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I honestly thought all the complaining about Halestorm’s lyrics would stop now that Into The Wild Life is released, but it seems to have gotten worse… to all the people still claiming that all Lzzy writes about is rough sex, have you even listened to their new album? Or actually taken the time to read the lyrics? There are 15 songs on that record, if you count the two bonus tracks, and the only two that have anything to do with sex are Apocalyptic and Gonna Get Mine. Maybe Jump The Gun, and I don’t really view that one as a song about sex. No, I’m not gonna count Amen only because the word “sex” is once uttered in the chorus, that song is about something completely different. I personally love all the songs on the new album, and Gonna Get Mine and Jump The Gun are actually two of my favorites. They’re super fun and catchy and make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs and I don’t see the problem with the lyrics, honestly, there are enough songs about other things. The Reckoning - about a broken friendship, if my memory serves me right. What Sober Couldn’t Say - Lzzy recently said on Instagram that she wrote that song about some drinking habits she had developed. Amen - about breaking free from the chains of society and living your own life. I Am The Fire - obviously about self encouragement. I also don’t see how Familiar Taste of Poison, In Your Room, Break In, Freak Like Me, Hate it When You See Me Cry, Better Sorry Than Safe, and several other songs from the previous two albums have anything to do with sex. Do I have to go on? Please just stop complaining about something you obviously have no idea of. (Sorry for English mistakes, I’m not a native speaker)

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For the one setting hell ablaze. Listen here (x)

The Pretty Reckless - Going to hell // Hozier - Work song // Fall Out Boy - Novocaine // The Civil Wars – Devil’s Backbone // Shinedown - Call me // Halestorm - Freak like me // Hozier - Take me to church // The Brothers Bright - Blood on my name // Sixx AM - This is gonna hurt // B.R.M.C - Beath the devil’s tattoo // Cage the Elephant  - Ain’t no rest for the wicked // The pretty Reckless - Fucked up world // Soap&Skin - Me and the Devil // Johnny Cash - God’s gonna cut you down // Blue Oyster Cult - The Reaper

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