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Looks like The Stiles Show is back! And yet again with a guest appearance by Derek.

Based on this, and a continuation (in a way) of this. Bless you, Amy Rose, and Anons who suggested it.

“What are you doing?”

Derek shrugs, curls closer behind Stiles as he chops carrots. “Just saying hey.” 

Little Things - halesparkles ]

Just a lil’ something I spewed out because I was artblocked. I decided to look to Amy Rose’s ficlets for inspiration because everything she writes is gold, so hello yes hi this is for you Amy Rose oisndfkls //crawls away


The sun goes down, the stars come out,
And all that counts is here and now.

As promised, proper fluff for Amy Rose! Based on this 'cause I couldn’t resist yet again u___u;; It was too cute, although I couldn’t quite do it justice with just a sketch.


and i know that a long time ago you took your trust to court
and found it guilty as sin
it’s on death row but i think i still have time to plead it’s case. (x)

The Things Stiles Hates

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek looks while focused on his work.  The way Derek catches him staring, smiling up with his bunny-toothed grin.  The way Derek laughs while asking him to go away because he has papers to grade before tomorrow.  He hates the wink Derek gives him as he backs out of the doorway.

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek hums along to the boring classical music Derek likes to listen to while cooking.  He hates the way Derek twirls knives around while waiting on water to boil - he could seriously hurt himself.  Even though it would heal in a matter of minutes, it makes Stiles worry, and Stiles hates worrying.  He hates the way Derek gets all sweaty while standing over the open flame, lifting his shirt to wipe his brow.

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek looks, standing in the sun, socializing with their neighbors.  He hates the way Derek’s skin gleams with gold in the evening while he’s mowing the lawn.  He hates the way Derek dances around their back yard, tending to the little vegetable gardens that are sprinkled around out there.

Stiles hates these things because these are the moments when he just wants to have Derek, then and there.

But when Stiles actually can have Derek to his self, he hates it the most.

He hates the way Derek looks up at him while he’s deep inside, moaning from pleasure.  He hates the way Derek looks whilst riding him, rolling his neck and baring his teeth, emitting soft, rumbling growls of ecstasy.  He hates the way Derek’s eyes catch the moonlight and sparkle like the sea, a deep, hazy green. 

He hates it so fucking much, because he knows that one day, this will all be gone, and he will no longer have any of it.

day fifteen: whatever you want [fifteen days of fanmixes]

skin thin || an acoustic/folky Sterek mix

inspired by this fic

1. Skin Thin - Ben Harper and Relentless7 / 2. I’ve Got This Friend - The Civil Wars / 3. Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez / 4. I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab For Cutie / 5. Lover of the Light - Mumford & Sons / 6. Slow It Down - The Lumineers / 7. Skinny Love - Bon Iver / 8. Your Protector - Fleet Foxes / 9. Between Two Lungs - Florence + the Machine


stileshale  asked:

Stiles & Derek at the airport.

“Stiles, I’m gonna miss my flight, you have to let go of me,” Derek mumbles into Stiles’ neck.

“Okay, you let go of me first,” Stiles says and Derek tightens his grip on his waist, pulls him in even closer.

“This is stupid, I’ll only be gone three days.”

“Yeah, okay, let’s not be that couple,” Stiles laughs and pulls away, kisses Derek like they’re parting for a year, not a few days, reluctantly lets go of him and watches him disappear into a crowd of people with a smile on his face, because he knows, he knows he’ll come back to him.