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O Christmas tree

Based on “Imagine snuggling up to Thorin by the Christmas tree on Christmas Day“ from ImaginexHobbit.

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“And what exactly does ‘the perfect tree’ look like?”

Thorin lowered the heavy axe to rest on the ground, leaning on its long handle as he glanced over one of the many small clearings in the evergreen forest that cloaked Erebor’s foothills.

“Not too tall, or too small…not sparse or lopsided,” you shrugged, handing him a skin of water. “I’ll know it when I see it.”

“Did you not have your fill of sleeping in the wilderness on the quest, that you wish for a tree in the bedchamber?” he asked wryly, a half-grin lurking in his beard while he took a long drink.

“I’d think a tree in the bedroom is a small price to pay for having me in your bed,” you teased, “and if I can force down mashed earthbread roots for the Yule feast, you can suffer a Christmas tree.”

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@trans-junk-rat​ Eflcree… here are my Ideas:

  • half human half elf: full beard but floppy ears bc cartilage is underdeveloped
  • magic card that turns into Gun when he does tricks w/ it
  • mercenary like in canon, gets his gear/weapons from all sorts of factions (elven magic card, dwarf BAMF belt, orcish/human armor and prosthetics)
  • and most importantly: wizard hat w/ spur at tip
How to show your friends you love them - The Vox Machina way

A selection

Shove them off a wall

Shoot them in the neck with an arrow

Throw their expensive handmade gun in acid

Put pink bows on their bear and feed it chocolate

Shave half their beard off while they sleep

Hug them tight while covered in blood and gore

Mock them when they fail to open doors

Open any and all doors naked

Make them say they have a tiny dick while helping them flirt

Alter their memory so they’ll get you drugs

Repair their ocarina, then steal it from them

Make them drown in a freezing cold pool of blood bc aesthetic

Use their bear as a coat hanger so your clothes don’t get dirty

Trade away your valuable stuff at a ~great~ price

Have your family portrait drawn by the greatest artist in the Feywild

Shamelessly flirt with them while looking like their twin

Teleport away from them, lock them in a room, then pour acid over them before leaving with your new besties

Knock them out with the blunt end of your dagger, then have a serious talk about being a good role model

Ask them to bring a “spice” from your homeland but be very vague about whether it’s a drug or not

Make them memorize your fifteen last names

Stab them in the back to see if they’re a dragon

Get invited to their royal meetings and dinners and kill the other guests bc “NO URIEL WE’RE UR FRIENDS NOW”

Refer to their ancient mystical necklace as a pokéball

That’s all I’ve got, feel free to add on


i will take this opportunity to not so subtly suggest that “will it beard” could be interesting.

Headcanon that Talon’s maternal grandmother is half elf.