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'Pretty Little Liars': What We Learned About the Ending at Paleyfest
The cast and creator tease the finale, look back on seven years in Rosewood, and describe their dream revivals

1. Exactly how the season starts
2. Season 7B is an emotional — but informative — roller coaster
3. The whole cast found out the ending together — with mixed reactions
4. Get ready for more Emison!
5. Mitchell was King’s second choice to play Emily
6. Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell are terrible scene partners
7. There’s a Haleb sex scene playlist
8. No, everyone can’t just be happy!
9. Everyone’s got ideas for a revival

Each number has a more thorough blurb on the actual article! :)


This is also from PLL 7x17
In the first picture, those two people are Ashley and Tyler’s stand-in’s (meaning people who act as substitutes to actors for production and lighting purposes) THEY WERE FILMING IN A FREAKING TENT. Oh, my Haleb heart. Also, Ashley said on snapchat that she was going to be filming ALL NIGHT, the night that these pictures were taken. I AM SO SURE THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER HALEB TENT SCENE.

PLL Paleyfest Thoughts

• I missed Trucy more than I expected
• they should’ve filled the space with extended cast cause my loves get no love
• Janel is a precious human I didn’t think I could love her any more but I do
• that sneak peak has me in my feelings and also how are these girls not freaking out about seeing my son Noel decapitated
• Tyler and Ashley not being able to keep it together, how high are they?
• the discussion on tyshley choreographing haleb sex scenes and Tyler choosing the playlist .. I’m crying
• “recreate the haleb scene” “by the fire” *tyler starts undressing* lmfaaaoooo
• tyshley in their own world the whole time, unable to keep their hands off of each other
• buttahbenzo being wives as expected
• Ian and Tyler reading as Aria and Spencer is everything I never knew I needed in life
• Shay is more stunning in person
• Ian’s story about Lucy’s pasties sticking to his eye will never get old
• Troian pulled from the casts real lives as a director, I can’t wait to watch
• shit got so uncomfortable when this girl asked Tyler and Ashley if they’re dating.. bless Ian for jumping in
• girl who brought up the NAT club, I LOVE YOU
• Sasha is probably the most well spoken member of the cast and I love it
• Andrea is a boss bitch, that is all
• Marlene, I hope you pull this shit off in the end
• it was a great panel overall and the minute sneak peak got me excited, finally, for 7B


So these are BTS photos from 7x17 of PLL.
Now, this episode is written by Oliver Goldstick and Francesca Rollins who also wrote 1x18 which was the Haleb Shower episode. That shower scene is not only an iconic scene for Haleb but also the show tbh. So maybe those writers want to make it a full circle by recreating it. I don’t think it’s going to be an exact parallel but maybe something like that because in those pictures, Tyler’s hair is wet and Ashley is wearing a robe. This episode is also rumoured to recreate another iconic Haleb scene which i’ll post about soon 🔥🙌🏼❤️

The last scene of 7x10
  • Girls: *Enter house*
  • Hanna: Animals? In an abandoned nature infested house? How can this be?
  • Jenna: Whaddup bithes I learnt how to plug in a speaker
  • Jenna: Btw I'm still pissed at you for doing that one thing when we were 15
  • Me: How does bitch know that they r giving her the real drive it could be a fake
  • Me: In fact why didn't they just do that
  • Me: This damned show...
  • Emily: Omfg this baby doll so cute I wanna raise a kid with Ali
  • Emily: *leaves phone and doesn't notice*
  • Me: How does anyone in this day and age just leave their fucking phone
  • Me: Wasn't she using it for light
  • Me: Did she not realize it was suddenly fucking dark
  • The Girls: Well we know their is a manic blind girl in here who probs wants to kill us and we should rly be leaving before shit goes down, but let's go exploring!
  • Aria: Welp let's not say Beetlejuice 3 times ya'll
  • Aria: #AriaInWonderland
  • Emily: Oops silly me just left my phone upstairs im such a dork
  • Hanna: babe ill go with you #hannily
  • Emily: Aw ty kinda hoping Ali would go with me but anyway xo
  • Hanna: Omfg there's someone up here. I didn't expect that!Whatever shall we do?
  • Emily: I know! Let's hide behind some large shelves he'll never see us!
  • Hanna: Great idea omg this is y we r friends
  • Noel: Look how cliche I am being today
  • Jenna: Come out come out where ever you are
  • Yes I'm talking to you Alison
  • If ya know what I mean
  • Jenna: *takes 5 steps up the stairs*
  • Aria: Let's call the cops we all know how much they will help us
  • Ali: Omg yeh and I'll text Emmy boo
  • Noel: Here comes a choppa to chop off ya head!
  • Ali: Omg wut bowling balls can curve through corridors now? Ya learn somethin new every day
  • Jenna: Watch me turn the lights off so ya'll see pitch darkness haha omg I'm so clever ten points to Jenna
  • Noel: I'm so misunedrstood nobody ever loved me
  • Noel: W8 CUT Marlene y am i even tryna kill these girls they ain't done shit to me
  • Emily: Woo hoo look at me go I just killed another guy!
  • Hanna: Omg well done Em
  • Aria: Omfg its a head aaah Im screaming wonder who's head it is
  • Aria: Where is Ezra when i need him
  • Jenna: Haha look at me im winning Noel just killed Hannily and them bitches are running for thier lives.
  • Jenna: Woops just accidentally kicked my boyfriend's head
  • Aria: Omg a blind girl has a gun we will all die !
  • Jenna: Haha I just shot Ali
  • Spencer: *crawling for her life as her friends run off without her and don't even notice shes done*
  • Jenna: Mwa ha ha ha ha yes yes, I smell ze blood. Bleh bleh bleh.
  • Mary: I know how to heal a gunshot wound don't call the ambulance just sing a creepy kids song 100 percent success rate
  • Spencer: Haha this is the second time I've been shot in the heart this episode speaking of which where's Toby Wan Kenobi
  • Toby: Dammit Yvonne I told you I told you bitch I didn't want a fucking sandwich and what did u do? U made me eat the fucking sandwich and I lost control of the wheel now we dead
  • Toby: Wonder who bought the house tho
  • Me: *large gulps of wine*