half a cat


I made and downloaded a buncha animals last night… First picture up top… omg. So many cute animals out there and CREATIVE too!

I think this little dog is adorable, but the download had him named Widget Abomination! He’s no way an abomination! He’s a Widget and I think he’s great. He’s a bulldog mixed with another breed… it doesn’t matter, he’s adorable. 

A blank image and then the next four are my own. The pink dog’s name is Meg. Shiro aged up. The two cats are… I can’t remember and the half and half is named Twos. Black cat is Sylvester

Then the last picture… the kitten who’s staring into your soul. Judging you… I downloaded a cute floofy grey mottled kitten. It doesn’t look like this on the download, but both times I put it in game it came out like this. It’s acting normal and all that, I even tried to fix the skin in CAS… but nope. This kitty is determined to be the root of all darkness. I’m curious to see if it’ll stay that way as it ages.

Request for my sweet @vongrell! (´∀`)♡
It’s supposed be cute but it is dramatic… (;´Д`) I promise you the next art will be more positive and charming! へ(´д`へ)
Kuro in the human form is very cool to draw!

Rin and Bon