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I fucking miss Lost Girl. That show may have been a hot smoldering ass mess more than half the time but in so many ways and in so many critical aspects of representation, it gave me exactly what I wanted -needed-to see on television. I’m craving those elements now that it’s gone. It did leave a void. I miss you, Bo Dennis.

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  • <p> <b>derek:</b> what are we doing here?<p/><b>raphael:</b> i don't know. maybe we could ask the person who invited us all here.<p/><b>stiles:</b> uhm, daddy?<p/><b>simon:</b> oh my g..<p/><b>magnus:</b> wow. we're all made it.. wonderful!<p/><b>alec:</b> hi guys!<p/><b>thomas:</b> why do you invited us?<p/><b>newt:</b> yeah, what are we doing here?<p/><b>alec:</b> it's a gay meeting.<p/><b>everyone:</b> <p/></p>