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what kinds of things do you think the bachelors/bachelorettes would have as their ringtones?

Sebastian: A really emo song, but it’s usually on vibrate so he can avoid socializing more easily.

Emily: Her hypnotic dance music

Abigail: Bring me to Life by Evanescence (LOL sorry)

Sam: A recording of him playing a guitar solo (he also mentions this fact if it rings in front of someone)

Shane: Something really boring and default. He doesn’t care for his phone because he hopes no one calls him anyway.

Elliot: A romantic piano tune

Alex: A top 40 rap song

Haley: Something tropical and upbeat.

Harvey: A vintage telephone ringing

Maru: She programmed her phone to state the name/number of whoever’s calling.

Penny: Stardew Valley Overture (except she doesn’t know that’s what it’s called. It’s one of the ringtones on her phone ;) )

Leah: Nature sounds


10-Heart Pop-Art Eligibles

So here it is, all in one place. Thank you all, it’s been fun!

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I couldn’t find any guides online that were quite what I wanted, so I made one. I created them to be viewable on my phone, so these should work on any phone bigger than 5″! Together we can end window switching. Hope this helps someone else

Local Girl has a Mental Breakdown deciding which Stardew Valley character she will marry. What happens next will shock you.

She makes twelve save files and marries them all.


Stardew Valley Bachelors and Bachelorettes. 

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EDIT: Made Wallpaper Versions! 

Finally finished this! I’m technically on vacation so I have more time than usual on my hands. I always wanted to draw all the marriage candidates in a group shot of some kind. May do more because this game is all I think about nowadays. 

I’ll make up for not including Shane and Emily somehow. Hope you like it!

what if when you gave the bouquet to the marriage candidates, they started to give you gifts back? like, and related to their interests too, like they’re sharing a part of themselves with the farmer

Harvey: a model airplane he made because it reminded him of the farmer, maybe a radio you can put in your house and interact with to talk with him. it even has its own special dialogue 

Sebastian: he comes over and sets up internet and a laptop and he messages you over a chat program he designed. also, a copy of solarian chronicles 

Sam: your own guitar/musical instrument, and a skateboard that works kinda like your horse, and lets you go faster around town( but maybe goes very slow on everything except pavement?)

Alex: grid ball posters, a grid ball, and a weight lifting set. Maybe as a really rare gift, a box of dog biscuits that you can use to interact with Dusty!

Elliott: a signed copy of his novel, a rose bush/ a potted rose bush, a necklace handmade from seashells, 

Shane: a stuffed chicken you can put at the end of your bed. maybe he gives you his old gaming system too, and it lets you play a mini-game.

Abigail: your own pet guinea pig!!!! it’s similar to your horse or cat as a pet. also, your own ouiji board and a bone flute that gives a short playing animation when you interact with it!

Maru: your own telescope, and inventions she thinks will help you out on the farm(but consequently, break and or are useless).

Leah: barring the sculpture, she could give you a set of paints or tools to make your own art pieces, maybe some other paintings that make her think of you

Penny:Copies of her favorite books, especially books about fairy tales. home-made dishes that are completely inedible, but you can place as decoration. 

Haley: she gives you photos that you can collect together and make into a photo album. not all of the photos necessarily have just you or haley in them; they feature various members of the town too. 

Emily: handmade clothes, like socks, hats, scarfs, shirts, everything, a particularly wild and spacey painting, and cds of dance music. 

feel free to add to this!

Stardew Valley Gothic

There are strange noises coming from the sewers. Shadows just out of reach. The children are scared of the sewers. Maybe you should be too.

You find the remains of a great beast as the sun beats down on the desert sand. He has slept in the sun for eternity, but it is not enough. He will stop feeding only when the sun consumes him entirely.

There are things in the mines. Things you can’t explain. Even if you could, who would believe you?

Sometimes you hear small sounds at night and catch glimpses of tiny lights twinkling through your blinds, shrouded in mystery. They seem playful but you’re afraid. There’s something ancient about the way they move, the way they sound when they whisper in a language unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. When daylight finally comes, you see that your seeds have become crops overnight. You whisper a thanks to the tiny creatures but secretly pray that they don’t come back.

There’s something out there beyond the railroad tracks. A woman. The temptation lingers like molasses on the tongue. Things can be as they once were. No one has to know.

You know that you’re being watched constantly, followed. You faint from exhaustion, sometimes from injury. No matter where you are, someone finds you. They say that no one else is with you in the mines, but they’re there, hidden in the shadows. You fall asleep outside your own home and they’re there. Why won’t they show themselves? Why won’t they leave you alone?

There’s a cavern in the desert. You’ve wandered into that cavern to escape the blistering heat but it lingers on your skin. It doesn’t matter how far down you go. You can’t find an end to the caverns any more than you can find a relief from the sticky heat. You can’t escape.

Two doves linger around the creaky old farmhouse. You pray they leave but they stay. They always stay. Their mourning coos haunt you as you try to forget. You can’t forget. Yet you feel nothing.

In the fall, the farm does strange things. Sometimes you wonder if it has a mind of its own. The mushrooms are taller than your house and form a forest so thick that you can hardly escape. The pumpkins are much larger than they should be.

You see things out of the corner of your eye in that decrepit old building in town. “It’s rats,” they say. They don’t look like any rats you’ve ever seen.

There’s a stump deep in the forest that blocks the path. You feel a strange energy coming from whatever the stump is hiding. The air is cool when you wave your hand beyond it. But the stump stays, waiting. You hear the winds whispering, “When you’re ready…”

There’s something out there that doesn’t want you to see what comes out after two in the morning. It makes sure that you don’t.

There’s a strange man in the desert. Another strange man in a tent in the mountains. A strange man in the forest. A rather small strange man in the mines. Where have they come from? Why are they here?

You wonder what howls in the rain on stormy days. You don’t think you’ll ever know. You aren’t sure that you want to.