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If you told SEASON ONE Kane he'd be a dad he'd have the whole fandom floated. But can you believe that guy who didn't care about the kids at all actually cares the most about them and would die within a second for all of them? IM E M O T I O N!!!

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His capacity to love astounds me EVERY DAMN TIME. He loves those moody Blakes so much too. He wouldn’t care what they did, he loves them unconditionally. They are damn BLOOD to him. And he’s little more stern with Bellamy because let’s be real, Bellamy is his favorite kid and he KNOWS his potential. He believes in Bellamy. And oh my gosh, just. NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. NOPE. And then when he yells out, “Where will you go?!” to Octavia last episode, I ABOUT DIED. His concern for them kills me. 


I just got the most lovelest compliment TwT

“Your beautiful, have a great personality and have a knack for lighting up  almost any room you walk into, honestly  besides the idiots you’ve dated who wouldn’t want to be with you, they’d have to be  brain dead.”

That was just BAWW <3

I just bought this.
So far I have pre ordered the following figures;
- Mono Bear Plush from Dangan Ronpa
- Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa
- Sailor Moon
- Sailor Mercury
- Sailor Mars (when she goes up on pre order on the site I bought the other two from)
- and this set from Attack on Titan.

I also plan to buy the Cure Beauty FigureArts figure and the Mikasa figure from Attack on Titan.
All for collecting purposes. 

(TW; Self Harm, Suicide) 

Back in Elementary school I was horribly bullied to the point I (at age 10) wanted to kill myself. I thought no one would like me, I was useless.. the kids in my grade used to put tacks, food and sharp objects (like knifes) in my shoes. I would come to school to rotten food in my desk. And on my 12th birthday I came to school with a note in my desk telling me “I should never have been born. You’re ugly”.

I remember falling to my teachers feet crying.  Begging for help. I wanted to go home.
He told me to “not let it bother me”
How can I not? At 12 years old. How can I not let it bother me.
Teachers used to tell me I was never going to amount to anything. I was stupid. I was broken. And I could never be anything but an idiot.
They treated me like I was garbage. They treated me like I was the one at fault.

I had tried to kill myself but in the end it either never worked or I got scared. 
After Elementary school I went to a different high school then everyone at school.
My life finally had a meaning. I made friends, I was told for the first time by a teacher I was smart and I should see myself as the beautiful person I was. 
Of course I was still hurt. I am still hurt from the things these kids did to me. “Kids will be Kids”. Bull shit.
It was torture.

Now I found out back a few years ago a kid in Elementary school who was one of the kids that bullied me the most (one responsible for moldy food in my desk) killed himself.
Because he was depressed.
And I was told I should feel sorry for him.
But the truth it. I don’t. He hurt me so much that it has destroyed me and I should feel sorry for him?
Even 4 years later they are holding “Depression and Anxiety awareness” events in his name. Because he was able to do something I couldn’t go through with. 
Sure call me a horrible person for having no sympathy for him, but I can’t. To this day I have been through hell and back because of what these kids did to me. Because “Kids will be Kids”.

I really needed to get it off my chest…