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Don't Take It Off (Jasper Imagine)
  • Summary: Clarke’s little sister is ready to take her wrist band off but Jasper convinces her otherwise and tells her how he feels about her
  • Requested: Yes
  • Warnings: talk about feeling unwanted, and being compared
  • Authors Note: Sorry if it stinks, I haven’t written in a while and probably a little rusty, if it is really bad just message me I’ll totally write another one! Thank you so much for requesting!!!!!

“So Princess’s little sister is a rebel?” Bellamy asked Clarke’s little sister, Haley, once she reached the front of the line of children waiting to get their wrist bands off. All Haley did was roll her eyes at the stupid boy in front of her and thrust her wrist towards him, motioning for him to get it done with before Clarke see’s what she is doing. “Well, someone’s pushy.” Bellamy said as he placed his knife between Haley’s wrist and the band. But right before he was able to pop it off a voice broke through the air.

“What are you doing Haley?” Jasper asked as he staggered out of his tent, still not fully recovered from the assault that the Grounders had given him. He slowly walked over to where the two other teenagers were, walking like a drunk old man. And then practically falling into Haley’s arms, causing her to reach out and catch him, making her stumble backwards slightly.

“You should be in bed.” Haley said as she placed him upright again, but still holding onto the side of his arms, afraid if she let go he might fall over again.

“You’re right, I should be. So you should walk me there, come on.” Jasper said as he wrapped his arm around hers like they were going to some fancy ball and slowly started to walk back to Jasper’s tent. It wasn’t until Haley had gently placed Jasper back on the bed that she turned to walk away from him and get her wristband off. But quickly Jasper grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the blanket covered ground next to him.

“What do you need?” Haley asked, slightly annoyed.

“You aren’t seriously going to take your wristband off, right?” Jasper asked as he scrunched his eyebrows together and looked over at her.

“Why not?” she asked, being rude by just a pinch.

“Maybe because your sister is the leader of the whole if-you-take-your-wristband-off-the-ark-is-going-to-think-were-dead-and-then-we-are-all-screwed group.” Jasper said, raising his eyebrows at Haley.

“You know, just because my sister is the leader of that really long named group, doesn’t mean I follow her. God, ever think I’m taking it off because everyone thinks of me as a minnie Clarke?” Haley asked loudly as she stood up in frustration.

“I didn’t mean it like th-”

“No of course you didn’t, know one ever does! But everyone still does! Even up in the freaking Ark everyone sized me up next to Clarke! Are mom was one of the worst out of everyone.” she said as she paced in the tent, looking over at Jasper and stopping. “Our mom never even really saw me, she just saw her. At first I was okay with it because of the One-Child policy and I just thought she did that because she was afraid of misspeaking around others and saying my name and not Clarke’s. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that she didn’t do it for my own protection. No, she did it because I was a mistake in her eyes, because I didn’t matter, because I should have never been born. So you know what? If she felt that why up in the Ark a few years ago when I last saw her, then she probably still feels that way now. So why not give her the gift she always wanted, the gift she tried to give herself when I was "found” on the Ark. Why not make it look like I’m dead and take that weight off her shoulders?“ Haley said as she finished her long rant and stood still again, fore she hadn’t even realized she had started pacing again.

"Haley, I-I didn’t know.” Jasper said as he just looked up at the girl in front of him. The girl that was fuming and the gas to her fire was all the pent up anger she had towards being compared to her older sister and her mother never recognizing her as a different person than her sister.

“Know what? That I was an unwanted mistake, or that I hate being compared to my sister?” Haley asked, tears brimming her eyes, but she tried to blink away.

“Both.” Jasper said, unsure of what to say next. “You are wanted though.” Jasper said as he looked up at Haley, who had hung her head and closed her eyes, trying not to make it obvious about the tears running down her cheeks. He hoped it would be enough for her to raise her head and look at him be he only earned a bitter laugh and a head shake. “Maybe you weren’t wanted back on the Ark, but you are needed down here on Earth.” Jasper said as he stood up, struggling like hell, but still stood up.

“You need to sit back down.” Haley said as she went to go grab his upper arm and push him back down. 

“Not until you look at me.” Jasper said. “Not until you know that everyone here needs you.” Jasper said, looking down at the girl who still wouldn’t look him in the eyes.

“Not all of them need me.” Haley said as she tried to push him back down but failed.

“Fine, you’re right! They don’t all need you, but I need you!” Jasper said, making Haley look up at him confused and slightly taken back. “I don’t know if you are just blind or you don’t feel the same way but I have been making passes at you since we met on the drop ship. And each time I do you never react like a girl that is being flirted with, you just shrug and keep talking. And maybe it is because I suck at flirting, I don’t know! But I do know that I really, and I mean really like you. So I don-” and after allowing Jasper to ramble on longer than needed, Haley cut him off with a quick kiss. But Jasper continued it by slouching over slightly and kissing her once again, bringing his scraped up hands to the back of her head and her waist, trying to bring her as close to him as possible. When they broke apart, they rested their foreheads against each other’s with their eye’s closed until Haley spoke up.

“It’s because I’m blind, and you suck at flirting.” Haley said with a small smile, causing Jasper to smile back.

“So you aren’t taking your wristband off?” Jasper asked her as he intertwined their hands together that had the bracelets on them and looked over at them.

“Not tonight at least. I have something else to do tonight.” Haley said with a smirk and kissed Jasper again.


naley appreciation week  » day five: others about naley  

“Nathan Scott was that guy who was such a wild maverick in the beginning, but it’s the oldest story in the world: The bad boy changes his behavior for the love of a good woman. I think Nathan found Haley, and he was still a bad boy in defense of her, but he’s become a good father, maybe the father he never had. He’s got great kids, she’s a great mom, and it’s the American dream.” –Mark Schwahn (x)



It’s crazy to think that a little over year ago, my friend Haley and I were going to a One Direction concert in the spur of the moment. We’d loved them for about three years, the simpler years. Then in the mid months of fall, just months after our concert, we found out Haley had stage 1 Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. It’s a type of cancer extremely rare for a teenage girl but believe it or not, she got it. Throughout chemo, Haley became an entirely different person; I still loved her the same but she became more emotional and tired and snappy then she usually was.

Fortunately, as of 22 weeks ago, she’s cancer free and living a happy, upbeat life!! I’m so proud of her, and because of her strength, Make A Wish rewarded her with the one thing she wanted the most in life; to meet One Direction. On August 9th, 2014, Haley will meet the boys of One Direction, the ones who made her smile on days she felt like giving up when going through chemotherapy. And on August 9th, 2014, I will be attending a second concert with Haley, a healthy Haley with restored hope in her eyes.

I wanted to share Haley’s story with all of you because of how dear to me she is. Niall Horan is the soul reason she smiles as brightly as she does. For 4 whole years, she’s loved no one more than that Irish boy, so for you to show your support for her, and ‘Naley’ {Haley and Niall’s otp name heh}, it would mean the absolute world to here and even me.

I want everyone to know that even cancer shouldn’t stop you from getting what you want out of life. Her strength has given me a completely new outlook on life and for that I’m thankful. And out of excitement for our concert date and her meeting the boys, I thought you should all get to see the friendship I’m so lucky to have. I love you Haley, forever and I’m excited to be your best friend through a long and wonderful life.

REBLOG TO SHARE THE LOVE AND HER AMAZING STORY. And thank you for taking the time to read a portion of our lives and MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE ANY PERSONAL MESSAGES FOR HER!!. Much love to you all. Xx