hale shepard


Hello loves!! These are all the upcoming imagines I have (requested plus what I have thought of). Please feel free to send in more and I’ll add them and get to them as soon as possible! 


  • “Somethings Made Your Eyes Go Cold” - Based on the song “Haunted” y Taylor Swift; Dally centric; Dallas starts ignoring the reader, bringing around other girls, etc. 
  • Dallas Imagine: Dallas buys a house 
  • Curly/Dallas/Reader: Dallas and Reader are best friends and reader starts dating Curly. Dallas gets extremely jealous. 
  • Curtis Sister Imagine: Reader has a crush on guy at school and goes to Soda for advice. Soda is excited his baby sis would come to him but tries to hide it and act like he hates that you’re dating. 
  • Two-Bit Imagine: Two-Bit patches up his girl after a fight over him. 
  • Darry Imagine: Misunderstood 20-year-old who has to babysit 24/7 
  • “Don’t use me as an example. I wasn’t a good kid.” Imagine: Either Dally or Tim. I will probably use Tim though, since I write about Dally a lot.


  • “Something’s Made Your Eyes Go Cold” - Based on the song “Haunted” by Taylor Swift; I haven’t decided on who this will be about, but it will be a similar concept as the Outsiders one.
  • Emmett Imagine: Emmett turns into a softie for his girl and gets teased for it.
  • Rosalie Imagine: Jacob keeps flirting with Reader which in turn makes Rosalie very jealous and eventually causes a fight between them.
  • Carlisle Imagine: Reader is a newborn who is terrified of her new life and has similar feelings as Carlisle did when he was first turned. Wonders into Forks starved, weak, and scared. Found by Carlisle who immediately realizes reader is his mate.

OKAY, and I need opinions on this Imagine. It’s been on my mind and I can’t decide if I want to write it or not. What do you guys think/

Concept: This takes place during Bella’s pregnancy/Breaking Dawn Era. Her best friend had phased, and Embry had imprinted on her. Consequently, she learns about werewolves and vampires. Both her best friend and Embry have sided with the pack. But reader is also quite close with Seth and regularly visits the Cullen house to check on him. She ends who disagreeing with her best friend and Embry over their choice of siding. She is there when Bella gives birth, etc. In short, she ends up becoming sort of one of the main reasons Sam’s pack ends up not attacking.