haley blue


Haley Pham and Michelle Barfield
You (2016)
Choreography by Chad McCall

Sunday night rant

After a day filled with doing absolutely nothing with someone whom I’m absolutely loving, I figured that I needed to get back on after my break of not posting for over a week. Quick fill in:

- I am desperately in need of a vacation and its depressing knowing that I will not be able to take one for quite some time.

- I am really enjoying esthetics so far, school doesn’t even feel like school. Going into a tech. program was just what I needed. I don’t think I could wake up at 6 AM everyday for anything but this.

- I finally got around to start watching Gossip Girl and am already obsessed (that would be why I am still awake when I have class in 6 hrs).

- I had a very successful food exploration weekend. Este’s Pizza downtown and Blue Plate Diner have become two of my new favorite places (be prepared to eat wonderful, fattening, delicious food).

Goodnight late night Tumblrs.





Is Marlo having Sam’s baby what anyone wanted? No, of course not. Sam and Andy fans didn’t want him to have a baby with his ex, Marlo fans didn’t want her to have a baby with someone who doesn’t love her, even Marlo herself didn’t intend for this to happen and didn’t want this. But it happened. This is the story line. And you know what? I happen to think it’s been handled pretty well so far. 

  • Marlo is not trying to get in between Sam and Andy or cause trouble. 
  • Sam is going to be there for the Marlo and the baby while also being there for Andy. 
  • Andy is going to love the baby and does not hold any resentment towards the baby.
  • Marlo and Andy are both respectful to each other and are trying to make the other comfortable. 
  • All parties involved are coping the best way they know how. They all have emotions and this surely isn’t what any of them had planned for their lives, so working towards acceptance of the situation (for all three of them) is very understandable, but they are managing it and doing it in a respectful, adult way. 
  • None of the characters are being trashed, none of the characters are being petty, none of the characters are being disrespectful. 
  • All of the characters are putting the baby first.
  • Whether you like it or not, that baby will be loved and wanted by everyone involved. 

Stop trying to make one of these characters the bad guy because it’s not what you wanted. They all respect each other, why can’t you? And most importantly, stop sending hate to the writers/actors because it’s not what you wanted. Sending hate to the writers will get you nowhere: the seasons has been filmed in it’s entirety and you have no idea what the season is going to bring anyway. And then the actors: They are not their characters. They do not write the show. They do not have any say in what happens on the show, and even if they did, again nothing can be changed at this point. All you are accomplishing is making nice, hard working people feel bad because the characters they play on television didn’t do what you wanted them to. Sending the actors hate just makes you scum, that’s it. 

You don’t have to love the story. You don’t have to want the story. You don’t even have to accept the story if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to watch the show if you don’t want to. But I’m sick and tired of people bashing and hating every other second, and I’m especially tired of that hate being sent to real people. You may not like the story line, but Marlo isn’t a villain, and Rachael Ancheril (+the rest of the cast/crew) sure as hell aren’t your personal punching bags.