The sun goes down, the stars come out,
And all that counts is here and now.

As promised, proper fluff for Amy Rose! Based on this 'cause I couldn’t resist yet again u___u;; It was too cute, although I couldn’t quite do it justice with just a sketch.

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best sterek fanfiction ?

Oh my god, I have been waiting all of my life for this question. XD And fudge, the answer is going to be so very long. But I can’t help it. These are my top favorites amoung my long list (that I may write up?).

By Any Other Name (M) by entanglednow
Just one of my all time favorite stories and I resisted for so long. But she is one of my favorite authors and there is so much conviction in her writing that it hurts to read. But this is so beautiful - the ending broke my heart but it ends happily! Derek and Stiles lose their memories and think that they are together. That sounds so frivolous but it is so much deeper - delicate and sharp-edged and astoundingly written.

The Chronicles of Stiles’ Sofa (T) by Donatello
I legit printed out this whole story. It is soft and quiet, a story of Derek and Stiles forming a relationship and that slow progression.

Empty Spaces (PG) by MariaDeLuca 
A quiet narrative: After losing everything, Derek gains a pack and something else he did not expect.

Hardhearted, Don’t Worry (I’m Ready For A Fight)  (PG) by MariaDeLuca
I will never be able to write like her ever. All I can do is quote a passage: He locks his heart up beneath Stiles’ sternum and wedges hope under each lung. He takes the things he dreams of when early morning sunlight is filtering through the dilapidated roof and he’s hovering in that soft place between sleep and wakefulness, he takes them and then he fits them into Stiles’ palms. 

Just For Now (M) by Habernero
Glorious PWP. I’m not kidding. And this is one of the hottest things I’ve read. It’s a kink prompt. ;)

Love, Like a Sentence of Death (M) by DevilDoll
Soft and quiet and a little angsty. Derek tries to ignore it and he cannot, and Stiles will not let it go.

Milkshakes and Matchsticks (T) by entanglednow
Stiles is drunk when he asks Derek on a date and completely forgets about it the following day. But Derek doesn’t and fufills his promise by taking him out - which Stiles does not realize is a date until afterwards and oh, amusement does follow. But there are a lot of serious undertones as well as they try to ease into being apart of a relationship with one another.

Professional Misconduct (M) by Habernero 
Needless, to say, this one is pretty infamous. I do not like AU fics so much but this is probably one of the most well-written porn fics that I have ever read. It is so filthy yet it is is so amazingly written that I am in awe of this girl.

Shelter (M) by five_ht
I basically read this every night before I go to bed. Beautifully written: Stiles sleeps over Derek’s house after the rave in s2 and it becomes so much more than just sleeping. But there is something soft and tender in the way the author writes - I admire her so much.

Sink Or Swim (M) by dizzzylu
Another seemingly PWP story that has so much more beneath the surface. Stiles goes for a swim and catches Derek doing the same- and Stiles wants more than just rushed frantic sex and Derek allows him to touch in a way that means something.

Slow (M) by JenNova
A beautiful short story of Derek and Stiles coming together after years of pushing away and longing. It is so soft and gentle and I love the way sex can be so intimate and not so superficially physical.

Spark, Smolder, Catch (M) by qthelights 
Amazing. Both Derek and Stiles try to heal from the aftermath of Gerard and what occurred in season 2.  When Stiles starts pulling down Derek’s burnt-out house, Derek finds himself letting him. He doesn’t know why. It is a very long, slow moving read that builds quietly and the ending is completely worth the journey of this fic.

Trouble’s a Mangy Stray Dog (T) by kinnea
God, do I love this fic. Sheriff Stilinski chances upon Stiles’ jeep on New Year’s Eve and follows him to an abandoned train depot. It is here that the Sheriff suddenly discovers Stiles’ secret relationship - and Stiles is not going to let Derek go. Written from the Sheriff’s POV, which is amazing to read.

When the Highway Takes Me (T) paxlux 
Again, I do not like AU fics. But this is a beautiful one. Set during the zombie apocalypse, all Derek and Stiles has is each other, each trying to keep the other from falling apart. What’s beautiful about this one is there is actual relief and finding their place with each other and the world around them.

(Won’t) Let Me Hold You Down (M) by dizzzylu
I normally do not like bottom!Derek because I feel that it can be written very out of character at times - with Stiles a little too cruel and Derek all needy. But this is beautiful because Stiles takes only because Derek allows him to. And Stiles knows that taking control is something precious and dangerous, can hurt Derek mentally and he cares about that. I thought this was written with such respect to both of their characters.


And this is too long - I have to stop, ugh. And there are so many others and that is just depressing.

As a side note, definitely give halesparkles a visit because she writes the most perfect Sterek fluff and I always go to her when I need to feel happy. :)


The Stiles Show: Boyfriend Tag

Looks like The Stiles Show is back! And yet again with a guest appearance by Derek.

Based on this, and a continuation (in a way) of this. Bless you, Amy Rose, and Anons who suggested it.

this is from a hobrien model au that amy requested but i’ve lost inspiration for :(

“They never have anything good at these things.”

Tyler nearly drops his apple at the sound of the voice right behind him. He whips around to see Dylan standing there, looking casually comfortable in the outfit they’d picked out for him—heavy boots, black jeans, and a blue striped tee with a light grey hoodie and a jean jacket layered over it. He’s smiling, and as Tyler watches, he leans in, reaching around Tyler to grab an apple as well. He bites into it, an eyebrow raised, and it’s at this point that Tyler realizes he hasn’t said anything back.

He clears his throat. “Yeah, it’s ridiculous.” Wow, sound more lame, I dare you.

Dylan swallows, and his mouth is a little slick with apple juice as he says, “Right? Not everyone here is a starving model.” He takes another bite, then adds, “I’m Dylan, by the way.”

“I know,” Tyler says automatically, and he kind of wants to smack himself, especially when Dylan’s eyebrow rises. “I mean—I’m the photographer, so I saw all your guys’ headshots beforehand,” he adds, hoping that makes him sound less creepy, and decides to override the whole thing by sticking out his free hand and saying, “My name’s Tyler.”

Dylan is grinning, one cheek bulging with apple, as he reaches and takes Tyler’s hand. He swallows, opening his mouth to say something else, but then one of the girls from make-up is yelling for him.

“Welp, guess I’ve gotta go get pretty for you,” he says with a wink. He’s walking away before Tyler can think of something to say back, and then he’s just left there kind of staring.

Haylie walks by, her arms full of clothes, and says, “I saw that.”

Tyler ignores her and walks over to check with the lighting guys again.


and i know that a long time ago you took your trust to court
and found it guilty as sin
it’s on death row but i think i still have time to plead it’s case. (x)

The Things Stiles Hates

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek looks while focused on his work.  The way Derek catches him staring, smiling up with his bunny-toothed grin.  The way Derek laughs while asking him to go away because he has papers to grade before tomorrow.  He hates the wink Derek gives him as he backs out of the doorway.

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek hums along to the boring classical music Derek likes to listen to while cooking.  He hates the way Derek twirls knives around while waiting on water to boil - he could seriously hurt himself.  Even though it would heal in a matter of minutes, it makes Stiles worry, and Stiles hates worrying.  He hates the way Derek gets all sweaty while standing over the open flame, lifting his shirt to wipe his brow.

Stiles hates it.

He hates the way Derek looks, standing in the sun, socializing with their neighbors.  He hates the way Derek’s skin gleams with gold in the evening while he’s mowing the lawn.  He hates the way Derek dances around their back yard, tending to the little vegetable gardens that are sprinkled around out there.

Stiles hates these things because these are the moments when he just wants to have Derek, then and there.

But when Stiles actually can have Derek to his self, he hates it the most.

He hates the way Derek looks up at him while he’s deep inside, moaning from pleasure.  He hates the way Derek looks whilst riding him, rolling his neck and baring his teeth, emitting soft, rumbling growls of ecstasy.  He hates the way Derek’s eyes catch the moonlight and sparkle like the sea, a deep, hazy green. 

He hates it so fucking much, because he knows that one day, this will all be gone, and he will no longer have any of it.