Sterek SuperHero AU

Stiles decided to test out his recently discovered SuperWeb power on an abandoned rooftop (well he thought it was abandoned) when he encountered an angry wolf man with metal claws who also happened to be the owner of the loft’s rooftop. And things got rather…. WEIRD.

requested by the lovely halerogers



I know Tony have a lot of those chest thing but he wants to give Steve the latest, the best one he has and that is THAT. The one he’s currently using. AHA.

Jealous Tony is MY FAV

halerogers asked:

About your post of Derek Hale. First he lost his family in that Hale fire. Used by Gerrard in Scott's plan I had no idea why though. His pack Boyd and Erica got killed by the Alphas. He lost his Alpha status to save Cora. He was seduced by Jennifer and almost everyone was blaming him that time. He got shot by stupid Kate and now he's stuck inside some shitty hole God knows where. Seriously, I feel sorry for Derek like SERIOUSLY!! I'M SO MAD

I know right?! I am so mad that everything has to come to torturing/blaming/hurting Derek like he had tons of shit in his life since Paige died like I really hope he finds an anchor,a spark or something that finally could bring happiness into his life tbh. He’s gone through a hard life and hopefully things will get better for him in the future. I won’t know for sure since I won’t be watching season 4 :(

halerogers asked:

The season 4 opening credit though... I just... *huge sigh*

And again.. the obvious answer to an obvious question.. Why am I not excited? Oh wait of course. Shitty writings, more and more useless sex, love interests blablabla. I might as well rewatch Gossip Girl then for some romance random makeouts. *smh*

P/S: I’m watching TW for wrong reasons anyway. Weird twisted bizarre and proud of it remember. *flips hair*

halerogers asked:

nizuki, I watched the season 4 trailer. urgh I don't like it at all. I am so sad I don't think I will be watching TW anymore after this (unless sterek interaction gifs suddenly pop up on my dash then that's a different thing) but yeah oh well I was watching it for the wrong reason anyway, Weird bizarre and twisted *flips hair*

Miki!! oh my God me too. So sad. oh and is there any way to block tags so that it won’t pop up on my dash like you know especially tags like stalia, draeden etc coz I definitely don’t want them GIFs to pop on my dash once the show airs or I might have to unfollow those who ship them sorry….. 

And I am proud being weird bizarre and twisted ;)

halerogers asked:

You should compile all your sterek comics, make it into one book and give Hobrien a copy! いいんじゃないの!笑 Anyway, I have some ideas. Taking any drawing request right now?? おねがーいい!

How about YEEEAAASSSS! Haha. Request? Depends. DM me damn ideas, Miki!! 

halerogers asked:

NIZUKIIIII!!!! Oh my GOD thank you so much!!! OMG OMG!! I'm cryeing asdfghglbnnxss. That superhero Sterek AU is hilarious!!! I'm going to print it out and frame it on my wall. 本当にありがとうね!やっぱ、にずきちゃんマンガがうまいね!〜

Gyaaaahhh MIKI anything for you!!! Glad you like it! Honestly, I enjoyed drawing it! It was a pleasure, really. なんかいいアイディアがあれば言ってね!Sterek all the WAAAAAAYYYY~