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Hi, may I get a male and female matchup? If that's ok. I'm 5'8" female with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I always wear black slacks and t-shirts. I'm majoring in anthropology in college. I'm pretty shy and quiet, especially in larger groups but once you get to know me I tend to be more talkative and happy. I love to read and I really try to put my all into my work. Though I also spend most of my time playing video games and being lazy. Thank you for your time <3 :)

Bruh anthropology is hella cool omg

Your male match is!!


- I bet this guy finds anthropology and all the things related to it to be really fascinating, I know I totally do lol he wouldn’t mind picking up a few things on the subject either!
- Sebastian doesn’t really like large groups, so expect him to prefer staying away from them. That being said, being with you makes them much more bearable.
- He loves that you can be dedicated to your work and always put your all into it, but is also super thankful for the downtime of just relaxing with you. He likes to put a lot into his work too but he needs some time off, and what better way to spend it than with you?
- Your talkative side may have surprised him at first, but he finds it to be one of the most adorable things in all honesty. Even if it may not be a common thing for your or maybe it is c; he loves it and every time it makes an appearance he could listen to you talk all day. Bonus: Sebastian is a really great listener, he doesn’t seem like he’s listening but oh boy, he is.
- Sebastian would totally let you wear his t-shirts, and then get super flustered about it. There’s no way around it either he just gets blushy every time he sees you in one of his shirts and it’s kinda great~

Your female match is!!


- Maybe it seems a little unusual at first, as Haley can be very off-putting when meeting her. But she’d warm up, and open up, to you fairly quickly. For quite a few good reasons.
- Haley’s interests shift a lot as she gets closer to the new farmer, so while at first she may not even be aware of what anthropology is exactly, she’d come around and end up having a very large interest in it. And she thinks you’re hella smart for majoring in it!
- She finds your shy side cute and your comfortable side great, she just adores you overall.
- Haley is a bit of a social butterfly, so it might take a few chats with her to get her to understand how you feel about crowds, but nonetheless she is a super caring and loving girl and if she knows you’re uncomfortable she will be there to try and help you relax.
- Lazy days are amazing with this girl; curling up and watching movies all day or playing video games together or her just watching you play is like a personal slice of heaven. Bonus: She’s a great cuddler c;

>> You are a part of their families. Emily loves you. Maru, Robin and Demetrius loves you. H*ck even Gus thinks you’re great! Emily has probably made a habit of inviting you over for a crazy new dinner at least once a week, while Robin and Demetrius love having you over whenever you’re free to join them!

Thank you for the matchup ask!! <3