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Prequel (Quiet Moon)

A/N: It’s late and I have work tomorrow at like three in the morning but I managed to whip out this little think about life before Mara was born and a little few things about right after she was born and I wish I could right more but I have to go to bed soon. So in honor of anarchyaustralia’s singledad!5sos night, here’s more about Calum’s little family. Also I didn’t edit but what else is new

It had been too long.

Calum was tired of all of the screening tests and the lawyers and the psych tests. All he wanted was to start his family, but without the drama and the wait of a woman. He knew it sounded impatient and stupid, but he just wasn’t sure there would ever be anyone who he really loved and he wanted so bad to be a young father. But the whole process was tiring. Interviewers always pestering him about it, people looking at him funny on the street, fans throwing themselves at him with the hopes of being his baby mama. The only people who weren’t getting on his nerves, surprisingly, was the band and his family. They supported Calum’s want to be a father and his parents even encouraged it. But he was starting to lose hope in having his little family. He was starting to think he would never be a father, and that broke his heart more than anything.

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