to jump. That’s, uh, that’s about it.
  • (Movies) Dirty Dancing (No. 19) did a remake, but it seems fans are only here for the original.
  • (Web Stuff) Anna Akana’s Answer Time got her a debut at No. 14.
  • (Music) We know Nicki Minaj refuses pickle juice, but how does she feel about coming back at No. 15?

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The Star Wars Effect

Star Wars had a big week, even for Star Wars. Vanity Fair (@vanityfair) celebrated the franchise’s 40th anniversary with a special edition cover and a brand new photo series. This led to a huge influx people and entities relating to the Star Wars franchise:

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Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

It’s only been a short time since I remade this blog, but in that time I’ve met heaps of amazing people and interacted with blogs overflowing with love and talent alike. One month later and I hit a milestone I never thought I’d reach so soon, which is truly baffling for me still!!!

Thank you to my followers who chose to stick around and thank you to my mutuals for giving me such a wonderful experience in this journey of loving seven men. This is my first follow forever for you - the mutuals who light up my dash and make me smile. 🌹
If I forgot you I sincerely apologise, do shoot me a msg so I can add you on here!! Hehe :)

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Korean Hiphop Awards 2017 Winners

Artist of the Year: Jay Park (@jparkitrighthere)

New Artist of the Year: JUSTHIS (@justhiseung)

Album of the Year: Nucksal with “The God of Small Things" (@nucksal)

Hiphop Track of the Year: BewhY with “Forever” (@bewhy.meshasoulja)

R&B Album of the Year: Jay Park with “EVERYTHING YOU WANTED” (@jparkitrighthere)

R&B Track of the Year: DEAN with “D (half moon)” (@deantrbl)

Producers of the Year: GroovyRoom (@hwimmm @groovypark)

Collaboration of the Year: “EUNG FREESTYLE” (@younghotyellow94@__livelive @fkuropinion @owen5vadoz@jayflowsik)

Underestimated Album of the Year: SLEEQ with "Colossus” (@squarksleeq)

Congratulations to all the winners! 👏🙌


Kwon Minsik for H1GHR MUSIC


LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Aramaki Yoshihiko (February 5, 1990)
     [Yatogami Kuroh & Fushimi Niki’s Actor]

Vader and droids

dragonmonday45 replied to your post: Anakin and marginalized groups (p. I)

And yet when he BECAME a machine (Vader) he had no respect for machines. Though he did treat droids better than his own living crew. Ah, irony.

As much as I agree that Vader treats people and droids different than he did as Anakin, I wouldn’t say he has no respect for machines. Of course, all depends on sources we take account, but Vader in general is quite pragmatic person who can and is willing to use everyone around him for his own purposes - yet that doesn’t mean he is doing it for his own pleasure (as, for fun) or is unable to feel connection to others. As much as Vader is usually presented as ill-mannered, brash person ready to kill and destroy anyone or anything standing in his way, there are various examples through Expended Universe (of new canon and Legends) that provide more complex view of Vader. Including the way he treats droids.

I mean, it’s one thing how Vader interacts with droids like Triple Zero (0-0-0) and Bee Tee (BT-1) - a dangerous, very inteligent machines who love killing living organisms and who a) could betrayed him any moment and b) couldn’t be left unchecked for too long because of their psychotic behaviour. But then the same Darth Vader series gives us moments like that:

This is an unnamed droid that Vader used during his mission that allowed the Darth Lord of the Sith to gain important informations AND erase all traces of his own illegal activities. At first, it’s just a droid used in Vader’s shemes. Here, the way he put a hand on droid is the same thing Anakin did with Artoo. Even if this is just a old habit (and those die hard), this is physical show of familiarity / affection that Vader rarely shows to anyone. Of course, the droid must die to secure Vader’s secrets, but before the machine ends in cosmic space and destroys itself, there is that moment:

Vader is kneeling, to be “face to face” with the droid. He did something similar for his own men, who were either dying (clone trooper CT-4981 / Contrail) or seriously injured (Erv Lekauf). This droid - a machine - get from Vader much more respect than most people around him, especially during that comics storyline. Imperial officers, particularly those corrupted, incompetent or selfish were usually political threat to his plans or Empire’s welfare in general. Most of them were seen by Vader just as a tools to use. The difference between them and droid(s) is that Vader could trust machines.

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“Fuck off Nerf”

-god I worked wayyyy too hard on this (reblogs over likes plz)-