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Pt2 I guess I just wanted to know your opinion of all the just out write nastiness. Because I literally just saw a post where someone said Derek physically and emotionally abused Stiles. Sometimes I feel like anti-shippers watched an entirely different show.

i did not get the 1st part of this ask but i am physically tired of this anti stereks so how about we break it to the science huh ? 

Emotional Abuse or Psychological abuse’s most popular sign is minimizing the person and making them feels useless and ignoring their ideas and opinions . 

List of People Who made Stiles Stilinski feel minimized and usless

Sheriff stilinski ( i love him , and he loves his son but . . ) : Sheriff stilinski more than once  verbalized that he did not trust stiles , he more than once expressed that scott is more trust worthy than stiles , he did not believe stiles about a lot of stuff until things were to obvious to not see , how minimized do you think that made stiles feel ?

Scott mcCall : scott mccall despite being stiles ‘’ best friend ‘’ and ‘’ brother ‘’ still minimized stiles opinions more than once , scott has more than once ignored stiles’ warnings about people , he more than once chose to do stuff even when stiles tried very hard to explain to him how wrong they are . so minimizing ? hell yeah !!! 

Lydia Martin ( she is queen but still this needs to be said ) : let’s for a moment imagine that the whole supernatural shit never happend okay ? what are the chances of Lydia Martin being friends with pre-supernatural Stiles Stilinski ? 1% ? 10% ?  30% ?  think about that okay ?

in season two with the whole kanima thing ? Lydia more than once used Stiles’ obvious feelings for her for emotional support when jackson was a douche yet she still eventually went back to Jackson knowing about stiles’ feelings , Lydia and Jackson’s hug after the kanima was gone made stile CRY ??

and Finally Derek Hale : 

Derek Hale has never , not once said anything to stiles that made him feel unimportant , yes he described stiles as ‘’ Skinny and Defensless ’’ which is very legit seeing that stiles is HUMAN :) . But derek has never made stiles feel worthless , he never ignored or minimized Stiles’ ideas on the contrary he went to seeking Stiles’s help ( The miguel episode ) , He Never described Stiles as unecessary and He never used Stiles for his own benefit . He Trusted Stiles with his FUCKING SISTER ! his only remaining family !!!! 

but hey no you’re right , Derek emotionally abused Stiles :) 

Physical Abuse : 

List Of People Who physically Abused Stiles Stilinski : 

Malia Tate : Malia’s First reaction to seeing Stiles in eichen house was to punch him ( ? ), just hours before she had unportected defenitly non-consensual sex with him in the asylum’s basement (?) 

After they sterted their so called relationship Malia still injured Stiles ( probably more than once ) 

Shelly ( The actress playing Malia ) said in interview that Malia sometimes puches Stiles and hit him instead of kissing him because it’s her way of showing love ( fifty shades of grey much ? ) which is just plain SICK ! 

( i’m not gonna talk about Erica Reyes she’s pretty but she did hit Stiles and the writers were planning on making her his love interset (?) some one has a serious abuse kink wtf tw ? still ERICA IS QUEEN ) 

Derek Hale : Are we gonna mention the pushing against the door in Stiles’s room ? okay let’s . If you take time to actually look at Stiles and Derek in that scene you will see that Derek was not actually pushing Stiles he was literally just standing so close to him with his hand on Stiles’ chest ( you will see hs chest chest rising and falling and derek’s hand moving with it meaning he is not using any force ) and they just keep staring at each other’s lips ( they so gay u_u ) 

The steering wheel incident was a little harsh yes and it’s not okay of Derek even if Stiles did make him strip for Danny . 

The Punching through the wall thing - that Stiles asked him to do  -   THEY WERE LITERALLY BEING PLAYFUL WITH EACH OTHER ? yes Derek should’ve used less force but did you see how he was smiling ? it was one of the rare times we so Derek actually be playfuland dorky with someone on that damn show .

what else ? Baby!Derek pushing Stiles against Scott’s room’s door ? okay yeah let’s hold it against a 16 y/o who was in a world he didn’t know with people he never met before without his family and pack after being held hostage by a hunter .

That’s it ? oh god Derek abused Stiles’ so much i can’t even believe i’m shipping this i must be sick ? you’re right antis , Sterek is unhealthy and problematic but every other relationship Stiles is involved with is sunshine and reinbows  :) 

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“Stiles,” Derek sighs, eyes remaining closed. “Go to sleep.”

“I’m trying,” Stiles says, pulse quickening.

“No, you’re not. You’re staring at me.” He slowly opens his eyes then, meeting Stiles’ gaze in the dim darkness of the boy’s bedroom. Stiles smiles, feeling his heart flutter warm in his chest. Derek blinks. “What?”

Stiles inches closer, moving his arm to play with Derek’s hair rather than his own. Derek’s eyes flicker over his face, filled with wonder.

“You look adorable when you sleep,” Stiles admits in a murmur.

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